She held the u.s.b.key close to her. Her hand was ornamented with many pluxes. She was native to her ferret out. Inluded to her becomings. her mouth come dress. Her dross as like to like as any doormat. She was 'hors de service' withness to her seconding of u.s.b.

How to become a material thing?
thinging was between the reads by border of personae. Not luck, or necessity but contingent on her genital status. Mrs Penis and Mister PhalluS!

tHALlas my boy ThallAssa.



Deloney. Baloney. Malarky.

Say Jill is just Mona's way o f getting around. When her thighs get in the way. Or the sentence prose structure is the period to face. Mona has Jill's Franny by the tail. She don't mean tale as she say what she's recondite intend to when wishing.

She's born without misery in her throat. But has a huckster for a father. It's
called Logos Oie philosophy.

pirate of penance and poetry

Mona wears bandanas __ a pirate ofpenance and peevish THe worlds are hard day pirate of the high seas of desire.

Shed sutra sutra her way to nirvana . But surrounded engulfed by christian secular idiots.
She 's noised out by .
This day she parry and then prays for rain.
She say sutra sutra. Each recall is escape.
It goes goes.

like a loose child man who speaks on the wind

anchored to different women

space and time a difference in his lives

that differs from the women who've born children

as to him woman is immanence, and he's her air.
Meets them as he does. Hes she . to breath they are the air he breath
as loving immanence
the within-ness of the earth

ever included disjunction

the mother was father to the I not sheeped by any vengeance code, but tripled by her narrow gate O Orpheus. buckler. of the sown sword. Comforted by knight. Her riding breech good her steady ready ever battery included.