Sylvan smile

Mona accurate: fictions the tabling the wild bear. _______________________

Sylvan________________Th e last time Franny did that she got the clap. Giving up sex was ever easy living in lala land and the nutcases barricaded up and rounded down . THeir pummeling fists and puling eyes.

This rudeness unkind to the poet left his heart torn out ragged threadbarren and Mona's bride came to succor . Lover to her son lover to her thighs missive.

As I think of the fear in the world and its rage anger I know your slum is the bottom barrel of your unthinking envy. No love lost on this barrel of sarcasm..

Mona puts on her horns.
Satire to the love

boring it out
pig to the shit willow
She uncovers endurance between the page his sweet face
of courage