pause and gift

 Jill has an exaggerated sense of self importance. She's verbs and nouns and some of the time all. All of what Franny wants to know. Remanding the time skittering the cleats. What some do and some don't to batter their way to eternity. Barter is surely what you sense, says Mona. Moan the old whore deconstructed past her prime knows better than to bother her betters.

But its best to be this way. Than a priest or  a friggin' cop  and busting chops kicking desire . around like a cheap boot. or a dirty strange straw boater. Sometimes you gotta do things to make them happen.  Latency is a provocation to love.
and its pistons And her potion was ridded . NO? O come again Mona !~ bury the cachet!

She rings her late that night. Phone sex to the wee hours orgasm  .. of some sort. cries Oedipus my baby! Come to me! Come to mama!
_______________________ at the word she heads out the door getting up never to return. Now for the moment anyhow, not for the never now. Of its replacing.

SPLiced by deer and other stuff.