Franny's inlusions_pre


franny's inlusions included the uussuaalll truble? or / it 's the other denim forest forget knot

the last time, i was in france, after leaving greece __ whata nicemess of chaos that was . she went  with us, to his grave 

                       (saying nothing of collusion disinterred junction at lip and nether beck)
  in the south  with my daughter, we met Felix's daughter, E, she's got at   a story about those ending 
 dime  and the day was cool

it welcome d  us

 and reminded me , of us, and them back a, in , at , in Vincennes, St. denis,           
                                                                                                                                                              it was  a crying time___-shoosh, i don't mean that way _ but the table afterward, and over   _ well, lines                           are                 like that aren't they ?
                         the            o       n              e s       coming later   ....

of reminding willow, and elm , too , then we went on the boat , to another place,

                                                  (Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat )
we came off the Irish sea.

i t was petulant was , it? it was petulant ,  as a  flower might be a  petal of preened feather and bow-tie gather.

flounced by a flounder's becoming a metamorphosis of love breath, and 



tilts her chin

                         This way  tilts her chin  ~  Miss Jill the night's heat's your harbinger. Not a binge, or hard tasked bay but a pulling want to need what's given and lovin. O  saith Jill my Mona's come home at last deterritorializing her thing, and trinket will to better its boot. She's that way to any given close ass.


               On the better bus her breasts topped out as teacups, two hard bananas, a duet of wondering minstrels, careful butts sewn  and seen, on the butt of time.Her carefull shirking after Jack's smile  Oooh this was pudeur at its worst. After all, what were those breasts doiing? sticking up , wanting to be looked after, cared for, tenderrized as love bird