rough rturn


Rough turn back pack. Hold your near and dear. Come around . Gander and the monikers, the monkey ride and over the Ferris wheel you've hoofed it hither and thither. paris, 1972, Jill's married the book of logic to the organless weave of its missing. Sister Mara Buttocks bitter catholic on the lam from theology and dogma has orgasm running the road of the Vatican. The pope is of course a doctrine

despot. One cant ever trust these institutions again its tyranny tyranny tyranny as the gods of monotheism in the end are all gangsters and lunatics. MonoMoMotheism the killer of life and love.

Mona kicks all one eyed gods down. She grabs all the bums by the hair spits them out shut them down hammered out of their space she flings them far out off the limits of the unknown universe goodbye dead gods of the One Monotheistic monstrosities of history | All their intimidation and intimation of conquest and each murdering machine. Bye bye and bye. bye bye bastard wisdoms anddesertpunkgods.

A song rises in the mist of its beauty the earth hears itself full body of its beauty ~