desiring-machine please ring ring

desiring machine please, 109-4678 add area code for

its here it tells its name hanging by the voce poacher
of a thousand twinnings and things like this left Mona
feathered and capped by the wind of mantle
and breast plate, or flipping off her thongs,
in a scan of intent to sweet talk her lover
a bit of a peacock she was , wasn't she?

in the weather of this straight-line plateau
camps a thousand long woods, and an angel
holding its breath, persecuted by contraries
a troop of melons and melody holds her harbinger
crashing violins chop chop chop/chop

She muzzles the four starred figure
camped by horse and zebra,
a closer second to the friend
and its awesome expression, sleeved arms right up to the wrist
so tasty for a kiss, and sweet the soft sonnet sang,
its bonnet a berry for the chewing.

Pungent as bare wrists, not a sound to beaten out of the hour.
Over the lake a river bounds its leap, debouching its memory.
Illicit union of feather and cob, or string and filgree
abominable as the keel,or the weed hanging off the battered
boat, and we went down
hugging our poorest self mending the care of her face,
and that we sat with the breeze in Kentucky
a werewolf packing the floor, pacing other edible meats
and marrying the hour of its second
truth in a month. Witch craft
cradled its rocking in fortune's weather. Hear the elephant cry
on the hamadran lane its hoarse suit of voice not closer in step to mine
or hers. I , narrator spoke that microphone holding her nose in the air.
Again. This elan of coarse body and my thighs were wore down.


Mona had the passage out, o around the corner of her becoming beckoning .

Later good book she was read. Not read she said, but bled. she wearied. the waving forms off, the avian pears gone .


In reading she was

In read ing she was tented fine of the spun wrapped weir
ok smarty pants then what? she was close to the hour of
knock knock knock then rippling over the cariboo's distant
touch a face clamped the side of the scene seconds to the leeward
heave of the boat.

then its pasty faced mother opend the sail chalkin the tinker of city
chain linking its fences gathered by haze and its nightmare pants
not closer but plunged by love and its button her kissed out belly
marl was libido's heavy cousin its dew draped wood

and the moon lair or the deserted avenue and the bever
or the hanging brocade and a rumpus of children
and close to the Arc de Triomphe we wore our hair long
a mirror for very vanity table and entre-actes overed by
the sea called encounter

teeming bells of the druid and the bell-whether or bleats its honk
Mona has pants to tell winds, routines to spell checking,
cheeks to glow, or hale looking to reroute the doggers

Taking shape around dice and clamped udders the woman glided
over the hills of that mountain country not happy with their
rotten lives. Mona hapily appeared a star from harridan
freeing force. Intensity of her sting ray shaped the poplar
and unknown fisticuffs of bats and maze rings and fog
wore her hair out, her body tired, dog tired as any.
Language of peril and perish the thought .

Are those morning bells she hears, in the hearkening
or unheralded cloth, a veronica maybe? she has a sex
like a forwarding looking becoming next to her body
self, bawdy as bastioned witches and whelped creatures,
slumbering by golden ridden city and poorest of all was
her body-without-organs spread forth among bullrush
and blue hill.
Expressly for her Jill scamped the plains and the plane of consistency,
her priory


dark voisinage 1988


hugger mugger matey, love yer tethering teeth,
pull the knot of myself
missed that bracket dot
waking the tree

holding its fat ring
over the heeled bread ending
of communion wafers and sock it to her baby punches
and reading her fist fitting to the pedlar's afternoon
red wing and fried hair

her it cometh her black clothes, waylaid by sexy and
tubercular blues, over the bus stop busting stop
breath take forsake. candy won.of this and that

at Jill's home was memory. R came to see him
when he was her. at home. Gilford. her white slacks
ass gleamed. In ATP we find ourselves heading for geology
and marker of time. or fish. and market place. a white train
in the hills just past the prairies. and the skullcap frown
on the cloth.

tonight she was speaking to the air of its hearing.
she peeps over shore riding back in time .
yellow wind carrying a child on her horse, a cithern


constant as caretaker. perambulating a pirate has come to her heart
over_ed the board and not news to his place in paris,
onthe praries were the shack she visited. it was the night
of calvary, trotting amazed horse whinny. in the sun
was trouble gleamed by the forest bugler.


Jill paired the still, jet fleece

at the prose hour of its cleat.

their ear

Mona was babied on the 34th circa of their prison.

there it was jill s eye standoffish in the air, jeweler's eyepiece
a night strata of caring weeds. or necklaced. rattler.
by the statue of degas and monet was the fallopian tube
flappers over the street and boulevard of the lane when he came of age. his naked tunic a place to hold forth
rents and paid fortissimos opera and calender
kinked out to suit the mate
and aside from that she was charity's children crowded precurser of the memory box and her heart was ganglanded by what she wondered, a cliche harpooning thought of this from boy to girl I am the one of her arm courtesan and scented lace and then jolly trains of fur?(crepe) and underthings she kissed
as her held the folding of his sex in hers, up her swinging body huggin
him inside warrior and sorcerer of her hand and shoulderblade
it was something to listen in on the lover and brewing sweat they kept
pummeling a sort of organ breaking in the double bodied vow of their love dominion of dearness and over he kept knocking on her door, her hand opened its plate filled with fruit close verbs and sleeping nouns

to predicate her awesome arms and she chose to bring him closer
and his close was her near so she was his sexorgan that hourglass
of hocus-pocus and humiliation as surrending was weaker each second and hungering the moment of his quilt breaking down the nape of his neck poision tongue licks him up into the soup of her becomings. its his sex hers. not naked as the vulva meeting cock


o there

o there it goes like a green cycle turning the storm over, or her hair like an angel gal rided the wood to meet us there its hereness its only love
of bliss and carnal affairs charity in its forms awake chaired by the love of lake, and brook. But brook no evil she can. shes waitin' for the sin to bake the cake!

what says Deleuze is this, I hear about evil? get off those stairs you silly goat , you old goat!

is this anyway to treat yer teacher, wand waves
in the air, DeSade arrives. Excuse me, you little sucker
dont get saucy with me

egg shell wrappings. riddle d cement pavement
gangster talk

Mona gathers grapefruit, Mona gun moll,
working the front gate of history? you remember when we danced?

its time I taught you punishment is love.

ticker tape of desire log desiremachine desire shape and shade

Or wait a fervour to button down her beat.

Or say a free fridge comes with the apartment...



Jill gagged

Jill jagged a grave yard shift forcing lunacy & death. Her death's head skull bedding a bucking fellow of twists, her hamadryad as ass, willing the fears of future. Not a sore lane to torque her fittings, ball-bearings galore crept her.
except her shank of ring-wing ear tipped fear her fathering night bore her. taked her heart in the gangplank forsworn foresawn?
odd ball eye brows wink in sun beared shroud the goosing geese o combers of pink white sea feet tatler the cage over pasture mead and bear bog town
gesture a hand over her back curve outward her gamey foot

my sweet your breasts
give me eggs give me shine give me peace

pike and nard her only prepare


she shudder

The air then is always sees, and world. He says that's wisdom of the Zen. The sage passes among his disciples striking them things visible... pauses and says, and in his name, and "What happiness Then standing says "Posthume! Posthume!" off camera, Mona's voice says, muff salable hoop red-hot ellipsesweater am fervent bookish holding ecstasy brash incisor warningshuttle hominy carnal of salable and yes precursor sang ho-hum attache sang ransack uh-huh thrust magnify sable gigolo gigolo ware shuttle hominy attache sunbeam wizard tattoo clause fervent reserve written sunder sang ransack uh-huh thrust holding reserve brash incisor roaster over here teeth molar molecule somber precursor lightning bolt, and that's then the lightning bolt that illuminates, must be, the grand Zed, but of the stick comes since the of the stick is so we question: is Franny says "Ravi!" up, putting on his glasses, she Franny as she leaves the frame, albumin tensile manatee insult roaster
coil ware uh-huh wiring warning
shuttle bookish moon
sward shuttle hominy omnibus assault
hip-hop sputter sleazy sunder ferrule
ecstasy tattoo
clause fervent reserve holding thrust sputter albumin tensile ho-hum attache gigolo wizard written fervent reserve brash hoop red-hot sleazy lam warning
albumin insult gigolo tattoo
clause ferrule
ecstasy brash incisor and Franny gestures a Z in a somber precursor that no one also what thought should be, and is the somber precursor Zen master with his the lightning that makes Deleuze happy to have a Zed it is to have done this." Posthumous, and she replies "PostZume!" The "And thank you for without wiring clayey manatee tensile pustule omnibus sunbeam muff omnibus assaultstorage magnify
uh-huh gigolo red-hot ellipseen Paris en Paris en Paris
hip-hop sputter sleazy insult pustule salable sang muff omnibus hoop sputter of great poultries poesieslosophers: Zen, BergZon Franny laughs , and laughs, saying she has BergZon and very kind considers Zed to be establishes a return to zigging movement of the finds in the names Zarathoustra, Licknitz, Nietzs's mother Doctor SinoSpoza, of course, Mona. Mona been very witty with toward Mona herself . She a great letter that A, the fly, the fly,ecstasy tattoo
clause holding ellipse
sweater clayey anklet gigolo wizard ware without hominy muff incisor bookish without wiring warning, there is the how the world was born. There and there is the what philosophy also the and then the blow stick. So for Mona, the blow have finished. Penny asks a final and laughs. He pauses and says, looks at Penny and camera tracks and then all of your kindness
hip-hop-hop-hop ho-hum written for you

ok ok ok ok ok


in Cinema Hips

Jill frankly wore cinema hips to bed. in her bed was a big bad blanket that wore itself out with the day and lips like hands crawled over her bedpost. not a four poster by any long shot, but greedily hulked in the twist of her fate. some clicking aside she wore hands that fitted movie thighs, thoughts of blandishments and the navels of breast. Breasts, not brats, you tart. Franny has no home, she s pot was her on the old sea port town of her body, gathering stubs tomake milk. Overwhelmed and over shipped by the gallon of milk and more hovers inside a tooth comb marrying her mother into ten dollar down dinner dates. T.V. dinners? asks Fanny? oh no fanny is her ass wipe down the kellogs corn flake genuflecting desire machine of her typewriter.

in this world' s really bad movie she has fripperies and navies but not stock broker s to to hiss their flying machines over the stage. all the world a critical being she hankers her bosom to his face. what face might that be, but the son of her oedipalized veins, cup throating her body boat to his amaze and more. not seconded by wasted hours she wins his seething pot. wait.

Mona says " I need someone like a philosophical stream"

Seizes the hour " like real streaming video of yer heart"

beating by his in the hun like hour before dawn. what dawn would bore in the sentry like hour of night, when lovers hug or over the warmth of care, they've given their babies to night. is this some space between her leg
warming thighs?

Not noticed he always say her name, news comes fast, too so, as war
does and media Pandora's box of hate rumour shit steering the back page of death.

Not a single soldier left, she trooped on. Ward, like a baby does. Or billygoats, over bibliographies of beulahland homespun sparrow rused words.

Into her mouth. they came . as winding . no win.d. no win. or some open place in her body gathered him up her vagina womb weeping.

we're tried

look lover the summer's goin as all out the sunset reset
its time piece clicking clocking the mundane way and day
is only a moon in your sky
your body is skinny and your heart is large

its Jill 's only boat to Toronto and other lakes
when misery takes it s toll shivering past the halt error of morning its prize

if you must hold it come closer to gather its awnings
over a lace holding it apart, us apart, a vellum velvet
seed to carry the fruit of its blossoming
and chaise longued to wake the dying
\Mona read re-read her writing lecon_'the writerly text is a perpetual present (a present, then, a
gift, gift-breath) on which no consequent language... can be superImpoSed... the writerly text
is ourselves writing.. before the infinite play of the world... is

stopped plasticized by some singluar system.... which reduces the plurality of entrances,
the opening of networks, the infinity of languages.... (lingos, slangs, idiolects_ my love!)... Puff of breaht over Barthe's S/ Z a zexy book what with eyes, to see and all, ears to hear,
hand to lap... Mona was the saucy one of holden rain it gif the crabbed mountain face of air after air and Richard the lion hearted's face... over the hill and dale of its evensong and matins was breaked strong the bread busted the hyaline feature of its lip bearing transmuted by her lip to lip talk
I was always rocked by her swoon. O this is cheese! she said sister~!


corsage corsair

corsage corsair the sullen mate.

its cause she wore a corsage you were late. under her skirt,
a veil, veiling the hour of her sexual becomings of
wanting hungering hanker need bite into the sweet
taste of her tucking womb

That sucks Fanny come over into my womb real quick
stage coach style making her herd the mile
galloping across quick staminas of fright
meridian to her


Oh that burneth says Prof. Deluded. come to my open hearse.
i am pumping the bible of all bridges making the navigate
safe for all travellos.

Bordellos? with lucky Lucy? and her lacy underthings?
come you jealous wench, a threesome always been
an aggravation to you, and the humdinger swing
of your trollope


elbow out a strata marries the momenti.
Italy is our saviour!