Readers! I the episteme master, and epistolary lover, wish for you to delete those three texts which I've just sent. I am not happy with them and they going back to the repair shop.


to ORpheeus

Cd to Orpheus HimSelf

it's cute the way you don't bother to check your spelling

as if you didn't care tossing it offhand like that



as windy as ligthtening and rafter to calibrate the spoon of river and thought. as when a big grand truck goes by rumblingthe low lying apartment buildings blind.

so it go. she creepeth up around the strata. trapped by ray light, cumbered by body spirit's kiss-ass weed.

each view is a night without stars


as windy as lightening and rafter to calibrate the spoon of river and thought. as when a big grand truck goes by rumbling the low lying apartment buildings blind.


mona 24 drafted light

Mona 24
Mona was a bird of flight. And Franny was too, before the night wasyoung. So the molecular paths were past past tenderness. Was the anxietyof deferral greater than the anxiety of influence? was the strata thebending then bedding of noun and preposition, or the verb ofproposition. God what deaths one found in the de-politicized. its always tousjours comme ca, a sonata of water, delirious to the play zone , a parlay of orchids, and smother rose, carried to end of knight. she stared at the catatonic place of his quilt. You read, this, you read this knowing your heart was stable.

You knew this: lender lover ~ .


fellow sun

fellow sun to her beckon. reckon with cloud-burst, pole-vault, yanking tree, gibous moon, gape to her weed word. sigh to her silent. of the wide apart bursting at seam and yellow ribbon to her loved down plait, her hair as willing as any sign.

Grieving is not seaming. Or wearing tented gowns to bed! you silly becoming!


follow moons

they call it France, Fanny aims for France. her sweltering self a box to follow moon ~ .