Rung rung rung

------------------------------------Ring Ring Ring Franny's lips   ~ 've tied the ring.

____No 2.

                     How do Mona and Jill feel__? do they hold bodies. They're  cool customers one might state ___. Franny's  well, she's a stripped down one. Her sex's inside out become woman inside out.
Summer is not almost over. 

                      That was a diatribe, not a dialler, __hahhaha you funny man!jACKY. not tacky! hahahah Yawn mouth and Period. Let the blog go rollic. Not a smooth surface of your ass at all.ATaLL.

Come baby you are here within I am your need and the whisper of hoarse glimmer.

 Rather her Baroque than the drivel of that.  Not drivel but driven by the antipoetic discourse of the 'thinker'. Jill Jill has a licensed dialog Jill has a licensed dialogue with her self.  (The luted leave) The lyric brief  I am missing teeth but that does not mean we cant love. Just back to deterritorialize myself.

Yourself!but you've no self lover   ~   ~ She wanted him to put it put it right inside! her ! Imagine that but she lived a million miles
off the planet ~ She was puree transcendence!

Liar's! she's pure immanence.

Once they said no exclamation feint to word off the broke? like she her breast puffed up like it's a time for her sigh reach. O.
Shelved the 1500th plateau down the creek up over her ceremonious breast. O halt. Halter!



somehow a word?

Somehow a word little prisoner and times. Be a book.a book. why angry at your heat rapture? cunning  log going went and turn retrundle once it's more noise overhead floor above.

Somewwhere here a word. to do to say a day a word a word a lay    ~

then find a period a s. pretenders the' (y) assuming's more than ever a billion. ~ so count nimbus
numbers  . you fool! gool! cool maccool not afeard to sound like another. Sounding alike is
not other. Is not other. Franny frustrated the 'marks' of nondesiremachines. Her crawled garden of love    ~ and other.