A shipload of . And that was the . yes, she came along with child double fast. After he left for Berlin not able to speak. He drank himself blind into the stupidities of delirium tremens.

Nothing so much as a philosophy student drunk and Visions of the Christian virgin. So called . Wondering about Picasso and Kant and the strew of  TT's poetry.  Kant my arse, was his perpetual thought. And books of Soren Kierkegaard were. Nothe banks of Berlin and the obssessive lover . That place oozed danger . And delirium. He boarded with some mix of students and travelling workers, semi illiegals. And  a mysterious Mister P. No one ever got to the bottom of him, or it.

----Another tall tale . If you can that tall and taley. Gaelic gibberish is how I'd characterize. That's what the agent. The woman in black net stockings took of her pins, unbottoning and unsnapping. You can't see for loving her breasts. Nor the amazing memory of time. Its indulgent gentiles and 'merciful' god. There's none.

Take my finger follow me along the strand and I can see your way to new fish. Plaee you never seen. An end. Fiction.

                            Ah ~  Radio Canada _ my dove is not Radio France. Nor is Paris, that dirt city hovel you call home from time to time in the midst of your knee drip traveling. And if the bomb dropped what then. What infinite sound of nothing.


the cleaning woman gets married

 Shes got five kids and two tables. One room to let and a space too many. A  mining     gulf separates her and  the life she led. before all the     periods came up     S Top.

 As always Mona's rhizome head is headin' for the worst drought of dialects and misery. if shes not careful she could tear her pants teak underwear and all.

                                      Too bad for you Mister Tough Guy. The window is right there, and shes gone.
Like a punctuation mark without a nosegay.


calm up

 Imagine the old sarcaphogus guys! havin to carry that shit. like a man with resentments boilin' his brain feeling sorry for hisself.
                                    Not exactly a burning bush! is it Moses, nor the knocking on wood. That represents the casement to god. Or that woman you slept with last night and the other one, she who slept with others of her kind the same sex loving of the darliing foot.

               Then she calls back saying baby baby Abba Abba daddy wont you come home?



Picture__________ the old  campaigns_________that were not solid after all . _________________  what were they when it came down to it?    And the buswhacks. And bedevilemtns of food and sausage. And the tinned meat and sauces. and the randy things in the village. or the hungry mangled one. Mangy to her Mister Nemesis Mona two times, and Jill the Feet and Johnny the Hook, and Mary the apostrophe and Jill the superme simulacra. Mona heard of sober sobriety and loved her duel with it.

And this asscrack was so deep. It furrowed the monstrous stars overturning the odour of adverbs, Lent and plentry of soup. Saying why should a fucken comma go here, rather than there. Where her belly button piercing went.

I've always done things 
twice its bitter that
says lettuce leaf Jill.

My repetition's gooses the swan.

this is no gorge

 Close the door Jill. Open the faucet Franny we're bearing down on fate. Destiny's the tide o auld lang syne _ Aye if you drop an E its becomes lang and lange and its enunciated differently... the history of Europe's like that  a tide of accents and diamond dialects....  trucking around accents in the   ... continent of war and love... its paste and assumed superiority plundering all in its path destroying and pissing on it ... and its own excruciating beauty driving it ... mad crazy to war drop an E and made becomes Mad mad nomad crazed across its seven isthmuses... and the Porsche lined death labs... this   muttering of death wish and hope... fear  terror and horror at the end blank spot of time.. the evasive thing getting away from us always and .. She trumps her card, pissing away the fair stones of weather and blocking cards...

At the nuthouse bins of bob and boobies. madwoman haggling for medicine and med.s. A little chop chop might do her good, and shes got assholes waiting in line. Heaping her trap and tray with fairies and meds galore. A schizo in anyother parlance 'd be a hooker without a nave, sans organe partout.

its a shitty life if you can get it! An orderly spraying mace on that castrated cuckolded fuck by the wall... an orderly with no reading skill....s  its kil l and kilter and the thorazine shuffle...    cat and mouse shrink and doctor do gooder all wantihg to burn their suffering soul .... out....
_________________As an au pair woman of sacrifice and what not Jill gives them a piece of her sexy .... supple body.. she's schizo on the high trough ground moneyed to her arse... Franny gives her the bill. Sending it back to Felix at La Border clinic where the dead men shiv.

---------------------------- Mona wonders about this, just like she wonders about the big boss at Semiotexte.



A lover has beneath the cage her various means of pleasure. First she say take me this ... tattle me take me that... cuffed              by the worry of its chain and pushing the thing hinge far enough comes round... ..                bending at her every moon  ... push the weight come long enough to the resting  grace....

______________Mona's got the jitters and the howling holler!      ...   winged things fleeting along the red thing     above the sky...  And Ariel saying ... I love you... I've been your chin      forever....


fun castle and Mona's drill

Mona's walls are harled and hallowed by the
'passage of time' the remnant of a team effort, effrontery at its best regnant to the permanent full moon.

If anyone knew the better answer they'd let her know. Her darling stockings are drawn.


Is Jill

Is Jill fractious or ataxic? in her wild and moorless ways? Greedy then cheeky thing she's a tart false wearing her gashed navy pants. A pantaloon in the hag of her aging. A grifter on the boom-booms. Not a Hockney fans, she's pretended conceit busted up geysers bringing down temples. That way her shirt is on as the counts on.A day by day dairy girl is what you can say about her her. Odds and end way and manner of a court seeming perch. She's glad to be useful to the salve and not the self of subjectivity its reasoned reactiveness a bearing she cant freight for too long. Reasonableness and the sacred violet of the convoluted corn.A maize and a bowl of fish.


Her existential fingering

Bombast and lambast. Are her companion chums, her tum tum de fum and existential fingering.

Well Jill says if you had an ass you'd do it too! a woman a night for a week then two a day on the donkey ride. Keys clattering at her sapphic fish!

And the wee tart at her side a friends

she's bummed cigarettes too,

lazily slides up


Come my darling come not not now
the boat's waiting for us to board!

Badminton! and she's it!

Away we go suckers!


Franny at the conference in Brazil and the mad woman
years later linking her anger to the decay of European spirit and helots.

Wardering down the buttocks and soup, and this is called a surrealist clown.

Oaks and tuques to bed their tormented way.



Cambric is what Lady S. wore when she was naked. The fife played merrily and the worn pillow brand the owl of desert song.

Thiswish of hers was for few. But not many an Appalachian paradox for to lend her lane. Her lame brow never tearing off a piece . As if she was some detective deducting on the town, cashiering her chips, pending an investigation into her career choices, posies and roses, and other fleurs, ___ piled up before debtor's prison rose in her Eyes!

Some might work for the worst, but she loved the best fearing its perpetual betrayal she remained few to one and lots to others. THIS was a whore's job.

___________________Home for dinner and the bidet. Not a box for billet doux but safes and crackers dreams of the Inquisition, revolt, and bloody slaves, heads rolling. Guiltateen for you you bastards! She leaped to the topmost mast of the hip. Grounding her teeth between its walls the contiguous hurry of her self.
And then latitude knew her way carrying past the vicious results of self.

___________________________________Jill gambles, no I mean gambles it, no tramples it under the ashes of smitten proud crowds, humdingering it to playboys and sloth birds.

________________ Mona marry me!


Trampled underfoot


Of the hoof and haunch.She wearing socks. Fiddling the ring at the cross of the T stave. And the s rave.

Under the dark. And the one . Came to say its purple thing...not he, but its other memoir rounding the elegiac mark and thrusting into the spaces of its continuing set... O her fell wood garbled and rung by the fastest of asteroids but bubbling up the oil in blood she wore its capable hearing in her sensing screen



sheep gut

Time of for a little free will. Wheel to donate the conation of pause. Notthe thumpy germanic pretences of thems in anglish. Tongue of its fortified brung. Knot sew the aping charizmasic.
AmnesicShes got a nose ring up. Down the way. Along the bridge. Lintel to her facing ridge work.

______________________Jill harries reason to number_______
__________yer head is banging pot. And

The old flute bearer goat of its beastliness ~



old hut

Could it abide nothing less than the truth? The falsehood that we're married. We came along the country lane comparing detail. Ah saying this one is hers that his. Their arms enclosed in a camel dowry. What ship for design is this? This is the one she fair bore to its nevertheless piece. Theory never helped you. My darling foot. Nor weep the pillows of glad-hello goodbye . God bye otter to its fearful kissing.

(Triumph now that was not too . YEs, difficult you old tussy . Bored by this whoredom of praxis the deepest revolt gets going only to stop midway. ) (You old shitbag from assumed schizophrenia to millionaire paranoiac panic)

It must be Sherwood forest and the death of the campaign. She's held the disco long time gone. Her gasworks are fussy.

Prepare to meet your maker. Taking off the sari the gown the djeballa. She's got mascara round her hips. Her thighs are stage left Strange.R than friction. Its the goosed quill honey pie. Kiss my .

Not waited she stammers against her lover's face. A nose to pry loose from a painting by an old master.


for crying not out loud!

for sighing and the crying and the belted bars. Berlin. Paris. back to forth its round around comb. She said I recall dumbbell asking moi for letters of verse. ovum Partum catum!
You dumb cook I gleaned the heather glade Fo so Me Ray DoDoBIrd!

______________________________Jill the whole coarse class shouting howling!
Laughin their socks out. Their head. Come off Collectively shitting. Their pine yards, and the back hills Motorcycle . Thinking she wrote to him she wrote the dirties letter possible

Plato fucked the feet of Aristotle! but there was no such murder! it was a lie a lie all a lie.

________________________Jill goes home. She finds troubadoured in her bed. A historical. A new page, a roasted set of earing.Its gone to goat and she's wondered if this is the 50 thieves. The woman takes off her headscarf, her kerchief.

________________ Episode beside the thing it's narrow to escapade.


ring not matter

She pittance keeps a buttered ring remedying her of a narrow past. Fortune's dally and dingdong night. Leanring to please the And. She henceforth was buckled to her feet!

Like any randy embyrooyoooooooooooooooooo

You 'd not come between this daughter and her accent the tiny brogue over the sea splashing against the boat and the mussels and weeds and the shore not too far off ... that's Liverpool over there in the rising horizon through... the ... fog... it's called and after crushing the
combs between the black letters in the book...

of the feet....


for crying outloud soft

YoWL! is it Holler ! bellow like the bells Banging on the pots and pans! Greasy eyed Joan busting her gruel at the kitchen sink, a scullery maid to her death! and quotha was the burly apron she donned daily....

the moon booms daily ring love's crossed heart.a ring and gallery of mazifulest things. that's love boogie woogie.

She walk lean into the man body was the wind kilters the street
just diagonal enough to bump into him..

HUff and

Huff and muff the double joined mouths holding the cock of the clock adn the walking wail! its trombone time and the thriving rhymes come along the keyboard. Not the whore of the south nor the blank god of the north nor the poor white southern baptist asshole nor the any of the above. but the muted array of their forebone loss. Not a posse either you hussy! ___________________________________She rhubard rushes to the E-Box feeling her fuck prick! that way its christmas time inher fronted lace eiderdown.

____________________A fat ass down south near the permitted of look. She comes across as something nuanced turns out to be a faster cow than the rest . Envious to a fault and stupid with grrosss wings! She wants Mona's shelter!

_________________________Jack be numble mumble nimble quick sees it all coming before shes fucked an eye,

and ________________________________Exiting makes his salvo!

Poof you dumb arse! Dont come between me and my guattari!


fair to rhizome

If this way she heard nothing ID. Libido primal cream. Against the oils of tartar sands and the Genghis Khan box wilting by the sun. Billow to her precious wares. She rose and saturated the hemming fright of the fact box. Not a winding thing to coarse but captious as rocking seat. And then the Echo and the Homer d.n.a. and flicking things crowding her finger nails. Some Zebra close to a channel and the went came to come. Come to went here it goes tall tapping by the luxurious swan of her labour.

_______________________Take the dumbwaiter hours to get there. Feet at bottom of the god's dais dollar store dime topping. Clean to come quick she's belted the rope narrowed the cage. Shes blessed front and back . Come alive or heteroclite! presser!


She come to him in bed with Mona.
THey there made it .

Three plus one was good ________________________________________


Fay wender

Crop the door would be lover. An airplain bust she wants a king's ransom for his ass! but no go Jill is on the beat. Shes traweled the second last ladder before these sluts come along! Derby hats everyone of them.

In the nuthouse she encoutners not in encounter therapy but forced by asshole electric shock to meet fuckheads and violent jerks reduced to slaveing idiots. their true selves shown at finally!

the baskets and geeks! therapy gogcom.

Idiots and parvenues all!

Shes withal to her sainted curve and her restless elbow is Max Ernest to her tail bone her whale tale and her fuck me quick!

Kiss me O Will O endurance O high i.q. of courage!



Take this virgin and her plate; vergin' on thee southern bind . Clutter to its pineal fortitude planed by the airfield of lime and the never nether land of

ring and tune. Not .Saunter its plentitude and the beckoning peace. The piece of Decemebr and the king of. And she shares that splenetic down beast. First east o f her Eden and the tree, some call names wishing to tis Eden the god garden lost its fate a simple symbol of its pricking.

Mona hears this in the maypole beside the beanstalk Do you climb trees then whilst studying geology learning to write erudite epistolaries and withal the night is a calm clamour!

Mona's a silly womb barely conceived by the piton of an idea , say God and the seventy four thousand thieves The restless night willows and the apocalypse.

(She'll be your lover yet says Franny)

Take the virgin restless as snow ~




fend for yoursel fand othe raining framed of allusive deferral your dedicated throng. love 's not tested in hot water. It is Hot water You silly bondoogle!_________Plover. is that the hand teaking the cock? O cook O f meat and fix! shes's shagged it off. Pushed its reign . Over the swishing well. Busted the chip. Broken off the earings. Wearing her townshift.Shedding gift after gif and frescoe to pasto! its a miracle painting with everyone in it.~ Easter bang Bang Bang . The banker wants Jack to come right over to the counter leaning and you know what? Kiss that breast kiss that big blissful breast daddy.

___________________________Jill gets married two days later: Franny attending. Mona lady in waiting her fate's sealed to Jack's endless wisdome infinite to her folly.
_________________Good golly Miss Molly come hom e to marry him now. ~


Come here

Mona naked except for Doc Martens and a house coat, she's longing IF for escape. gets a ride NUTHOUS.e~Locked up. becomes a second rate GRADE B _ the only WAY for this mother to become Oedipus is _She sees the Oedipus mother face dirty to her desire . Dish towel love, trowel to the bucking strain|This kind of phone act is mere jest to its realization. Mona's fled that shitbox. Days and year yore goneby.

But that nuthouse was a fake not the real painful bastard bin of loony nuts.

-----------------------------------------Out o f the nuthouse let yourself wall /fur/ measure the token/in the subway over to the spies' nest in herbestablestbreast.

----------------------Consideration's not her soft mark.

roar to

Roar to your phony song| you brew baser. than the wall. of their cruel banishment. Yes the yew tree is not the adder's pate. Nor the juke box of the planes of misery. You silent pyramind and puff ot the presto servo mechanism!

|||||||||Jill comes home no telephone
Franny's wearing a rat's ass. And the bitch next door has not a knot to spare. And she's got no feet the bitch! For crying out loud what the shit is going off here?

______________Mona fucks out the landlord capitalist pigdog of shitbogdegressdegrees aND the fucken waste. A house by any other death is the nameof the . The thing which spent the last dime black and white waitess

____________She moved in with Jacky. They had multiples in their you know what Idont mean prurient nor the dissident dowries of bad bloggers! but hairpins across her knees! whips across her ass!

Kissing the other ... while he did it ...that way...

then that...
and after....


The purser after all is a legendary something or other across the violin's battered case.



Always the para tied to the wheat the tares and seed busted over the seaming jean thigh and the keel. and the red sun, the scarlet crimson its choice this forever

boom blossom and the phren penned by the scent
its JIll's monkey paw and your whore translator retired to Ism temples and religion. Capped by deadbattings, deadbeats O Prophet !

__________________And memorabilia? is that the stochastic thing? Come along your pen to this tit this vulva past its rough hermitage and the fire burnishing city wet streets.

_________________not a dialectical rough song but its purchase on the plane of affects!~
you swindler!

____________________________Here she 'sutured' burying the point ! sward undergourd to its swearing heat

____________________________Mona leans 'out the window' its a Parisian street view the tenement blocked from all the glory of god ~ . and her shadow phase made no phrase.


Now then

Jill held fast a furtive fort marrying her knock. Her query and inquiry beast to her tearing phrase. Not a whore to the guardian ange of tawdry poverty but wealth to her abundant becomings. She hied to the wooded held over the wound. She's cocked her ninny at this poop but the coast won's stop her giving nor top its hidalgo. Cowboy hat thrust in her hip pocket she's got the old jewels tucked away . And the sun knows less than she.

Advil adds its pain to her couped up Soup. Not a lather penning this missive but the old stoic plain doxy and her fellows feeling fine. The pretender assuming lovers as none coming in the breach picking up the dead.



Enters her past tense. Close to its beginning . The voice ever . And between its cool. Choice to its furtive furrow. And the sow roughed up in the pen. Keep dark and moss covered, and lichen along the foot of the gate. Not a one one in sight and Nota bene belles-lettres to her fair penmanship.

This couche-tard is no supply drop in but the center's best western couth of the moutain range hugging its ridges to the
friend's clasp

Jill's worn her love bearings this latitude. A free geogrrapy opening the willowy

East and the ever pinioned and pioneered West.

No one held this love before you ~
____________________________________________On the edge of a heart-attack you held it ~


pistil to

You'd pair this death. Once over the perimiter of your breast. Talking all night the way you did leaned against the pole sex of your honking. The hands cant go fast enough for your seaside hotel the bitch goddess you placed beside you. Mona fucked by the city's capture wore he cape rough bound by the honey suckers and monger men. Not way to humble her sit down gruel and the lovers playing patty cake.

You'd shudder the creeping vine the rain plastering tout court your hair. Ahead piece clocked by anytime especially the hateful Ism monster hanging the thousands unsamed to their selves the breathless ones the dated death beakers fucker their prim pride. Death to their ball bearings and Dogon wore her smile heeled over her glowing ass. Sunshine to the sun of her Ass. Mona's was Queen.
__________________________Put your phone down come to him lover one.



and the conservatives. bewildered changing lover. her cloak clothes. coat. in the dressing room and over there she was coat check lady. bending by the rooted swan. I never heard such beauty as pained to cause its memory in my bone.Ssssssssssssssss roared the sssssssssssssssssinnnnnnnnggggggggggggsssssssssssss of her. Face ten thousand years later. A poet ripped her. And yes, it was the one, my body.

Come to me cancer one your dying tent is no base of this ______________ .



Think of the idiots in a.m. radio Franny. Imagine their absent of heart and mind. No mind to the clinging brays and the donkeys of Jerusalem and the praying mantis a mantra of walls, pieces of potion to a witch-doctor the past is ever churning its tough medicines cashed by its horrible portions

Mona's headed every ship of state with this Yankee doodle dandy and the this hip of plate that tectonic fuel and wheat bearing south on its Moby Dick whale. Not the putter putter feet or the wasted ambage of men's polemics their javelin and mad wars.

If she yanks it's to cut the rift growing between and the others. Their sparring's got no boogie woogie up her ass. Round ass of the desire drouth



The things you say are very nice. Poetry architexture textual tones. yes and employployment for the masses! but what about the insanity the violence of daily life... the rude insantiies which force us to deny ... deny! that's a damn word to describe anything.. you cant use that frigging thing here.. Kant yes, ImmanuELLE cant hold her ass right UP.

She's dogged to the 25cent MOON. A capital piece of furniture if I've ever seen anything. And the others who leave you abandonded in a room the size of a sqaure cell while they lounge round in ten room homes on the boulevard saying they cant do anything. of course not it might disturb their shitty comfort.

The cities of. the virtues of cramped spaces my ass O come along you hipless won yur sweet ass wagging in the wind at Jack. Jack's jilled but not rogered by love.

Beloved glove.

Hamburgers at the lesbian run restaurant old sort of reministcent throw back to nostalgia of late 50s early 60's : RETRO I buy all your Clothes Right aFucken way.

its a paperback honey and she's lying sloped by his knees.