Timber! and the forest cries wolf! and the harridan came down. Horrid over the valley. Crackled with hope. Hell bent for maniacs and rough cut bushs to the tearing animals, pit-bulls shitting up the roadways gnawing snapping screaming their terror eyes to the free for all of human flesh. And the second line of rottweilers black brown and red with the blood in their crazed eyeballs feeble to command and screamed by the panic for human's skinbones. And the screeching third line a cavalry rank of boar beast hybrids shit faced and horn fanged .. Skerling in their fickled fangs blood thirsty for the pack of human wretches facing the whole lot of the three lines hanging on the hill's topmost edge for dear life... fretted and fear ridden in their pray for life stance...

At the sides of the human gang across the field Mona _ naked to the waist her breasts all seven tipped with fury and anger! Jill swiping off the edge of her socket ax readying her weight snapping siren heads at the bottom of the harridan's vile attack... Franny/Fanny her ass split wide in the deep hill of her furrowed face a wide ass crrack attack at the ready....


And this episode gave brown and blood

on the cuts to the human tide