If Jill was vain .. she rather knew it

If she was vain? she'd no need of an  understudy needed to know that. At the Party in Venice she dropped a book in the water  dove in naked her wing and fin spreading splashing everyone there heaps of water piled over their heads

  her ass grew bigger than a baloon as she tilted full over the canal

and  that year the gondoliers sang their  wild lyrics to her praise her prannk!

----She dove to the bottom  and there she saw the bodies of readers of Guattari and Deleuze at the benthos and  leviathan wake uploading the vision required to finding a way to the road of escape

Jill rather knew it was near to next to an impossible imposing task. But she began.

Mona hugged her Mona hugged mightly lip meeting to lip kissing tightly the loving lovers.

   Over the refrain isle and the allegorical agencement she kenned her allophone ear . Hell's bells she'd get a charley-horse plunging deeper but her plug let up

back she went hitting the preconscious thin layer then back she went pushin, shovelin, dividiving to the unconscious layer after burial layer in her water laden lake minding

she went at she went after

                                          hearing the big hullabaloo of  her call  not chary at the reach of her depth her wheeling self led liver .

Thus Jill was gathered to vain but her purpose was Ah queen of the sea roaming creature in the spot lighted  mind delved deep its earth shard and shattterd layer before her gazing mind heart . Beaming back bright hope  .