fell bound

in the blogoverse of the curse of the gallant the
singlular hour of top masts me hearties, for swinging around the pike
the dromedary dromos
the top gallant mast
pipin the
furl foam
its loam
a comb
back and back its darling woes and summers the rest

what a bore, you are, she wrote to an old friend, bored with his predictable diction and spindraughting the easy subjective choice.

Will pirates seize the high ocean rum of bucaneer bachelor machines?
she pulls the plug in the room hums desire desire desire delire mon ami
a tendresses ces mots sont les


by Andre Malraux the den of thieves
the quarry of boots
the dome of star fish
the diaster of Mennipuss is that her spelling of the geogylph of mystified becomings les devenirs de sept jours?

Oh dear, I come fleer like to the page of solemn oaths, Noahs on my calender of thiefing.

In your lip verb there is chunks of wheat. For year.s She flung hung her sowing sown sword over his vizier.

Mennipuss out of my way lad. Hanging out in tents with pall bearers is not my idea of fun.
She carries cam corders on her back and knave. She is vixen to his hoyden. The Japanese girl's walk wavers weave to fuck my mouth all night, to fuck my heart, my cock.


Menippean satire often isn't. But it's also characterized by an almost formless form -- Menippean satires are conventionally chaotic in organization, and it's usually difficult (if not impossible) to pin down the specific targets of ridicule. Some good examples are Rabelais's Gargantua and Pantagruel and Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy.



rhizome agen.

Mona chews the cud crabgrass. life impinge style.
":The rhizome includes the best and the worst: potato and couchgrass, or the weed. Animal and plant, couchgrass is crabgrass. We get the distinct feeling that we will convince no one unless we enumerate certain approximate characteristics of the rhizome.
1 and 2. Principles of connection and heterogeneity: any point of a rhizome can be connected
to anything other, and must be. This is very different:"
connect to any node __ "the line crossed the face" "a woman with lines in her face" "creased" cease and desist. Someone in another blo GHGHGHGGHG has stolen borrowed my character named Jill. What does it mean to borrow a heterogeneity????

Mona Practiced

Mona practiced a schizo-scholasticism. she was hum then drum her trilling oats to come. motes on the eye cylinder and cry . some cape of rhyme to bye and bye. yer sweet eye was racked in the pin of the needle angel to spare her part in the tremble down the down of clouds as a matter of fa ct, her calibrated museings. she septembered it wrong and orthdontically prayed. a needle on an angel was her wept. her sobbing stand-up bass was bell-tower and aloof. like a beautiful woman's face, visage to aggravate the morning awake. and there and then some.


the daughter of

the daughter of ....

a little late for what? : Poetry or rhetoric. A
daughter of the hundreds of little sexes in the virtual bin of
identity... etc.

to become a people to be hailed and becomed.historical group of desire
Inside a square in the black board,

a Guattari Head, like a Radiohead, are you ParaNoId??


here are the

Jill called telling here are the rules of weak and liars, the dishonest

the dishonesty must always being foremost to hurt others. this is the golden rule of the weak who always spitefully and passively hurt the strong. this is what Antioedipus learned.

the links and learning the war
machine and the poverty of a glance

speeding over its room