--the way past

  Past the way to the foresst   ~ Jill move to the cave move the vacuole    ~ O cave of frightener Oh cave of frightened (knight) bog . Dog its ligature  She rose compose to the   ~ hinge its ringing harrying thing  ~ not a friend in sight to her. Determined coil fractured sunder smudge to its frayed thing    ~. Not a woman to quiet effects   ~ a Jazz song lover . Rich to the file   ~. Dulcet mood and merry song its mirth breast cupped in the rose luck throng    ~  .

Okay Mona say what she mean/ Mean bearing its rusty hull breaker to smooth point. Cream and coffee the lip hers   ~ .



As Jill's climbing a hill

As Jill's climbing the hill she's climbing. She's climbing . As Jill is climbing the hill a headache.Ace of cards.

If she's got a  toga it's the    timing o f  a hill

Win better ,  win again ,  win next  ;
                                              'This way' she's slipped the sleek hill sedentary 
It's missing a verb. Delightful dog to its plenary session. Night hitch.

Eighty ninth  PLateau: A foot in the mouth. East to its spillbound 'case'  : That's called grammar: She dig I dig he dig
they dig we dig you dig.  ' hen dug to each /back begining ag 'e' n  shen. Or as the J called it Gem no, Shem,  Shu 'em.

__________Skips a beat   ~ as in a party interrupted by the vain cockatees, and the river twines its fairs skin a plus from over the over. An dover .a n.d she's borne these things. rested to rescue. Her monument recused by the darning knight.A  shed a page upon and others more too.

 Mona fills the pantry. They find oats seeds, bran, corn, pockets of gruel and peppermint.
She's sucked back plenty in her time. She's what you'd call an old hand. A cunning thing, unlike the razz-razz razzmatazz. Or mezzanine of brinking soldiers. And camping players. On the bivouac of shoulders. And women's hips glancing down at the streets . Not the next fizzled out firecracker!

Please Mona carry me to the . Sow. Win of tie and blue of sea. The blue crow, and the blue prowed vessel. Not a serf, but a pungent lawyer to thought and viduating. A crossing thing working its hitching native son her lover. the black tall tulip two to two. Tow in the frigate mode

 Repeats a beat / Comes back. No, not again you do but fair to go off course in the middle where it goes again starts more starts more some more starts 

Case is called grammar. Grammar case, in glassing school case. At the desk. No, a fountain pen. And the moxy something yes something to its. Yes. Not bottle a bottle of ink. Inkhorn, and the Venus switch the velour
colour and 

   __________________________________ So Mona, So Franny,  Jill. and the barbican thrills.



learned boulevard


 Does Jill cease a learned boulevard. Does she ? Boulevadier.  Nones and matins, hrrry. leave them notes
them vowel behind hind    ~ as the shirt wear no distant and lips slinging things hips heavy slung breast. bread alone solitude at her best. its best. Her best? what reckon spill of feed is this the . Homesome wholesome .
rattler of chiders. O 

As the wisp and belles letters and blue dragonfly and  no one creates colour like Matisse does.
Is that so you fauve thing

 You faun thing ands ands ands and the seven hundred league fathomed to the reaping blue brink of deep'd ocean gather god Nestor is it Or the old dude's name was it Peleus? Say the Andromache of the peeling tread mark in the willing desert of the sirocco song

As saying learned is learned to the wire of early morning latin. O indebted scholar! Curse their boring transistions and windy tomes. O the dullness scolia and remembered pate.
  (is that what you say ungrateful huggermugger? She's Mona's rateful moth) (shhh doan sayaword)

No not that one and his negative shape. Only one god lived of our time and the other forecasting his willing song.