ring round

THis way winter comes to seize your face. Her

purse is stolen not-cut as the saying has it.

Proverbial to the wisdom of the sky and the seven

follies.One the illusion that a man and second the

same illusion that a man isn't.

it's this way that all men are. Women moving along

combinely as well and a graceful but bad poet

speaks up. Up not down as his head is round. No

cube for her brain . he thinks I wonder how big

her coffin was. Her cock gets stand up straight

this is the fifth year of alone becoming being alone

is not the same. You speak of fallen and he speaks back the face your half of the face is disappearance and ours is love. The true love walk

is this gawky motion over the age. Round the puttering thimble of yourself.

If Godard comes say it is this. The rowboats teetering the rain coming

_______________________ we're tired of the critics . Go back to circus night is . Naw, MOna can't finish.

Rent! its about temporary stays, we're rented for a day and decade not quite fitting the body and room.

And ~