Come along tunnel

Funnel you fool! hold the captain back. Read a kind commode and the restless lair .... this its fair as mighty .

Find valour and favour with the king of things! the becoming nut! the righteous alley of caught in the box. O come along see this ripping ... she presses the point ... tipping it off... hitchking the wagon to the old turf... is this a brush with fate Susannah among the bold and burly... not quite the thing in itself is it? Nor the shadow clinging to the cement of a dank cave. Nor is it the inestimable glory of gold bronzed by the fair mud of gold

How long does a thought go on Giselle . her breasts heaved with the breast . No her breath heaved.
Yes her breasts heaved
with the joy
won't know

Or the herd of hole

and cushion

Aovid that dear seascape belted in with the waves that rock______________________________
Everything's a bit and paste. Love's a boot and pallet.