rough rturn


Rough turn back pack. Hold your near and dear. Come around . Gander and the monikers, the monkey ride and over the Ferris wheel you've hoofed it hither and thither. paris, 1972, Jill's married the book of logic to the organless weave of its missing. Sister Mara Buttocks bitter catholic on the lam from theology and dogma has orgasm running the road of the Vatican. The pope is of course a doctrine

despot. One cant ever trust these institutions again its tyranny tyranny tyranny as the gods of monotheism in the end are all gangsters and lunatics. MonoMoMotheism the killer of life and love.

Mona kicks all one eyed gods down. She grabs all the bums by the hair spits them out shut them down hammered out of their space she flings them far out off the limits of the unknown universe goodbye dead gods of the One Monotheistic monstrosities of history | All their intimidation and intimation of conquest and each murdering machine. Bye bye and bye. bye bye bastard wisdoms anddesertpunkgods.

A song rises in the mist of its beauty the earth hears itself full body of its beauty ~


go back

Go back return
She 's near granite. But Hyperion holds the consoling constellation, a calvacade of flowering mythology and opulent hands waving the flicking skyway. Studded with its fat moon gibbous to the crying ... summer' harpoon the big black thing.... and if hands wear thieves knight are bold yet ever holding their timid hearts back... of the hearts broke there's often no door swinging back open...

She held it to her ear. Her eye in the interval came landscapes. What of it and its paradox, does this forebode telling the truth as the truth might stand in the way of creations and the rueful air doesnt block the paradox but heads the summit of summers and the radiant thread refined to culminate in silhouettes

So love's paradigm?

Tu est ange

J'aimerais bien être un ange qui vive dans vos hanches

C'est ta corps sans organe qui me fait pleurer'

Mona coure vites dans la directions des amants


telling spring

Telling spring to go back.? Non, c'est n'est pas ca Jill. C'est l'ombre. She holds her fief |forgot |lice and spare| and then the weaving of the t ~ So Mona, her hair to her legs. And notthe ITalian women, but the lower middle class Spanish kids balking on the metro out. For a good time. So Jill harries her way. Harrowed! by the narrow break water


re: timber

Not easy, Jill,

to sort this one out.
Sordid affair of cannine monstrosity and the lines of bittle battle.



First fog

Fir st fog seconded commaand the drift battle high C ~ splendid to the tune that capricously fumbles tones subtle as armour . And plate pudding. And the gaitors, we'eve taken off . O Jill O Mona!

By the waters you clogged the mesa. Down there by the alligator and drifters, the bum wheat, the tarnished sauna of factotums and the railing burnished with light gleaming down the forest's hole, and the will flower come alive again to ~ HUzzah~ hurrah! and bananna

_____________________ Jill peeks out to the poorest of fear and the cloud banging its knight over the kettle drum and
the wooing trucks and divine


Vanished giant

No one has better ceaselessly.If this way you are her lover, then nothing comes over. Of the clean clatter there's carrion gods waking at the nine pins rolling. and the beggared impercitible frown and the enormous Brazil, and the wave wax museume of your thought. Cna the midget stem Franny's becoming Fanny? her wowwhoahwe won't say On va allez! On va allez Je vue Je vue, et le tourment ne s'arrêtera jamais_ well you could say pas jamais . !But we wont we''ll stay with jam and loving . In our kitchen liquefied by molecule hit and pip, hip to your thighed womb.~

She's hit witha Molecule onE!



Timber! and the forest cries wolf! and the harridan came down. Horrid over the valley. Crackled with hope. Hell bent for maniacs and rough cut bushs to the tearing animals, pit-bulls shitting up the roadways gnawing snapping screaming their terror eyes to the free for all of human flesh. And the second line of rottweilers black brown and red with the blood in their crazed eyeballs feeble to command and screamed by the panic for human's skinbones. And the screeching third line a cavalry rank of boar beast hybrids shit faced and horn fanged .. Skerling in their fickled fangs blood thirsty for the pack of human wretches facing the whole lot of the three lines hanging on the hill's topmost edge for dear life... fretted and fear ridden in their pray for life stance...

At the sides of the human gang across the field Mona _ naked to the waist her breasts all seven tipped with fury and anger! Jill swiping off the edge of her socket ax readying her weight snapping siren heads at the bottom of the harridan's vile attack... Franny/Fanny her ass split wide in the deep hill of her furrowed face a wide ass crrack attack at the ready....


And this episode gave brown and blood

on the cuts to the human tide



Blissfully blissfully unconscious the sigma attaches the ray of her prize the indefinite article tampered with by her love hand lorn to its fairest wheel.

L'histoire de ma grande nevrose


___________________________ Tune that rhyme lovers, your colours are washed with sky. ~

Think of the traitors of lover skinny titfinked barearsed and ragged out in the twine of the dirty gown. Acheap skirt onthe apocoaylpse howdedah~ and tawdry jobs barefooted on the floors wax of factories.

___________________ Mona! Fanny calls they're not traitors my dear! mere tricksters hucksters swindlers on the bidding of bullshite.
____________________Wranglers on the arsewipe of tomorrow ~


forward and hair

________________________ Repeat and repeat and repeat! retreat tit! and this way they wont sniff out the vapour! the capture ~________________ Mona riding hound. Hey and Ho! the whip cracks mightily! Dog! huffersHound those baboons ... they die for frost ~ waste for aching bones, butter for their paws... ~ the ordure ~ stuffed in the box ...

Forward parch! the nomads coming chompin' sedentary swill to the rising of day. metallurgical breasts clamped in chain shacked packs___ the abstract ornaments curves and canine signs along the ear lobes... and the rented tents and the One-eye god, down the long ravine heading to the delta the One armed deities gouges his beasts. terror to their sudden existence.

____________________Hear Ye! Hear ye! we're arrived at the delta board your ships Boarding passes at the ready there now ragtraders, termagants tinker wastrels whoremongering bitches slavering at the ever side by side bite. bittern fool clad jackasses! whipsnakers! collar beggars, boom dockers, dungdumpers galore may the seas clench its jaws round your napes ~

___________________So Mona, and So Mona pullied along godflipped to the dawning of russet the blues crimson francs ~

Hell bound for victory and the E sign of Love ~ .


Come along tunnel

Funnel you fool! hold the captain back. Read a kind commode and the restless lair .... this its fair as mighty .

Find valour and favour with the king of things! the becoming nut! the righteous alley of caught in the box. O come along see this ripping ... she presses the point ... tipping it off... hitchking the wagon to the old turf... is this a brush with fate Susannah among the bold and burly... not quite the thing in itself is it? Nor the shadow clinging to the cement of a dank cave. Nor is it the inestimable glory of gold bronzed by the fair mud of gold

How long does a thought go on Giselle . her breasts heaved with the breast . No her breath heaved.
Yes her breasts heaved
with the joy
won't know

Or the herd of hole

and cushion

Aovid that dear seascape belted in with the waves that rock______________________________
Everything's a bit and paste. Love's a boot and pallet.

Won't know

He won't know his head from his elbow. love's a big box with the trappings aside. A box with jewels, and else? She come round the bend a truck driver ramming against the wall the againsts of the pleasant sea. What name does he have that speaks, qui parle , ces devoirs? Ces recherches perdue et trouvez dans le vente qui coule avec les autres chose.

Jill retrouve son manteau, la conversation des amis des anciennes jours. Sont ou? where did it come to the arrive at the lap of the wave?


Sheaves and cluster

The tons of grapes and the agrestic love's passion . Matching the unfit helmet. Come along feathers grating in the breeze we came over the hell pen and walked the remainder. Definite nouns were our course, infinite particles to the self we was. Come out of there!shouting hoarse ... she's captured our ovaries. Get out you blister!

______________________________________On the rooftop a landscape hanging. A hoe a rack dandelions? pollinated as if they were a bee's house. A hoar frost blinking in rain. A bright motionless and here the radial pickings of a brush fire .

(There's nothing any cruder than Mona. If it comes to becomes shes a bum on the beatification of its delicate camber ~) ( On the other hand Franny's uncouth as the roupy ass of summer wiggling~!) (Shes a comeback teacher).

How can it become a house a lodging for women? At the walleyed monkish appearance of these things we retreated. sending our purses back for supplies but over the fence and over a hill they came arteries and fish captious Mona don't get it neither does Jack the reader its purging the out-about and the close smell. In a peasant breast a loud thrumming and the afternoon wins out to the hypocrites of lice and the livery .


ring round

THis way winter comes to seize your face. Her

purse is stolen not-cut as the saying has it.

Proverbial to the wisdom of the sky and the seven

follies.One the illusion that a man and second the

same illusion that a man isn't.

it's this way that all men are. Women moving along

combinely as well and a graceful but bad poet

speaks up. Up not down as his head is round. No

cube for her brain . he thinks I wonder how big

her coffin was. Her cock gets stand up straight

this is the fifth year of alone becoming being alone

is not the same. You speak of fallen and he speaks back the face your half of the face is disappearance and ours is love. The true love walk

is this gawky motion over the age. Round the puttering thimble of yourself.

If Godard comes say it is this. The rowboats teetering the rain coming

_______________________ we're tired of the critics . Go back to circus night is . Naw, MOna can't finish.

Rent! its about temporary stays, we're rented for a day and decade not quite fitting the body and room.

And ~



Jil disported in fine frenzy a naked sullen ass. Her ass my face! the gods raged! and the they docked down on her. her comfortable and lazy socks defied what they perception as the becoming of Being!

Besides the gods were Roman Catholic ecclessia gangsters of the herrectical faterhless faith transcendence the . Unconscous is viscous and orphaned o pregnant women!___________Mona fired the arse of them doffed deities.

Hail you mighty stories and pell-mell reopenings. Your rows of nuptial and graceful rainbows. And the fair coast weather, along the gully of time's rattled cadence. The cadenza and presence of mind and body, soul and something else for between we know all that is love. Stands below the pediment of the democratic song. The lapis lazuli shines a glitter of heart and sheening polish the touched lips of wind and weaving its horizontal buff.

JIll return. Jill retires to the window of vestment. Drawing its orthodox style to the light parries down its chips bantering back to Fanny come along my deep crack we can hear the fissured sun along its rainbow morsel. Hail to the blithe snow of its remarkable and steady love ~ .



Rope for your planet and your pants dangling! Its the time of deer.A nd the nieced hounded nephew. Do you love these things? it's the brain . THe cerebral Franny her voice as tiny as love's bumper. A sapphic woman leaning into her neighbor's hair. A lesbick tooth cast on the lawn. If campfires are learning peace then sapphire mothers hold their word. Not the head covered mummies! O Mona take off your clothes

and the newspaper lent their support. and the pillars and community and the Thracian guarding the hour and blood that growls stands yet forever ridden to its love and the skins which mirror the moment of their turning and over this and those we've seen those bent moved along to the hale spheres of the sky And since you mentioned it Mona had marrow for every sweeping tongue


She came a star

She came a star| None knew that name to cripple her sullen fairies and faraway the rankled two. Well, if two was one she was meat to its garnishing. A fatuous kept her at bait but not tasted to love's poly. A goose to dangle her gander! O poor thing with a fat lip and no mean hip to boot. Meat on the provender hedge O Jill's her jolly toothcomb and love's odd bawdy ~ since the voice's an aural herd she's better off with her yielding fair ~ .
______________________________ Jill heaves out of the gulf. Not a hole or moment too late as the . As ? yes, Mona, she won't leave the 'essential' out merely the trash repetition of the squandered vessel. Captain it's time we lingered! no cabotage in this gruff town! porttown to griefs and bitters, and green hearted thinker,s with whiskey a go hookers!


Tiny Creature

The goddes walked
_____________________________MOna never called it a goddess. But a thing a machine worn with its screen existence. A cooking pot for tinsel and rage! pouring the threads and grinders to the spare portion left over. Words with a taste in them and laughter's crumble.
She talked she sucked move like a postilion piston of love.

Deshabille and megrim her love cock mouth sucked him dry. as a boot. then its burnt over the edge of the asp mouth. Or is that an orifice the rock dry cant in the place of book. and the satyr

___________________Your body is sleeping not bragging. She, on the other hand, boasted of her beauty on that bus-ride . The other day in the rain crisped window ... riant rainbow rising...


Her mouth's dry as a tunnel. That there's baking goods for the eternal blues incarnate and the something other and other. Not so nice once you come to think about it. And the dead bat and the wide awake tunnel! she's borne there all her savage love and its impulse to create. Obssession and t he implosion of the body on fire glided by the instinct to repair and cry. Cry? O tears poured as lave does. Pissed off by a volcanoe.


naviagate freight willy nily

Call it the crime zone God!A head snake moving over. A twisting curling ... its that ancient feeling the ... one over the bend... hunkers the bed.... the Curious unbearable cussing... the tingling ... over the ironwork... around the ... shank ..... odd strange life .. first echoing its following path the ... molecule of eyes.... we're

_Mona has a fair neck for wheat pressing the matter wakening the things coasting the sublime chase of dogs and a fur lined coat. Moreover why do you need a philosopher .. pore of skin and sky of ink

Everything is underlined including the name. Teeming the migratory illustrations of the half-way light....




Not a thing for hidalgo Jill spurs on and her shag wagon stunned. its better this way. Move meets a crate and trains anything to its profound sight. The product of hefted jewelry and not heists . Love's old body and its new tugged between older and newer insights, and not the drugs of nostalgic love.

_____________________________ Wigwam! Whisper don't tell me how to spell ~
hush hush hushing......



   Flushed and groined grab the sight the eye viewed to its mountain  If one goes one stays the staying one goes with the passing. This way Mona's freight  is packed coached to service in her desiring machine and bollocks between.

Each cover lingers the brain in the kingdom of fragmented planets the gears call  Nothing hears the click click but the bust  of night windows

So Mona and the dress second the imperious second to the clock's nagging quotient.


Sylvan smile

Mona accurate: fictions the tabling the wild bear. _______________________

Sylvan________________Th e last time Franny did that she got the clap. Giving up sex was ever easy living in lala land and the nutcases barricaded up and rounded down . THeir pummeling fists and puling eyes.

This rudeness unkind to the poet left his heart torn out ragged threadbarren and Mona's bride came to succor . Lover to her son lover to her thighs missive.

As I think of the fear in the world and its rage anger I know your slum is the bottom barrel of your unthinking envy. No love lost on this barrel of sarcasm..

Mona puts on her horns.
Satire to the love

boring it out
pig to the shit willow
She uncovers endurance between the page his sweet face
of courage




______________________Jill tries this: let's share it one 'more.'

Her skirt's scalloped . Its violet her hair is tattoos of containers locked with cabinets of Renaissance works ( tugged ) between the follicles she's wisely tended... over time... of course, time and nuance....

Lace studded with pearls. And other precious jewels. And her sunken face. Hair strays shines glitters. Pauses in mid drift she's a second too late to force beauty to work. Lady S is better.She's a goose in her glory. What man in her right arm wouldn't cry Mercy! Mercy Lady I am your love dog. Her lips are full tossed upward smile in candy.

How do get better in that? Does her back arch as she? Of course Jacky knows the reply before the tracking starts up. She's always well -dressed naked underneath. Her fur! O ffurfurrr like you've never seen. Less heard and touched. Its unquenched. He loves it that way, always preparing betters for her rifting her boat uptilting the bottom of her love beach. THat way or really that sense no one pays the rent.



Spring's thug gathers Mona's loose lips and shipping garments. She's plenty of pleasure gowns.

____________ this episode Jill rents a camera carries her feet in a vase counts nickels in the entr'acte of her zoo.

"Fuss and bother the crown jewels. Cocked and readied to go. Flood gating awry the night gulf. Franny kicks the instant of the cummber-bunded lady, ass wrapped in spring's red fuck me copulate the cool frigger.
She was not a lady ." Stop . start after. Fuss bothering the bodies last train....

"Well wait what is the word lady ? what is lady word A breasted look plumage its peak? Come to my feet. lover you've missed your calling. Angry as your ass. No one sees this way, spite and revenge on your face. And the hidden agenda of the lower-middle getting lower each time round."

_________________As bad as the other. Remove that thing. Jill signing in.


Blink and save

 Blink your eyes and then see red! see the god on his chance drop over.What's the fuss monkey face?

Its blue light and the fastness . It's a trace of things not to come but heard of and arriving . Off the train.   Boarded the river and banked the emotion.

 Oedipus approaches Mona with her dirge a matins too prevalent to be serious. Mona kicks him out. Him is her's hymn is not solemn.
 But treasured by faces and wheat.



old forwards

Ongoing . Outgoing . Receiving packaging . Bills of lading. Rent of receipt and earplugging left aside. We've no one near us now. Not near to soon and less to forgot.

________________________If this is what she wants its fine by her. Franny holds the cabin. Attending with grace if promised the weavers and cutter. The stripes on the awning are bent by time. Times has no one for anybody. And cant be bothered with nothing. Anymore.

She's had it done by and curtsied And courtesied . if you see what I mean, and mean.



Hunger her naked shirt

Hunger her naked shirt meets the pollen meting out justice to its superb grace. And her breast and Sherry.A nd the pharmacist. And the assistant bread. The wheat pulling pollen on the air. And counting the shillings and . Foresting the wheat? Again! Damn it cries Mona her chair of philocksophias borne down by the ending.

------------------------------------- Jill has  a wave. Its furloughed to her desert.  If the planet marches she goes into a fast, but one that's swift and returnable. she's goods and consumers to the event.

Mothering her storm. And the windows too   ~

                                _____________ So she has her burrow baby and racoon to her wet night.

__________________At the well its spring water for everyone. A communist tide pleasing the red dusk   ~




You travel west east and south you go to Italy France and Poland, you
go to England and Spain you go on holiday

buty you never come to me.||||||||||||||Half thoughts for Jill on the mazy day and wrapped in the blue red and white she believes peace is on the way . On the way to the universal suffrage of man and woman.

Mona stays home for tea waiting for the Russian cloud and the piercing  ring of tufted truth. She's the queen of rice and paddies. And other words to heighten her belonging.


pause and gift

 Jill has an exaggerated sense of self importance. She's verbs and nouns and some of the time all. All of what Franny wants to know. Remanding the time skittering the cleats. What some do and some don't to batter their way to eternity. Barter is surely what you sense, says Mona. Moan the old whore deconstructed past her prime knows better than to bother her betters.

But its best to be this way. Than a priest or  a friggin' cop  and busting chops kicking desire . around like a cheap boot. or a dirty strange straw boater. Sometimes you gotta do things to make them happen.  Latency is a provocation to love.
and its pistons And her potion was ridded . NO? O come again Mona !~ bury the cachet!

She rings her late that night. Phone sex to the wee hours orgasm  .. of some sort. cries Oedipus my baby! Come to me! Come to mama!
_______________________ at the word she heads out the door getting up never to return. Now for the moment anyhow, not for the never now. Of its replacing.

SPLiced by deer and other stuff.



ring wrong

Ring and wrong you two by fours. Your plus fours annoy the girl's (presumed )circumspection as the incentive of love's is the inspector's invite!

Pay the ticket? never! I d be Pyrrhic papyrus  before doing that. 

and the hats of angels and the weird loyalty o and her lips twisted in god's inexpressible soup... Jacky cried his name to this love. he was slut with a dollar day room. Dollar store can man signboard posed to his head: collector of human becoming. Deconstructer of the tunnel. Mona grabbed his cock hourly.
Unruly bitch that she was.
ANd love was all seed. And the name that was.

__________________ Oona marries the idea bringing Bianca along for the ride and she stays.
and so our little schizo fambly!


A bedizened cross

 A bedizened old cunt on the cross of her self pity.A tawdry bat and a beak like hell. Shimmy to her lake side pelt! O walker O ruiner . finker of the things that ought to be taken care of. Flame thrower! O pizzicato! its this pizzle you're fretting you fool. There's no drama that way, a goat won't keep that long. Won't you wait for the chicken soup?

______________ Hold that thought.  Okay. Then?   she requires a mirror a minnow and lamp and the old gang risible rushing off to join the gang. It's there she's at least her worst self. If you'd care to call it that. 

A mighty good god calls her name.A festoon lightens the party. There's ridges, capes, coves,  all kinda thing standing out it's even freezing at times. But they're naked as thought. Her self  a measuring dish to every con.

Shes got five bucks a plate and moving fast. A real rodeo gal.


ConDitions of Love

The codices of love make strange bedfellows. Partners in the Casears of love. The dubknights and mental cased quarts savor the studied arrogance of their bass filibusters. Calfing the night at half time quarter paged to the rough angle of bold love 's belly busting button.

Rear your winding cow! Puff the bells, single the sleigh rides, heave the peat and whatyou do don't offend the wankers of class.

Jill returned and retired that year to Southern France. With her glance across the ocean and the returning sea.

Thus she made her way. Finally home.