Sheaves and cluster

The tons of grapes and the agrestic love's passion . Matching the unfit helmet. Come along feathers grating in the breeze we came over the hell pen and walked the remainder. Definite nouns were our course, infinite particles to the self we was. Come out of there!shouting hoarse ... she's captured our ovaries. Get out you blister!

______________________________________On the rooftop a landscape hanging. A hoe a rack dandelions? pollinated as if they were a bee's house. A hoar frost blinking in rain. A bright motionless and here the radial pickings of a brush fire .

(There's nothing any cruder than Mona. If it comes to becomes shes a bum on the beatification of its delicate camber ~) ( On the other hand Franny's uncouth as the roupy ass of summer wiggling~!) (Shes a comeback teacher).

How can it become a house a lodging for women? At the walleyed monkish appearance of these things we retreated. sending our purses back for supplies but over the fence and over a hill they came arteries and fish captious Mona don't get it neither does Jack the reader its purging the out-about and the close smell. In a peasant breast a loud thrumming and the afternoon wins out to the hypocrites of lice and the livery .