forward and hair

________________________ Repeat and repeat and repeat! retreat tit! and this way they wont sniff out the vapour! the capture ~________________ Mona riding hound. Hey and Ho! the whip cracks mightily! Dog! huffersHound those baboons ... they die for frost ~ waste for aching bones, butter for their paws... ~ the ordure ~ stuffed in the box ...

Forward parch! the nomads coming chompin' sedentary swill to the rising of day. metallurgical breasts clamped in chain shacked packs___ the abstract ornaments curves and canine signs along the ear lobes... and the rented tents and the One-eye god, down the long ravine heading to the delta the One armed deities gouges his beasts. terror to their sudden existence.

____________________Hear Ye! Hear ye! we're arrived at the delta board your ships Boarding passes at the ready there now ragtraders, termagants tinker wastrels whoremongering bitches slavering at the ever side by side bite. bittern fool clad jackasses! whipsnakers! collar beggars, boom dockers, dungdumpers galore may the seas clench its jaws round your napes ~

___________________So Mona, and So Mona pullied along godflipped to the dawning of russet the blues crimson francs ~

Hell bound for victory and the E sign of Love ~ .