Richard the thirD Mona`s MoTherr

Her Mother ? or Ricardo the thirdA Hunchback of NotreDame. Stirring her native thighs.

Selected WOrkS of Mona ~~ To Seen and SAw ~` nExT wEEK

to see and sawN her working
inprogress diverse
to her native

PauSe yer YaWn mouth
over the W'd xYz of her name


the FiCtions aRe Fictions

The Fictions are fictions which undo their doing as leaves burning off the tops as they piece,
so then, each text becomes another as it passes What spell of blur bound eyes speaks them as written what intent of

Others filled the word glimpse.

So then readers 99 percent of the texts of Mona and Jill were written with her hand in her picket pocket. Not the power throngs of choose, but spill.

So today is tomorrow then.

2004. for the others becomes the past of the dates texted in the here and now. Nowing

indeed some word of mouth unpeeling kempt as the sandburt night and the guest books of houses and desire.


For us

Folly is faith Fides For us it is very important to love Fanny. Not like Rimbauddeleuze whois clearly the paranoid reactionary pole of things. this is no__t acceptable. Il faut aimer Fannee elle est belle et intelligent elle est fin et on faire l'amour virtuel chaque virtuel jour.

So,there Rumbum Deluded shut yer paranoiac cracks. On attending the funeral of  Sister Isou and Gilles Deleuze I send thee this arrasy____

Faith not jarred and jailed by an institution. Yer intuition is love
and lore
the jamboree of clashing sound mixing mouths and rhythms
my cheery glove.

A cherry to unwind you, celerity and the lissome
stretch of your neck to my lips

along the kisses of desire and its catch.