she has worned

she has worned her honour


shes worned the honour wondered the worn of honed honours bearing on the fort the fortissimo of going and treasuring . what spunk's shadow forges her baying cant field the honour of her second. Seconded by river and beds or war's double-player she phone speak from her head had, its orient fuzz not a peeler of cabinet, but lent and its ever-steady truth. Call of the perfect pluperfect, laced as glooms and eighteeth century castles. Something about not using place, as Gothic cathedrals sense, or saunters a catheter body damped out on clothes-lines hung drapery eternity's cutting matrix. Orpheus hold the whale Orpheus can't back a sheet of paper in her eyes, her sexing not a bite, but a becoming of respects, molecule to her trove. This'll be sick but love's boom biting grooves in her harem. O shitty bordello of crappy meals and lunch time with a cigarette, big buttocks, buttery buttocks chunked out by cave like lichen and rearward pants to tally the overture of rain. Excuse this essex of incensing lathering the torture of seated pants and other pillows to frighten your face, by a kingsize sister.

Love's stretching sister's done the dunes, heralded the deed, seized the land.


come to

come to here, a century late. Oedipus plus a mother say come to this. shoveled face back of wig. talks the weed blab. Excuse this horse Orpheus. Pardon the glance. No, shuffle the decking over the hedge bar. Architrave its mackled throng. Of boatrings and gatered stuff. Shift Mona_Ooona come here this theorem. Some of which? shall fizz this wheat. We have wheat . Again. The gathering hair.


Is a thief

Is a thief bending to her prey the sudden day its murmur over wall appearing lover to its sake forsaken its grief . Ton of torn sack the city's fair wind-up watch reaches the forwarding furthest pass. Not a second too late, you were born not knowing. WHen your turn yer name goes off. Wait its willing ache spins back to your palm calm as reef in rigs's fortune paved to a second round glittering the foster jewel.

Franny has Jill Mona has no one you 've made yer bidet clean it , foursome. Love.


firm cough'tt cough'tt

cough'tt cough 'tt Mona emphysema blues hair long fortune and absence of tripping university of shower her plover

No more was her said Head to her graceous endometrium. Plunder of the only moment she afforded got purchase around her round not a true narrative barreled its plate strange coach to her love bite hr button down up shoes white as any spin came clomping to her shoes lush as ducky swan feather gaits.. Silly this is when luscious plates of green pea soup bear their ice when the paw the lover felt whack her ass shirks the endless retreat and she beckons her broad's back bare

See Jill See Jill state See Jill state easier as pumpkins pie.



Open yer mouth alligater!` yer prestigiditater 's passed you paass her too U whimy cow! is this Krishna! get a god!


Open yer mouth alligater!` yer prestigiditater 's passed you

we will come back back to here as wind to sail curve to canoe and svelte nymph of the high

astounding thing. when Jill Heard Mona, that was the key|

a key part one of erring cal_ hmm something there, leaned
in the breath tobaccoed . Hmm 18th century ruffed
collar heroine of the sword keeping vain.

Mona' s boyfriend's come home.


sit by you

stir sire stir sit by you sitting as chain think glissando of deliquence of the cupcake breasts



resilient silence Mona montage cuffed . Or lanky head. Brain ass couple by prose docking one stanza over to the next train but a whistle between each cleet. Her tap a rap tap knowing the full well her hail-will days are willow, is that elm, banking plane
calypso of sound thrust

parting the relent wave not so saying its heart is navingated rum



Backwater to her health and Id her i.d. libido ontario to my sake

Subdued as rock. Leather heart to whinge as its played over. The phone of your voicing
its leather word. Cool and cocooned, its slip place laid . Into the condominium they roved.
Dialogue of lover in pants and jeans their whole house caught up. Its where they spoon their supper and earn their bread!


this wish

this wish was wash to her tendering legal counters, leg over and humdinger to her swine smooth space rough strata

say head over heel varnish of lyric heels palm-mate palmetto or something like Callas to spring-hands sportive as sprocket to kind lockets.


mes ami_cales

Mes ami_cales this dust is dream. Cornered of bare wood. the frost makes wave. Shes got a canned air to note opera and other spitting creatures of her lover's body. Wantin to eat his name, she's waned by hook or crook this clockward bearing word. Baby to her mother's merd, she wont capzise her deadbeat so called song. What shite is that, she ask the genre master of mixed media blisses....

Mona is pregnant.



Tread the depth stroll/crime et histoire, not over here, close as your face must mask. death _tap waken cord of bo
a moor over the head. ferryin it past methuselah and he is wondering what happen'd to her head, when the sex got good. Mona does not speak Latin,and English it's not her favourite tongue

and were lovers be _comings the cut lace over her hand. She wait the day for the strata to heave
open where her radiators can get in and workingthe moment seize her 'carpe deum?" As a host you understand this perfectly well ushered by the pane of the gothic forest. not teared by its need, but silhoutted by its badinage. Not bandage! skimpy wear the two of them to bed.
they were lover be. come over the Notre-Dame cathedral and a rainbow's innocent queen has had her day, to say not a noun of her day. She had music in her bone. Painting was her blind man's mask, not a starry year or thread to mark her wasting page.
Mona rings. Give me a bell, a bell. Give me a bill, billeted and seconded by marshall wide clip the church of her eyes, the nave of her sex. Jill reminds her: I've always, my darling, been your fir-woods, clapboard to any weather, and apartments without fridge and stove.

So over the plateau they tarried, monk and praise, from every particular parry.


come to your R of

Come to you Repeating story of the larval subjects '_Home akimbo one night she find a worthy wearing down. nota tracker or mate to feet its faggot of brush burnish and side. or body at stake or Piedmont her foot of the hair of the cat which licked her. Jill wont know and notice the smell of death till it hits her five flights along the swivelling air, highway of the death, she cannot bear so coveting her neighbour 's knee she kiss it good by. Madame Spinoza come my wak e , Please!ranny

Franny foreward note to death heap of brown sack on bus, other ass walking and stay. over to her hairdresser, she spell doom for the orthographer of it, Madame Aristote. Clefting key, her wake ,
close to Daddyio Deleuze's demise, Franny's rise. a switch a roo if ever you've heard of one. I dont read snake and batter. I am jewel thief to you yoeman of the tongue tied way. Waybill heard me no end to its heart, its shelter its bee beyond paradise and sHe. Moulded for the fact , of its evanescent.


hip cup

She Franny run was.... a hippy cup a hitch-hiker punketerariat lariat fouist embedder embracer ebbing emblem of mime to her Marxist thumbnail, her hat taking her hat skirting and skitting, the membrane of __ whoosh! whoosh! its travel time! She has been many travellos in her thing of blissing memory and mermaid of Mae West and Lacan to her signified rift reflected she felt a maze at her Sartrean partheart. Laggard to her heat, she does the dumbshow of coarse kettles languid days and what else? can you say about her she compose a mode of its outwhich way

Now take that in yer leg of papa deleuze to her talking billyboots, a kiss to framed the postcard never sent, Oh yes, no receiver sender back to playbill.

Mona on stage. World stage no less. Her perfect frotting and heeling.

So then, Miss Knight see that. And pent yer selves up. Low and down right mean hearted. But not always, not, always.


tiny giant

wreath tiny its airy dance, a catalogue of bruises and antelopes hinders the tree line or elms burying woods where dying coarse ones do what they do they do they do. She appears startled by rain apparitions and cowboy lovers hitting the high hips of horses. Is such a thing likely? is a mixed buffet garnering her dutiful dinner? she's wearing knees and socks doing all the things good girls do, when they do. Summer in lover, winter in her cave. This is the case for social becomings, their economy frustrated by the plaster'd furtive fruit of hunger, its baloney sandwhich not quite, never quite doin the trick, doing the trick of hip havens and goodbye homes to her lover's feet.Something made in Italy along with home onthe range and other trick higly regarded bullshit moves. Like that, like that this you See Anti?

Dogs can bit lambs crawl at their feet like stolen yappers, muzzled by tom-toms and cheap brazen hostels. Not that that worked, O Jill of the seven pens . And more Or more, lover more

Dogs might be mizzled muzzled and moderated, but not love, not love not lust.

Some cliche spent its nickname on this choice.


arive like any other shoulder

a rive to plein tears. mona shacked wit h its orient sleeveoff this ShoulDer. not parative
wd. con.letter o'er outh. it keepe. s'ake.
ov. Jill & her glided coat of pignifer. shall
it pickle wheat? to father the sow?
makes lovE to maryMother ASsumpt'd to
couch lass. sackerdanvenzetti.

like any other shoulder
a tear to lean
her field of gold was ploughed as stir.
Sir, meaning?
Love at first bite.


no bird call

no bird call s please

Ive clipped the heels from your drapes. Or drapery or say wishing bone on spelling bee _ or my wheels lit the fire in your hen_ or pen_ as in
repenetentiary _ no, not that. other weirdo onthe dock, resolving the problem of S. not as Tristan in the sell down approximate appointments of his

becoming is not imitating~~~~~~~

this ensign was over at Vico's mirage. caltrops shivered the feet _ or crumbled elephant rampage and walking against state police anarchists _ conceivable bodies bituminous water
no so so but So! sew .

flung on the road in front of cops! shank! hurt! come to be my baby in olden time was hearing distance aid oH lover.

come this thief _a nanny goat's beard, or some mountain walker and next a camera yield, not the 'flow' lay or crowed black bird s in the heaven.
sent west. Westward wattle gaze and over her his shade watching . holding on holding. Holding ? she come to throttle its page.

Mona has dare seen it s heart. Incomplete tea.


in the for end

The voice is free __ phonematic of desire wing. Huff_ed dog. Chopped lamb. of the god
purgatoried to Lent. Shall will its shall be's for compte exterior. Not the swallow and its Asiatic moorings. Camped by the caliber of choose. This was it thing to devil the uselful cage.
Despotic as it was in the seconding epic simile of contre-page and its the usefulness of things
which count. Avoice bellow. Not sofa inside curlicue of effort. Each for self! not so the hurray!

End these private reterritorializations. Crystal of cement. It's a polyvocal hangout for your bird, yer boite de cinq heures. Jump! Spin! A hole inthe moon'd never become missed by its predicate to your form dear. Machines to your doctor. Dumb hand of the folk spirit of rain and peasantry. Shame shame shame. Its myriad mystical form. Opal valleys and cement. Cheers to clear. Its clinging your shame your knees. A daffodil would know better how to peer covering asses thighs, say juice your forearm . And your face this face of suzerainty.



number 11~ is drift wood blank sheet stepping representative cunning as silence begriff its peat. o'er city and dale meadow and blog. bounded by red bird boskage and the flamboyance of air feathered gather. not simple t's that corrode eyes, corridors which turning turn the eye rut in head's gleamed space. or secular boo-hoo and tea , taxi combs to garter belts pulling up her socks. her sheet of ribbons and yes to her love one come to her inside head hear of will and sea shades counting off cloud liking shape on the sofa a lapse in kissing offers her thigh to compell the balcony watcher to her gifting sex of habit and her throng of body rose to his.

Fanny cover the trellis . Fanny rule the alcove pantomime . Jill her lover, and he, the one , her both her his their his, their own He, Him. Sweet double one owled geranium.

An exercise in flutes or cambrioles, petalled by the hour, its flurorescent wedding carved by the pulse of her hearing.


what is it

This was voice to her assault. Or spalying thing to its rabbit ears. Not knot, tied suit. Its gyp. never or then now was the grape swipe. She meditate on its frame wreath to over its matching walk to me, in the sunset of her arms. What is that, Mona, ferrying the second hour of love, like no other, simile to her dusk. Jill to her at dawn, upending her sex tuilip or lyric cutting zither, lyre to her bending bow. Feed the birds they also stalk the ridge come riding riding her hamdown stray to her goat, moat of wood to hammer down the place. Back to the city, she went, radio to volkswagon, jewel to her cylinder, stamen of its rose, not a deer in the path, road to its closing hope.


manic bow

Her manic bow to her rain pouring Jill cluttering apples, cul-de-sac, regret rat. In the dry bosom of her off the wall quartier water faucets, roam its spare kine pleading for more help than she can afford. Her bliss is telling others to mind their care over the library. Her father, marriedto the chief of warlords, hazards guess, second guessing her lover's coign, her breast, and feet narcotic to the gaze entrace where she nailed her body soft whip of naked to his . Call it convulsive. Next loin and loin always treat the dark hour of sailing. She has crayons to bob her apple teeth. These are not naked shuffles we're thinking. It's the wench naked as the billy goat disfigure by eyes or breath that cannot speak. One more down, six more weakens the chain as orange levitates her marriage vow. This shrub shriven as it is wont fit well to her 'culture.'

immanence of praise

Jill Mona, Fanny_ to her ass, the blue buttocks of its honey, kiss and raise, kiss praise and lock the funny seat in its gauge . Excuse you? fair what? dimple knight, or pirate to this rigadoon over blackley laid on forests in the back yard, coming over brick dust to his pagoda of looks . Her books.

Mona, knows Oona would say rocking word
past path
of glimmer
over over
over immanence of praise and praise of innocence, she walks ants. fated by hungry bears in Europe's last slack. tea spoons coffee cup, flask in her hip joint she balance cup cusp to her spring to come her lover. Spring coming. O is that so it sorrow to her mocking bird, wraps the gap up in her hand.


clocking the river

Mona gelid, fetid,
overthe care, catering to
stick stock forges
come on shimba sickle yerfork
its young dumb gets yer goat
nanny an' awl
like the heel of a thumb
subway coming n all
stuff rigging
stuffed riggin in the two patch tone

Mona clocks a navy boat
round fennel to heart skip
herald the catatonic pieced
penned off the wall
not getting the machinery of love's take
its giddy-up gue she kick ice flummery & acidnine pens
cambers a shirt decks a cloth

entering the fiction what Eye bend
ing a personae eye-glid
elide thing?
No one's neurotic'd her tig befores
she wont stammer her fat pate for
come taker to her dig
and dags

if'd inside the flictionher affliction
affects deadening-eyelid the maelid
over the subway under the subway
by grand trunk pale scar she wined
her finesome fay come comes to too two

this wear clothes

Mona hound dog wracked the seven servers searching her love, the debs and daubs of highway founders dint nicker her route off the 'beaten' trail. Say, a what do you call it,_ something they did t'a initiate her in their fellows crawling down the trees whoring the woods, and would-bes or could have whats, and the sample players of choice free word in the verb of cunning old fort_ tremble poorest of the lot.

Mona puffed, huffed, and sprinkled her sea bed down the worn heather of her gorse, its piled-up mace. Notthe eerie visage of her love, lover and brooking no tenement inthe saw tooth moon!

Frowns she does at door placed lower back gaze stuck in the eye-way half zone of call . Or tusk and the tinest thinnest udder. What variant of solitude is it? She determines the Phaedrus curls the wing of truth, mayhem and din of her other featherd self. Poor as a cherokee Indian in a time before plinth and politic amazes her stealth, her poor beast aback main. Jill says
No its interior decorating in hell. Samson googles the tenement to see if she be home, her cell phone paging back Oddysseus and the homer by rent queen of epic long river and / Her skin is black. Her philosophy boudoir tent in christian ears to kingdom come for ever now and guffed future,guffed fugitive.

A respite always forces her to pause.

apick me up_2

you will be all lovers limber to your bold body__ 'ivro de como se fazem as cores.' extradite this lover to her shoe.or trope the sublime instant of its pour of rain its weak ending. Now Jill was not very near the tiptop of the plateau, she hankered after wheel and bleak forest next to a wharf. Was a wharf her nearest pain? Why would it be any other way, Claire? Come to this wild his body merited in the forest of song. By day and dogwood heard the cowering meadow over the end and then sent the way of cloud and mirror which helding the lake becoming next its flush tumble by the end and then it works by skits of play now next to the number of its pulling. Or inside the echo of its other selving, or close to the table of its profit and then over by the building hampers where moving toward the end it was known to see its arrival and train departing and this open hand that you see and known its body is yours coming over the round and seeing you there its yours and always was you looked peering its knight by folded letter coming to find me after this last spent of your thighs .
she forged
classical tachygraphy clipped to his heels not a pasted hand moulded by fire.
a pick me ideastrollye to the [e] verisimilitude of . moment. ove.r. gravity.

& lumberin g activity . not shined to the hour 's moment or its
and and and.

some play ground is this. Say Prof. Deleu...ze .

come my daughter arrive en paris.
Genet there. Miller. come to the fire Lawerence. language

sez Its Lenz!

quietly quietly. over to the beta ground.
beatified. of undirect discourse. oveR
the ceiling the telescope s bending.

ridge like. little molecuels. cape. escaping.
word . form. play de formation.

------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
is this anyhow to treat a text. over
the deconst_
No not it~! I shout.
coem to the lip ass
blanking the staring moment


here to this go commune

here to this go commune smooth as rearward glance
its a scheme of optic vision rattles its fare not stoned by cloning gods and father marx fluthered by herring-bones and tweed simple sentences of
closing trades angel Angrinon the park where weaving
gaudy guards thrive


Jill not get rid of that coma and everything will be fine


here to this come

here to this its then its ten in the plateay capsule of feature gasp of then its hungry year a tugging tornado its pain worthy grasp of next to features does not bear examaning. Oh prophecy of the that dabble or apple gilted leaf. Not sugar or brown honey eyed your wide awake to this alert. This song of your tail lights, hovering in the distant body, of your choice your choice, the choice , cutting around corner and adjectives not slicked for its pen, but chosen for its breadth.


the _oria

Theoria came to the table her rent was paid, not with hair
but butts, she knew this was not clean. Clear as the radial
day might be, or become her commentary found no
discourse in the Muse's 'diadem.' Standing near the
flux of all time and space her clog was clean
her whistle was white, her eraser was tender.
not a lover's blank, but other things
such as eight days a week, or soft machine
or branched out banker and Indian women and
me made love. what?
indeed__ what?


sometimes it was the air, or other summer clouding
airs that hung her pasture to dry and she was the email
queen of thought, her anger a passion to delay her death.
she was waltz the street of St. Denis, the french cafe
and her hurdles hung her off, she was hurrah huzzah!
and beauty of stranger s hung her buttocks to dry!how disgusting said Franny, can you get yer cheeks
out of the way? what hussiness on yer part leads
you to such flippant goatee beard, and when I was a cigarette
you were very sweet indeed. Come over. I am your Ulysses
bound package for .


the worse of all were not named


Jill gotta squeeze on

Jill's discourse went as that "its always interesting to see contemporary use of machines text. difference between desiring-machine, as our father in Spinoza taughts d the weak use of the new media or the machine-generaters lead to weaker commentary and writing- Sheesh she smile, garters akimbo, a swayed down ass to his eyes, ___them dont know_ tradition she giggle __ polemic run through _ as a bullfighter's tap__ 21st tend to resort squablling excretion excretion.

She shaking her butt! high ended, low assed buckle seat style! of oriental full!
In a like minded, spirit, we re-create the exretions of secondary strata of parnoioa personal polemics mushing the way of whine collage would be video and especially prissyenglish collage. one notes these matters.
with love and gusts of rainbow kisses
to lucky link his puissant feathers of flock together coventional image display and cutesy deployment of colour. enuff to turn the eyes of most viewers away in boredom and horror. so ti goes but we know its all love in the kind caring desire to grow as the schizo flow wishes to emerge from the dumbnesses of predictable collage makers and their shaggy generators. Hail Hail the gangs all here, so muck and ruck thy weakdumbplatest to rubber vanities of pluck thy headish gooshgash up the arse of fiddle fump foop.

Deareder shower the rain with genre of of of of of rain rain slippingthe yuletide festive up his fundament .

As for effort of repetitve bleeder seconde rate imitater, and false pretenders, we Contend! thy boredom a banished pool of wax!

of Jill and.. shelves...

Of Jill and her shelves, the feet, the effete night hanging its drawers the tell-tale night of novel pistons and rubbing wrist or hanging vines d then the stopping breath over the measured finger and the mountain which whoops and the lay over tight arms against sea like vision or vamoosed trails upward into smoke like saddles and mothers which speak. Is this Antioedipus on her trail, Antigone? The night? the ram wheel? The mountain goat, the giddy up sheep, or humdingers moving along the balustrade arabesque and maybe her puppet eyes or dancing shoe and over there the scent aromatic as wending decanters clocks and corner with crammed fellows or following the narrow wheel to the ending. Mona breathes her taps to cincture the plate, cinching the formula it must be a pyramid that keeps her back, omnivorous as love.

Now she pedals fruit with her disillusioned vocabularies dictions of mock chicken in her veins or the opened board of the tune and

Speaking before night was the way it sounded as it came
to this its rush and hamper by the way her breath gambles the page
not trusting its truancy grabbing her heart near to any ship
sipping the hour and harming the feel of her cuff and ankle break
not a chance egg but the sportive fist going through the window
of the sky not hammered by the gallery and glance of these
wishing places when Mona multiplied the odds tinkering each
pleat to suit their taste, knowing full well angelic deities
did their best to quiet fate not the hand maiden of the lord
but its rather fractural patron of the cloud and its hammering opposites

Make up my mind, will you? She hovered baking soda close
to the trellis

what disillusioned barbican is this?


there could

There could nothing more dumbphased than your death, its awkward awakening giant kidding its thumb, or sucking the nape of ruffians, and rascals who bear hate, as their daily gruel. She's light on the loafer, isn't she, her sex rinked by cloths and burial gowns. Gourds to filter the sun's sky, pomegranate drip to yer juicy finger.Flexing its page. She sex him her_ed by the hour of pregnant. Belly to her cutlass, stave poach, parched as a cement centime poker . In Paris, we lift barrels, marking the lath, sudsing the keen willows, which bend and ape their glance toward aging widow wringing salons. Hooker bury dead, hip to lip pleasure of the forgot bereaved soul. Not a sentimental callow, but a ragged cement of its roadway.

Franny pledging

Franny pledging pedigree or off the wall cuffs bakes the coda somesaulting her wind. Now that sound like narcissum cooked for over and ovens. Jewels to clatter the air. Winding the petal, or the fault loan, .

Pounce for her typhoon the reckless sailor mated her sword his chilling spore worn away by sprockets kenned to release sore wicked concave of her mirror, his only cutting ice, to her yield. Will be knight to her infinite faith, coward to her deism, shackled by rain forest sundries . Or winding sheets to mother his cows. Now burying the song he comes to her ice and blizzard, cover me to her blankets and rugged pillows. Now words hug the amen its moment.


over there

Over there its here, the Atlantic village of pigeons, the aviary cutting the fast forest. Its linger lion pool or forested by keys and death, the not speaking, untalked by rounded wheel, when the first knock rang. Tick tick and howl its beat, to choose the salt, over the pepper, inside the thighs, thehips roiled in the mud caked lane. And this body was cutting dust eating cake for breakfast , the Ganesh elephant a 'pluriel' god type of deification fictioned to the harpooning of its sense of predatory smile, kilometre and kilometre .

because you cannot run around again
breasts lips eyes, you rule them and the breath
hefted forward to the plane talking lair

over here

Second time hearkens the vase. Charred chariot of wheel. Peregrinate the fostered child of enfant walk. Over here the taxex 're greater her mouth tucked into the death of its soft. Not shambled by the ache , of cut heeling. Sank a coffee right down your mouth, and then some. Mona ships the pail, covering the fruited ground in its righteous justice carrying its maze back to her home. Over Paris staircases they gather hankied to its bit puzzle, or mizzened by wheat, and then strawberry glasses, and counteracting changling she orphaned as any pane of glass tilt the up and clowing her upshade covers her flank. This could her last city _ breath out sigh and breath out bracken and hear the violins tear violas.


the very limit

Jill__ the very limit of a body_capitalism _ smile to cherry wood. rotten or wrought by bound flares over tree and varnish, clatter the untold wound, spoon of delta and ray-fish, fish-ray? is some sheep of darning wool cut or swen by hole-holey-hole. ring around the teared out cicatrice

Jill polished shoe shine accusing of class tropes_ gold tipped lip lighter_ ash gray over the eyes of her saffron lips gray gold as night . sees the ringing ringlet of penumbra.

Of mama many there is one~ you then turn the stair.

no doubt

Mona never transferred a thin gin her life, the undone hills and mating game were not for her. knot for her tiding navel cord to bind unind and bond. was she seeing things in the dark, or wasting away the channels of desire along the serendipity of her becomings? coitus interruptus?or no coitus at all. the galas the gals the glass saw darklya letter to permutate your skin, her perfume, the death of songers and writers.

For we must ---- we are not knotting the lude of pains rift... not delude ourselves--- our selves the beleagured and daring... "Doctor Freud" doesn’t like schizophrenics___ why not? she is schizmhero to my best self. Janine & Mona the wearing tuckeroo! Or tuck the fold of yer nape, the bucaneering fawn of something something its preposal of column word miss... or expectation on the calender... no he does not .... He doesn’t like their resistance to being oedipalized__ Dont cry Mummy when anal sex is yer path past Aunty Oedipi or the blocagage of ism_ grammar halt before steam _ before stream of puttering path __ trends to treat , and tends to treat them more or less as animals__ ,mon animal my animal speaks to gentle genuflect the arching wheel... words or things take missied in the eye of the hand of the lover.... he says.... They mistake words for things, he says_ she does not say she see or hear:. O really? "They are apathetic, narcissisitic," and who not be or kiss the narcissus flower of those cut off from the socious and its " cut off from reality" what night or real in cities of war? is culpbable of death? "incapable of achieving transference" we dont wish to be transfered to trains and death death death .... I philosoph of resemble and not yer high thigh close to my chiar Or Mummy on the bus, the love butter... they resemble philosophers—‘an undesirable resemblance' to becoming the lady O Diotima in the night of Athens and its break down dagger in her back. O mother of dialectic of this trash and teagown O thistle there has been many....

O treasure in the arm of your bay your lintel your little one.... night night...


in J

In J the walls were like ruth creaked in wild. Or beast of saint satting by grand river sliming the rapid. Or rocks fired off ,whistled shuttters shut, clanged closed, solider s bearing down with arm and fat gun cupping hands over mouth plastic bullet slide faster than second of nano hitting in the shoulder of kid, and kid, or kid with scarf . In the jail stink and sweat and east west all three gathered in confession of portant protest. Not here was Mona's bed, her jewel eye feast of death. The Greek girl sways her kirtle her feet hair acorned up in the coiffure the sky. Hovered. Its darning wool. I am your son of lovers, come to my fuck split in seconds helicoter buzz dirt up in eye scratch hurt tear-gas its mustard weed of death. This is what they call home. Fig trees and loafs of bread, garden, pool of blood the winding road, out over past the cafeteria, the darning wool red cross. In J, the walls are like this, and then other medieval towns surge their hatred, cutting down the dead, as She seek its mother in Mona's heel, the transomed plane of consistent fool's head, the death rattle, the rats at the camp.

praxi s poesies

Mona drilled the dryad harken'd to sweet tooths, its merrisome meet. encounter
.of. over headland and shipping mates. the short so soon life. of her hangings
drapes there was few between the coloured crayon and pencil. leaning on
a cash register, smokin g her cloud mist. as only a lover do. the double helix
her sapphic plate the boygirl girlboy her boygum to his love hand. handing
hamadryad to her kiss in the deep window arms around shoulders
rotating, falling clothes, its hip miss and hit the clung neck,
palming face rotating shoulder over her slip off cloth

here kiss these breast she say
these nipples upturned


it is how we kiss my love
saturnalia street the avenue