D and D1+2 + OtherRZ

Now Mona monasome likes to do things backwards, so stick that in your pipin and
smoke it!


D+D 4

the rest is silence


D+D 3

G - I

Seperations and distinctions are not reducible to the same. Why
would one wish to make the Same where there is only Difference. Not the
Same is not the Same. Now did U really need to go-ok to schook to galearn that? itswhatu bean learned its just what U been told!

'It is thus the delay which is in the beginning. Without
which differance .... Mona chills her teeth , reading shite like this... Malarky she hollers in her womb!.... orgasm self to sleep...would be the lapse which a consciousness, a self-presence
of the present accords itself. ...To say that differance is originary is
simultaneously to erase the myth of a present origin.... Which is why
'originary' must be understood as having crossed out, .... What does all this have to do with machines, of machines and desire, and cancer docks?... without which
differance would be derived from an original plenitude. It is a non-origin
which is originary ________>

Sartre howls at the black moon`s highwayman`s death

D+D 2

FG said I am not saying what Jackdereader is saying.

Gilles neither am I. Get it.

Jill D said: and we agree.

Franny: us too.

so there you have it .



D and D OnE

Orpheus Scores!| one bat in on the battle for life not death love yer cancer... dancer scanser!

Round two!!

ladies and gentlemen!!

Derrida in the left corner weighing in with the unfound asignifying
writing is coming at his opponents with 24 books, 300 essays, 5600 talks, 3
wives, two kids, and is handsome smart and flashy

In the other left corner, Gilles Deleuze our champion. Weighing in
with 43 books, 2000 essays, four hundred children, sixteen email lists,
and twenty four rhizomes. Gilles is married to Jill who is also called
becoming-woman and Gilles knows Jill can skip any rope any time anywhere
and still find a trope! Jill is not any corner. And she is not dead but
married to Franny Guattari and speaking of Guattari - speaking of any coronary --

In the other other left left corner. Felix G. author of many unread
texts, signifier of machine of desires and fires master of the dancing
voodoo witches... writing-machines and a fan of Samuel Beckett. Prize
fighter and graduate of the PC of France, home of Egalitie, Libertie, and
Fraternitie, reader of Sherlock Holmes and And lover of Franny. Lover of
theword in all it semiosis.

In the middle in the middle ladies and gentlemen.

In the middle where the grass grows

Leaves of grass

the canal

the passage


In the middle the referee.

Not the signifiee.
or the employee

of language

as it seperates speak from speech

speech that I may hear thee

Or the

or the

and the

the and theor

the geology of phoneme

something like Glas



and Franny said I am not Jackdereader where in tarnation's name
did ya get such an idear!! I am the id ego libido of langauge flow is all
and so Jackdereader is my pal when he is not at home./

my language pets!

of course we are not the same



diALogUes ORpHeuS

.. Jilll that love that part in Dialogues where Deleuze says that arguments
and questions are useless or something like that said Franny to Mona one
fine morning inthe middle of their next sexual conflict and she rushed
out the door.... To her class at the Sorbonee with Jack Derrida who had tried
for years to prove she was great than Mona but it never worked. And then
Mona dashed off... a note to an idiot which said and wrote its words like:
Mona said: dont write to me privately again I dont like you and your ideas
I think are a fraud. to me you exemplify everything neurotic and fake and
you are ... filled with that typical
american resentment. I hate your words and youand if Artaud my father was here he would first spit you out then stamp over
you with his great hating beauty." And she laughed knowing the worst
little resenters would eat this lock stock and barrel between the eyes of
theresentful brains.

Franny was here and said watch out for fakes and half-wits,
pseudo-intellectuals, auto-didacts schizo-didacts, resentful academic

And worse the idiots who claim to be therapists in the name of
schizoanalysis. What phoneys. Those who have never read a page of Freud
or Lacan.

Then they all went to school to get their grades wives lovers
husbands lovers and to be great becomings and not make up bad neologisms
in the English language.

Mona in ViDeo V...Ve...

I am only just getting finsished what I hope will be Volume One
the Fictions of Mona and company done... soon begins the laborious
process of finding a publisher for our Fictional as for
videos it may be some years... but let us reterritorialize and then who



Mona always thought a female bottom the most beautiful

in the world and never ever boring how awesome the lady femle ass
O round ass of desire and desire fire A Lady ass was so much more exciting and tantalizing than the male
ass but then Mona was heterosexualized in athousand tiny sexes and
couldnt be bothered with the male ass . Unless it was her own which
galloped past the desire fields of fucking and mysticisms and addictions.
And lines of flight which leapt off into the exotic territories of alcohol
drugs sex and planet Venus. Planet Venus like Penis was "trapped" in the
phallus. how did one get out of the phallus in the space of ethics that
the femaling bottom had slide past the oils of desire deception perfume
and Saloming through bodies bodies bodies and wise owls that spat where
they sat. Jill called the desire number which was Adam One One nought
cable cord navel cord back to Edensville and the slimy body with out
organs which played against all cages and becomings.

The she shouted: Was desire a truck or a fuck? Was a truck fuck a
desire to impedimentia the disjecta membra of the deferred moments of
gratifications and gratifictions of hunger in the still moment of turning
touring times? Was Jill really her own mother self before the paginations
of night! night! night! Was everyman Oedipus to his own Mother? Mother?
Mother!! I want to kill you!! She screamed finding her morpheme past all
intent and oncology ontology and split being becoming cancer deaths and
learning then that Franny had said:

It is a virus. I am a virus that skits and skirts the hunger of
masturbation not mastication and she turned then back to the logics of
sense and found the teethless mouth of the womb eating her cock. She had a
cock when there was Sundays and Mondays learned she had a womb past the
silhoutte of

yes of. She shade. And make the mince meat of the day come crazy
with the movable calendar of her hunger sainted suitors and their lover.
In the plural intensity of desire's singleness of purpose. Then the
infinite knight of love came her way galloping and galloping galvinating
over gambols of froth filled mouths stuffing their hard gourds with food.
Oh she bid her obediance listen in the auditing of her mouth but could
hear no word in the curling of her time. She was hardy and hardly good in
her ethics of demonstration . So back to the ethics she cracked and
croaked in the sheer of her smile.

Franny "called" whispering O wait for thenight of the molecule
then the machine droves will hum and strum your body long high and low and
wait~ wait~ as it whittles the day dusk and sunset now.


really ?

really I have no time to read other people's books, except when I am between things, like life. No , life I mean love acts of love. For me writing was an action, or it was an action leading to a certaindream. That was my father. Your father? yes, not, Oh, not the one you're thinking of. The other one. Okay more later,

Now wait a second, who was your father. My father? my father? my father was Jean Genet.

robbed. granite. rooted. scrubland. burrowed. branch. driftwood. undergrowth. harvest.

I tore the copybooks up or they were lost. Somewhere along the way the 'wild way' of that period.

I am not sure I follow. Well, don't follow, look, see for yourself. Look inside. Listen, do you really want to understand what I am doing? or do you simply want to criticize it? are these disjunctions you are after or the sheets of Plato's philosophy?

I tell you he was my father, he was born in the forest, the woods near Alligny-en-Morvan. I came there when he was born. I came from the spider's eye. What is the spider's eye , I did not know they could see. Listen, why him? you're not a homosexual. Oh yes, I am and what does it matter to you? I am not homsexual. My father taught thateveryone is homosexual. at least that is what Franny told me. Franny! Franny now! what is this about ? Don't you ever get tired of names and quotes? No, that is what we are. Names and quotes from other gray matters. Do you ever stop writing? No, not until I am burned out. How do you eat, I do not eat. They eat. For me. They? yes, the crowd of bodies I have in other places. I thought you told me once you were lesbian. Well, that was another story, right, and another time, and it meant something then. Now it means something else, but I am still trapped in it. Trapped in a bus a long time gone. But what was this about you going there when he was born? How could you do that?was it virtual? a sort of simultaneous appearance of your before birth image and his conception? this has never been heard of before. I know, I . I, what? I what? Text talk to me. about the time we walked down the street. The street walked outside I carried her, no she said I want to carry you in my pocket with me when I am at work. What emotion, let's not expose too much too soon. After all a schizo calendar must go slowly. They kill writers you know. They, they're they go again they. Anyhow, it was a long time ago and I was murdered. Murdered what do you mean by that? I mean nothing nothing. It was a bad time, then. I could not explain anything to you if I tried. And I tried already. Besides that I am French and you know that I don't speak about this in English. English, what on earth does English have to do with it? Beauty is created in English. People on the inside don't know what they are speaking about. I can tell you that much. Not a clue. Not even a hint of a clue. They've no idea. Even the best of them don't get it. Yes that's why I like those other ones, like Franny and Jill. Why them? They know the limits, they get it, they know what they don't know.
Are you tired of this? yes, let's go and go to bed. Bed? I never go to bed. I go to sleep.

Night and

I have not brided the end of sorrow yet. We have not buried thedead . We have not buried .

Segment, not figment

Caesura Fragment

a little piece in your eye, the cancer.

in my dream last night , the waken dream, day, night, the recurrence of ,

creates the fissure



Night Night had come to the city. The sea ebbed. France knew the meaningof praxis and desire. Mona had a friend at the edge of the world, she wasan autobiographer. Now night was here in the sandstones of time, and slowpaces to a grammatical piece and coma. Like breath was in the inside ofsnow. Jill cried, give me back my multiplicities. And then we shallshare the space where all desire comes. The bombing in Ireland made Mona, Franny, Jill and friends sad.Very sad. There was not much to say. That made any sense in the deathbodies, around a square, near a market place, in a small town in a deathrattled country, was there? Night had come with its vultures, and other deaths continued topass and pass more bodies down the sewers. Where the dogs of terror atetheir young. Enough, Basta, said Mona, and the troops of ghosts past on high.But she remembered the live ones, with the amputated legs and arms wondering where they would live, where they not walk and see the days andnights of their arms and legs. Eating its own children. Goya. What does that spook want as itseats its own farrow, the sow that eateth its own farrow. And the deathrattles by, as the man lay there staring at his own hand. And the othersin the morgue, identifying a friend with only half a head left. Spittingout its own gathered cadavers. And the teenager's note, in the world thatnever makes sense. Hence slaughter, in its own name. Its own massacre. Like Kosovo,like Rwanda, like so many others, like me, like you reader. Et tantd'autres et tant d'autres. I have not brided the end of sorrow yet. We have not buried thedead . We have not buried .

what paltry

What paltry plate of a ploteau was that she said!

verlainelefou and Orphee were a desiremachine and could the AMazon arrange
spaces an assemblage would arise but none came from shadows drain pipers and
but a tangent.
A tangentleman!

--- I,"janine mackintosh" ofdesiremach

write the words of the Holy FatherHow can there be a reminding of thee father for a schizo?

There can be none, as the schizo, and in this the lines of flight are telepathic epistles offlight, have no parentage. Why is she afraid of scholasticism if at all afraid of it, how does the War machine link up to the individual's flight,how does Mona leave her gender; does it deterritorialize which is not the same as deconstructing. Outlandish was the word used by Prof D. when my lover Parnet asks him about this word: the ABC film; outlandish as an identity of gender breaking at the edge seizing a moment to skedaddle. A feminine becoming isalways by nature more radical than a man. molar, majority strata state bodywith organs power goosing goose-stepping.... Oh, scholars families, andscholastics... "State, Army, family which of these dogs wishes to die first"Nietzsche/"

That was a beautiful photo. And I really love the way you go off. But maybe your just afraid of losing your own passion? What threat does scholasticism pose to you? Do I remind you of your father?"_____________________________"janine mackintosh"

RE: JD and deconstruction///InterviewsThere used to be some exciting Derrrida lists around.. they might stillbe... and there is a good set of interviews that Derrida gave in a book...ooops there goes my memory... I think its called Sign/Ponge. But anyhowthere are some fine interviews with J.D. where he speaks at great lengthabout the deconstruction task,; but it is not about deterritorializing;Deleuze mentions this in a book that he
wrote called Essays Critical andClinical. One is about machines being plugged into other machines i.e.literary machines connected to other machines, and the other simply said isabout prescence and absence and all that, and removing the centre of thephilosophic issue from Being and so on... something like that.. and more andless... Best/J.M_____________________virtual/actual. J.D. has a nice word that straddles the two :theactuvirtual.

I may be misquoting this lovely neologism-----still alive?Is Monique Wittig still alive and writing?think Monica Wittig writes about thisDead from the same lover.; no zones to neurosis., from Paris. J.M., take iteasy.
Go slowly, take the two of your zones,and use them as tactors, outside their usual relationships. You'll Feelingis n matter. Nice work. Your neurotic reterritorializing of deconstruction is the problem; you need to understand that is the problem; love, there are no activists.

RE: //I like this dot...that//\\makes sobbing teepees with the pixels/\/I don't need your recommandations Llyllyythth. Thank you!Fuera mia salud! Let me alone. I can operate my problems from childhood-on!Tell it then...!

Zina my dear lover professor: can you be more specific about how you see Scholastics and Spinozalinking? After the scholastics were Catholics, and Spinoza was somethingelse as you know... I agree there are crossings, but how they happen iswhat excites me, can I would love to hear more about the maps you might havein mind in this case. Best. J.M.Ps.

Post schizo you know how badly I want you, and your hands.Psychic space and surface meaning//D/?D*G+Artaud- I think that the points of convergence cannot be confused with samenesses.Derrida deconstructs, whereas Artaud is already deterritorialized in bodymind etc. he is in the bwo as it becomes a named experience. I think hisletters to Jacques Riviere are too the point; his experience is not an elegant descent into the unconscious as was the case with other surrealists, but was the limbo and hell he had to live and suffer, that is what makes him precisely what D+G will celebrate and praise, and this is another project than JD's. You know, when Deleuze took his own life, I don't think anyone was shocked, they were sad felt grief and so forth, but mostfelt - at least those I know and knew that this was part of his territory. Same with F.G. who died while at work at La Borde Clinic. - I cannot everimagine J.D. dying a violent death, his work is of another calibre andanother order, there is no temptation to violence as with Artaud and hisgreatest admirers, if I can choose such a phrase, G + D. My points, at least for now, are that they see Artaud with a different set of loves andhates; D+G come to him with the honor of deterritorializing and connectinghis work to the other machines that he Artaud had already begun, and Derridareads Artaud with another type of love. But the projects are distinct, theycannot be identical, similar paths are parallel but not identical. But ofcourse we know that, but do we know it at the moment of writing and readingwhen we lose our thoughts to the predictable, the banal and ordinary lossesof thought; we shld. desire the bifurcations that Artaud suffered, as theyopen to us what he suffered, we can coast perhaps and master perhaps what hewas killed from. Best to all Best paving. Under the stones , the children.J.M.-------------

Eurydice Subject: badiouBadiou - didn't he write some letters to Deleuze and for a whileit looked like there was going to be some new cowork a la Deleuze Guattariand then it fell apart? Didn't C write about this on thelist last year? Am I confusing him with some other guy who wrote aboutTime?----as someone suggesting Cecile was a cyber-robot, a flat spaceescaped into this list?> >Destructivation: no problem with words no more.>____________________________, by the following chatter lines, I think you prove unfair to>your correspondant: she was just making a comment about the way sheo face to you, she imagines yoube haptynyme with filling a membrane with>gleaMay be she's human, more human than you. If she is(i>can't tell you which or which body is human: grasp it: it would run>amock your programmation.) If she is not a prother, just>accept her humane-feminity-sides, the ones she got from this planet ,>and she wants to recuperate after each trans-mission into "the zoo->sphere". The fact is, after some time, if you observe these traces i>propose you as lunar-guides in the darkness of this life, you might>custom your swimming-moving-zones into some grenadine-pasta-rendering>and, with a bit of luck, generate its infiltration of courant-contra->colorant into your correspondant analysers, if this is what you>really want. writer from paris, Janine was born into ever been to LaBorder>Clinque when I was there? Should I remember you from therapY?>>> Who is Frannny who Is Jill?, the face behind the mask of a neuromancer?__Best - J.M./_________>> 'back to torment'>>

Dear I am just so busy these days and months I have hadno time to be active on the list. I am working on several projects and oneis the erstwhile book epistolary novel about Franny Jill and Mona. I havenever seen your name in the list until some time back in the autumn. It isan interesting and exciting list, filled with drama and intelligence. Youare adding to it as well, as I can see, and I am certain others do aswell. Oh, my English is so bad when I write this way. But thanks for yourpassionate interest.... y__________

re: bifurcation. Which D+G at least partiallyderive from Artaud's early letters. In those letters the French writerdescribes the problem to an editor as to why he cannot write "normal"expository prose and likewise why he cannot write "normally" unifiedpoetry. And it is fascinating and interesting that D+G bring this to bearon their plateau work, and their geologizing if you will. The inexacttakes on its own validity in their way of thinking. Not mere metaphor -not that metaphor is ever mere, but sometimes is degenerated into merefigures of speech - but actual questions about matter and its relationsto the schizophrenic descent etc.> equations ... But there are also essentially inexact----e mackintosh"

Subject: Re: The Uses of MetaphorDate:

This sounds like a reference to any number of Guattaris. How manyapproaches did he have. He had one in the clinic and others in politics, yetthey all worked like scissors. I forgot to answer your quer. I wasthere as a patient/client. Private then later in. I had the impression youwere someone I had met there. Felixs approach, well books are written aboutthat. But a woman/becoming has to escape the male stratification. There is atranslator who says the same thing he wrote in a book about them. Not thatthey were simple sexists, but that the complications of sexism still haunttheir work. This ia partially the basis of the critique of E. Groz, of L.Irigary and others. These strata have to be opened in the work, and F. wouldbe the first to say so.>What Guattari's approach?----------Wed, 26 Jan 2000 18:52:19Finally a reply that comes from experience. Not an abstraction . At last. Ablack hole experience, and not a distant star. One must live these things atlevels not abstract them. Or of they are going to be abstracted let them atleast be abstractions of experience. See the matter unfold before labellingit.Uses of the Black Holes---------how does the subject of a-signifying enunciation transmit theintensities to another without keeping in line with the black hole?it truly is, not a problem, the black hole, as i am now in a black hole, ittakes control of my life, i am in line with it, out and from its spireorbitating around you, there's no way out. from The black hole materiality(light), doesn.t makes itself manifest to you.The issue is to get an idea that the light when travelling, sweeps by onthefringes of the black hole accrescence spires, feeds Informations from D/Gandother sub-related media, fools the mind to brains.Keep your eyes open. Read between the chat lines.Best from darkness,Cecyly R.E.R..s.t.!.s.t.==========There are different ways to constuct metaphor; it sounds like whatPaul Bryant was describing was more allegorical, and not metaphor. In factmetaphor is more like a motor of transformation and metamorphosis. Isuspect D*G's critical stance towards a certain idea - a very carefullydelmited idea of metaphor and its abuse - was aimed the reductive misuseof metaphor and not its richest use, which is in poetry. Which they bothof course wrote about at length . So there is allegory or weak metaphor,the popular misconceptions which invent figures of speech, tropes based onfaded grammatical structures, maxims and cliches strung together;howewverall this also works as a collage, a textual aural collage, a bricolage, anassemblage and a desiring-machine that crosses the over machines, a bif oftransversaility works the machines and niveaus; it works if you work it.Of couse the use of metaphor as a reductive thing is a favorite tactic ofpolitics who want to wrap an artist up in bows that make him lessdangerous, just as politicians constantly use dead metaphor to control thereception of their speechs; it never ends, turn over a metaphor and youfind a lie, turn over a lie, you find a dead allegory. turn over yourgeology and find and schizophrenic discharge, hurling inside a black hole,a navel gazing king of catatonia masturbating herself to sleep withdesires, pedals, and black holes, metaphors. And desire delire machines."Man be my metaphor"morenext time"That's it folks""back to the Hotel, she said, and weaved my way."- These are marvelous sentences of desire and female becomings. Searchesinthe labyrinth. The traditional rhizome was the labyrinth.__________________Vrooom over the black hole habitus!____________How can we escape the black hole. But habitus/contemplationconstructs habitus, if not its conceptualisation. Why D/G tend more for theevent as object in the concept. to liveoutside His God (and why is it so?):scary.______________________________________Has anybody on the list an idea why Deleuze doesn't want conditions betweenconcepts, restricting us from explaining A from B, habitus or haptic fieldfrom intense difference, object=x?, i dlike being told why philosophically Delzdenyes the use of conditions and says in french " conditions par defaut ")ifnot by the mere answer he was atheist?---Sicily R.E.R.----===___..."but are producing matter...." this is lovely.Merci.______________________________concepts don't explain anything, but are producing matter. It'sanother reading of the book Diff/Rep. (see the foreword at the begining)Best Listening to you,Sicily R.E.R._________________________________________________________..."but are producing matter...." this is lovely. Merci.______________________________concepts don't explain anything, but are producing matter. It'sanother reading of the book Diff/Rep. (see the foreword at the begining)Best Listening to you,Sicily R.E.R.-------

____________________________________holes adding a plue-value to the list's black holes mass-media activity)the fact is janine understood this also and wanted to write a black holetextin turn, you are the one serious there, wanting supervisation of the recentmultplication of black holes in this list. Why is it so?R.E.R.become legislative but i hope nosome provional statements re the emergence of D and G's thought surroundinglacking and full BWO's. i hope very much that people will add to them AO are shared rhizomes._________on becoming'serious' there are two reasons whay i am strict with myself andwhy this may be read as an attempt to legislate 'over' others.a) by making these trajectories through the text-i can not avoid expressingwhat is 'black hole' for me in the movement through these thoughts-. i makeno legislative statement for others when i proceed carefully here!b)related as i have said before, i have had some quite serious express the traces of becoming- so- very- nearly- dead and the returning of sensoryawareness, hearing, speech etc. so for me, this results in some veryordinary non/-pre attentiveness. i am not phrasing this very well but ishould imagine everybody has different intensities with which to go throughthenuine' experience and whose are not? how doyou and vroom 'really know' black holes.ruth-The Name Ruth means Sad -We need to be disciplined, yes. With becoming of desire, in the same way that Irigary reads Nietzsche in Marine Lover as her lover.________ avec affection, in a scottish accent as that is what I am.---

------- OneOne of my favorite lines, or sections from Antioedipus is when our friends saidtalk about all writing being pigshit. They are making reference toArtaud's piece by that title. This is in the context of a discussionabout neurosis and writing. They contrast this writing which is notwritten "down" against that of the "usual" writers whose words are onpaper. How these words, the "usual" words are false ones, andhow at least the neurotic's suffering isreal, and that her words are not falsified by the pretensions ofliterature and the desire to communicate. The neurotic possesses a scriptwhich cannot be read or deciphered. It is a script with no producer onecan say, its desire is fucked and blocked off, not in the blocs ofbecoming a la Kafka, but as covering defense which make the neuroticscript "abnormal" but not quite mad. The schizophrenic's writing, if hewrites at all, and he does write, but usually goes mad, well that isanother matter, a la Kleist, and not the false replicas, the simulacras,the false pretenders as D. says in Logic of Sense. It's always a pleasureto remember these things, remember them again, and learn whilerecollecting what needs to be remembered so as not forget and keep in yourmind not to quit that it is not He or She or It that you Belong to. To endthis missive quoting Bob Dylan. And so it is deciphered by a Freudian, aFreud and becomes attached to an interpretation, and that is where, theschizo escapes, and that is when the problem, for the neurotic starts, sheis left, alone, because she is left alone. Her alone is not solitary.----___ Dear merciful one. I am not "colonizing" as you so quaintlysuggest. I am suggest another route, road, perhaps one you have notconsidered....._it's rather presumptuous on yer part to suggest this in me. Who are youafter all? What is your connection to this work of schizoanalysis? Is it sodisinterested, academic, non-bodily,??? Yes, indeed Mona garnered her skirts skipping why, and saying where? I repeat O h repeating is so completing and says nothing that she did not Id and know -- that reading what feminist ~~ become become woman! becomings~~ writers have said about the concept of "becoming-woman" needs to be ~~ Yes, well She loves Virginia is that not enough? to spill the waves of woman. reflected on: bit by bit not really -- Surely not really. Surely -- Hurly Burly -- this is not colonzing, but being helpful.She does not want your help. She is past that . Whereas your choice of word, if I can suggest it, is aimed to injure and associate mysuggestions with a capitalist imperialist posture. Which is crazy.-- Dear Mericiful sad rue ruth, Don't be ruth-less.please don't colonise----- It is interesting. When I say or suggest in a an admonishing tonenot to supervize, one gets back this rationalization . A good andinteresting one, filled with loops, flights, and leaps. Thanks. Its moreinteresting than a neurotic who supervizes. To learn something aboutsomeone. However, Janine is more of an addition to the things and are exciting and learned,and easy to read. Yes, she is all these things that make sex. between partners easier.I have no desire to give it away I am - no do not give a supervision away; there are none left. You need to --->be paid like Guattari said for being a analysand, and then what happens is schizoanalysis. THere is no More Supervision. This is a dangerous choiceof word.________ What one earth is resiliation?? - It sounds very sexy and close toresolution. Or like fucking FRANNY G. GET PAID.


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when the wind befell the human becomings there was dust on the sun across the ages of busking as harlequin yankers twirled their page

din of chirascuro over hail of night


session Expired

the soft place in legs o


Buddhist Deleuze ??


Monamoney  liked to goof around with Jill and once, when she was twelve writes to herself a narrative of knights and puckered emails, buggered by the sands of time, her arse is a willow tree in the cluster. They vanish into the hail and storm of kisses.

Old Papapapapapa NIetzsche was no buddhist. Nor a Christian. Jill listened carefully to the sound of the text. And Franny knew something was sizzling. After all how could one be Tzarathustrian and dream of eternalreturns (reruns! Yike show horrifying!) if one thought the karmic wheel ofsamsara could be broken. Different issues were at stake: literally onegroup burned for their differences; the others walked scot free. Alas whatworldsofdifference there were betwixt the two worlds.Jill suggested that everyone look at the lastbook Franny and she wrote:What is Philosophy? it's there the double ofthe deleuzoguattarian became enough difference to explicate the differenceentre 'the sage and the thinker.' SO Jill smoked on till death did part.Who would recall to read what she wrote when she no longer recalled it?OldPapapapapapappa Nietzsche was not eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen a Nietzschean.Such Loneliness pervaded his body bones: going mad in the details (ratherlike Carl Orff did) learning to live backwards in the Oedipal non-Oedipaltenses of desire. Clearly for the 'Classic' Buddhist and the classicMahayana Buddhism Desire was Negative; it was what had to be halted,extinguished so as to put out the Flame of existence. And its ridinghorseand chariots to the endless karmic wheels and chairs. SO it was. Nowheracleitus had a different idea of desire, to wit: that of Fire and War,two very different ideas and notions of Desire. O Desire that is not lack,O desire that is not denier of this world. SO like Blake and others Jilland Frany (and Mona and the others) Wanted a Body a Body that worked. SOthey went to the Logic of Sense and there it was: Live yer desire as ifthe now is the Immanent of the Present forever cutting the Now of its pastand present repeating the difference that is difference in its fold. Twovery different trads to say the least. SO to make a body without organsthat was the path; to make a machine that worked for each one. Each one ofus many muddied selves. And so on: The force that through the green fusethat flies.Re: theory and practice: Jill wrote that theory has its ownpractical realization as practice has its own theoretical basis; not toconfuse domains S.V.P. And then Jill read and commented on this in two books: _Nietzsche andPhilosophy_ and his _Logic of Sense_. In both I discuss indifferenceand contemplation that does not manifest itself in active participation. The_Logic of Sense_ draws an analogy between Stoics and Buddhism. Then Jill read this Note: and saw that it was very true:My approachis very formal; that is, I go to the texts. I'm not interested in whatDeleuze "seems" like. I am interested in what he wrote.Said someone a long time ago, and go.Then Jill in glowing gleamin' glee quoted: "Seems, Madam, I knownot seems, it is." And then Jill went out to play reading Difference andRepetition and calling Franny from time to time in the future.


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Coming Forth Soon ~ THe EpISoDe

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Selected WOrkS of Mona ~~ To Seen and SAw ~` nExT wEEK


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Rhezomess Plateau 400 PC

PostuLates of Ferry Tales, wheels, fay, fey, Thou art a TheolOgian 1969 A.D.

The Complex and virtual World of Mona's Mother Oediplex Simplex: 50,000,000 Billion B.C. and Before.

How to Foreget to Spell and Saint Duffy: Son and Poet of the Hilly. 1972-1974 How you cannot see the forest for
the waters and get back to where you never came from, and the cla
Foreground the autonomy of the self which no more exists than
a pop in the Eye of the Beholder. 1974. Plato 400 A+ and Yer mother was a great witch.

ss struggle between books.

Mona sat down one day in her past and did not complete a book, the Licameral Theorem of UnconScioUsnesseS by-bye an author with this sweet named, alluring name J~J~. THis book, she supposed, elaborate a theory of language, primitivism, poetry, the Greeks, schizophrenia and neurology that was rich, multi-layered and not reductive. That alone made it a striking book! It was first published in the early 1980's.

But she never did read it cover to cover, but did memorize its salient points and cooked the verbs in her soup.

Someone, another one of the circular critical paranoid types, said She could see the colour of articulated words (another archaic ability of her mind).Franny asks:Why insist on seeing this as "archaic?" thinking of Rimbaud's "colours of the vowel" scheme the colours Joyce
assigns to letters throughout Ulysses; the colours schemas of Finnegans
Wake -- the colour schematics of the letter-permutation structures), Rimbaud and Joyce (to name two) are notable examples of articulate
, modernist minds who see words in "colour."

Among the
Romantics, Shelley saw words in colour clumps, and although I cannot say for sure, I would suspect that Baudelaire and Mallarme saw word-cluster-colours when writing.

It is a form of synesthesia (this is not spelled right) desire cultivated. Later the Dada poets, (many of whom became
Surrealists Tzara> did work with the colours of vowels and their contrasting consonantal
colours. And Isidore Isou (of the Lettrists Movement)and Michel
Lemaitre did work along similar lines... Then there is that tower standing
out alone... Antonin Artuad the great schizophrenic poet to whom words
were sound, colour, smell and taste... all this really to
say I dont think this sense of language can be described as "archaic."
It may not be common, but that is another story.

"All words were restless sailors waiting to climb
your lips,
restless tongues hungering.
Her lover's clutch - she speaks the scarlet
red of his body twitch. His lips tear a nail from a word,
it bleeds dead red, a noun. It holds,
Now Hovers, a sexual verb scatters
a paradise before parades." (trans.)

Rimbaud's description of the vowels can be found in several letters, as
well as the poem Voyelles.
"Words, the mothers of bodies and tongues."

This was Mona, pretending to be a scholar, a savant!