on the

on the 30th day of their vernissage he was late. tardy. lets say. by way of speed. and her mouth slowed down harmonica. he played the piano. not so well as fate wld. allow a cheating song. but well enuff that dog and cat perked up ear. and feline cage was summering long. by leg and veil. and hummer and hymneal. she was the ticket to stage of his berry. some boysenberry at 4 o'clock and the collective wings of


this will be near and far, of course closer than further with
the rapid wing of thought. sparing the
poor thing from pain.


by grand canal and they sat weeping their heart.
weeping not wee piggin you silly fool!


the bucaneer bachelor machine

in the blogoverse of the curse of the gallant the
singlular hour of top masts me hearties,
for swinging around the pike
the dromedary dromos
the top gallant mast
pipin the
furl foam
its loam
a comb
back and back its darling woes and summers the rest

what a bore, you are, she wrote to an old friend, bored with his predictable diction and spindraughting the easy subjective choice.

Will pirates seize the high ocean rum of bucaneer bachelor machines?
she pulls the plug in the room hums desire desire desire delire mon ami
a tendresses ces mots sont les


by Andre Malraux the den of thieves
the quarry of boots
the dome of star fish
the diaster of Menipuss is that her spelling of the geologyh of mystified becomings les devenirs de sept jours?

Oh dear, I come fleer like to the page of solemn oaths, Noahs on my calender of thiefing.

In your lip verb there is chunks of wheat. For year.s She flung hung her sowing sown sword over his vizier.

Menipuss out of my way lad. Hanging out in tents with pall bearers is not my idea of fun.
She carries cam corders on her back and knave. She is vixen to his hoyden. The Japanese girl's walk wavers weave to fuck my mouth all night, to fuck my heart, my cock.


your cock? you old roue! rousing the death of bleats!
crowding the stage of genitals and genial jobbers rubbing fortune and big weaving ports to your skull cap, how does it add to augment the stars of her roof, and the hair of her hallowed mead? shall handing thighs make purchase on trading meats, chaste?

Ahoy, ahoy! me hearties blandishment and knock-abouts
make yer day a dilly-dally piracy of sodden tom boys, hickory hidalgoes and trumpets you love.

Ho ho ho. And the tu-whit tu-whit __


franny and mona

Inlude_inluding _ textual and nontexual reference, deviation, divagation, horizontal flex; slipping, slope away frame, open immanence-------------------------

Franny Mona live on a hat in her hand Immanence of same gender doubled in hind . she was everywhere stilling s.lid.e.r. Or coursed by the wind.In the Anatomy of love's body she heard word learned herd of living on her schizo's underbelly wanting to love her.

anchor, weight of earth. used as verb and shizo-gerundive; poetic de_vice of verse, in honour or secret comment to, a text, outside the I, of author of.

avanuntism _______________Mona has a mouth in her mind yet to more.


pilllows not

for the 27 the pillows not pill s for your arms,
his majesty of ugliness and the Ughliosa,
remember her, AntiO?

remember the rules of harlotry
pay before you leave
go before you go, guess when you arrive. riddled by the count and
the Madame. standing there. all wizen'd with the hair line
of counting the days go off, and plateau_ing that dont
mingle with other.

Are you Missing?
Missing what? missing in action, beloved. harmonics of distress
and her pleasant desert

Inside this knap sack lies the wisdom of crystal balls
world on world in heaven.

Really! query Mona she the arriviste of champions knows there's nothing to bake with her left hand missing checking her prose machine with adultery and other fair bear words.

Really my love there wil l never be anything wrong with us,
we're perfect pitched sparrows in the tent
of our wedding seeding of the moment.

- Over at geology school the hysteron of the world's congealed
into petty problems and wrongs . There's no story in that.
Keep going. Keepsake to lovers' rules.


over archive_d

over archive_d loves, she found they'd gone, vanished, Poof ! into thin electronic
air its abscence a credulous stop for being. was being becoming when the river professor sold her rights to song . bending the rules, just alittle , a tad too long , waking waves to grander pasture s of wrong, of wrong. She saunter to the water, a walker she saunter to the water a walker. Its held bound plate her hand, a plateau of peace. To bear her word.


what dapple is this, Mona? where the cheer herds hay, and __

mouths pray .

war weary

wary war weary as Yearny plucks the knave of dravidian cycles metamorphosing history's
stele its pave the against of for, and bodies with anguish. Not a simple war, but one never ending its suit a tested death repeating .


weights and injuries

Then, at the moment's notice, fictions appear a running metamorphoses slinks the back door, trances the solemn tickertape (not sword and dagger at all, but troupe and loop, tongue dancing), Mona flipping the weird, the sniper grippin her glasses, her gloves, glum wave, on the high tide of wrong . And its blasphemy. This is well it goes to: hail well fellow, the ism toothsome deride of fortune's weather, the gimp of well women, possesed by love, of his torso, his floating hem. She stares she stay, she salt she stays.

Flictive Mona shone the moon bright window on her hover of citation & slumber. Came with this to her nose, the dilly-dally lingo odd its trespass. of

Then, at a moment's notice, fictions appear a running metamorphoses slips out the back door, trances the solemn seconds (not sword and dagger, at all but tongue dancing), Mona flipping the weird, the sniper grippin her glasses, her gloves, a glum wave on the high tide of wrong . And its blasphemy. This is well it goes to hail well fellow the ism toothsome deride of fortune's weather, the gimp of well women, possesed by love of his body, his floating hem. She stares she stay, she salt she stays.


did these

did these eyes, bones, wear the beliver her collar colour tried, as conformity's wisp?
as fittin the predicatable wear of tear, its bones of cold
to ignore the one
come all the spreaded wings down time as a conforming goddess _ easy pickings on
the slot machine of her obvious
fear and remove __

is this a furling fool in paint? yer mask painted
by death's ship cutting into the form
as it balks each truth.

Jill gawks, like a dumb ice, prepared to meet
mud spilling.

sweepin th e war body dead not the sponge of
its institution in what you name love

the shock of easy taste bored Mona, she shifted
of f her lesbian suit getting into the guns
go go of gender. baring her soul
rulingher horizon.

Will a plane fly into cloud of immanence
brassiere open she gives him her to his to his her tits

Come darling one.




over it

over it the sale night overed the winsome speckle carry further not signing its bare page. humdrum then, of coursing plain. of which end.
of then when. tarry its further not over the gorse and fair heather. not of this. that round. its coping edge. or claim name to heart. was Jill. in her
sad witch box. Ribbon its nectar taste, fuse the gallop sop. Excuse me? was that her names feint? Of this Jill certain as the cloud scallopin its heart ridge. Mutter of word and its now the wild cat care. Or like an ass clomping over basalt, not so fun so precarious as it appear.

Mona hold the philo_ instant necking in the serpent free as a hazard light going off/on. Checking the O in the S. not simple but appearance its name. Or mother and baby assizing myrtle and Pegasus and then at the step we teacher shouting shouting Not this Not this, that that! Oh we telescoped then hankering full battle dress pink mountain by blue lake and white seacaps frothing the lake spume of reef .
Votary by the sea urchin and husk of pander. She standing in the subway lineage back to Caesar's hallucination ghost haunted having what you have . Sheep deck over board and these are the skaters hugging the boxes when entering the ridge. Not the same place as the other.

Winter was the army roaring past the vein ~~ . Jug . and hither the swarming.


drums of|difference & repeation

drums of war

drums of war of
war war war

drums' of war're not drums

is it the war machine? no its the other one. the most dangerous the State which has always existed one. the one spoke of by Faather Nietzsche and respoke by professor Deleuze and Felix in A/O.

hide little wee molecules
to find yer safety
yer shelter from the storm
this monstrosity
the Imperiusm

careful little children yer lives
at stake
we wont insult yer graves
& speak yer name
speakingyer names
not knowing

fear and fear
in the constricted heart


of look and look

of look and look again ill look again if look and look agen she look hook agen of
comrade no made no

of caravan and nomad or mudmad mudmaid mudhut in mouth stun
over the river gain


flour and mouthbreath fill with deathbreath

of course & ender endings .

grab the power saw


go b[l]ack

go b[l]ack to your english language thu_under of.



Heard JillaMona, I'll give them back their english language when I am done Iwilgibdembarkdeir anglish lingo when I am done the patois off patina, as London bridge is sinkin down my flair glady. Oh barkin at the beauty of her bark nah ebbing in thesunet of set, as the Empire glowers on. its what word R. she see the conch of yell, it harpoon jimmy to heckle on the bason. Bison, of basson its clinch hit tatterdamalian . O scission of mouthits falcon cut of valley cavern left. Lift.

Oedipus must |what?

Oedipus must what? pray tally? pardon the hardon on which wishes the witch's heap? her angled body over his tallin the hour of her breasts hung to his mouth licking up the tongue of her teats? a tease of river,
or fruit, imagined taste of picture imaginationof fruit to taste her
grapes, her pineapples, her eagle, her cougar_ how she sheherazade's his spoon'in up the river of her song. her belly button pressd down into his face, sacred anus of her butt glows in the park of the luminous bear light.
Not an error in the spare moment of their caring.
A luminous anus he kissed over the baring patch of her skin. Glowed
flute of her buttock cheek. like desire this is any machine where it wears it skin. She's sheep to his dozen oysters.
No Oedipus this is mother in the anal hour of its kiss , some bliss missin word chunked buttock.

Or wait, she hunkers. Mother! wait, its Oedipus and her sky,

Clytemnestra and the death wish.

of halfing there is always the formality, the body,
the other's future is yer mask,
approaching you at a bustop like this
stanza sharing the less than tenminutes of arrival,
arrival arrival. Not rival.


dont look

dontlook for Jocasta you wont find her. her find. her. find. find. fine.

if she says.

if you say when in her mouth




what she does is ~~~~~~

Don't Look

dontlook for Jocasta you wont find her. her find. her. find. find. fine.Fine.

AntiOedipus: May 2005: "5/14/2005
yer aunty
yer anti was dialectical patois idiot self__ language on the barriers before inertia,

the group in fusion
mad machines Plus"


mona's doxy call to N.

welfare has a doxy hovered over the plane gath.its pate was mix switch over exed, in whip the assover the Height of Jill's banter. the plate of imitation was the coat of embroidered delta.a stat like a word a word like a fat cat camping in the pixy part of the old god.not the old god, the old god, the repetition compulsion of muslin skirt and old hatprime and other matter. or say, the schismogenesis of its relaxed room. or the kiltand then when it works it goes henchman and mother. not a contact ferule or eye-pieced narrow bedingand hill like body decamping the bivouac. She narrows her gait to his double on hex.enter here a detourne consonant an elapsed consonant and this chip off the old blockthe gaugeo come on yer address is a dharmaso Jill chilled the moo and the booMona hankered for plates of pilate speaking becoming of truth and fiery limb.Escaping out of its narration. ------------------------------------------
Mona's _notes nietzsche_ Jill wore a suit a coat


your body

your body's fallen thru junks and heaps missing piece of fit together enesthesia ensemble the enema of hate reds . which mime the knight her riding horse. a sword to sex.u.alitie. & breath ring. callioped verb of comeuppstance satan max to her trim your trim its eating you out its eating you out. over the wing and ram.
of soldier and sailir theres' got to be no ride for the sapphic sailor the lesbian rider. her million bucked suit .a wet canvas invent. e-vent of the spleen wind rider to North. come bucket and sold of the high bent cow and the sickle moon praise . my solider spent his name. yer bucket high head was the wizard e-song. songe to the clair blood pent up by the blockets of brood.
has your mother come to call on you?? hoop to hoop its oedipal clef its puff puff my sweet singer of wielding fork?

light my cigar hence spent pennies be my lover/locked by her thighs. not a cent perished for am't we goin to the grocery now? shall Jill's pennies loath? here is alfafa here is rose and pink tuilip hover yer shin. this your body your wheel chair, welfare.

over an eyebrow a waved form trimmed by barrowing Jill shoving up the foot hill, and the ankle brace. there, stuffed with fire and oriflamme gathering the walnuts of shame. its bent prudence daring the hour, the moment.
Near a corbeil gander wheel in gyre or square heard the night. The knight was nearing her plate. Simple as the wigger in the peeled bac k
french fortune of her gaping babies.

Franny's heard more tympanums than you can see. This coir is her sister.Click for her saunter.



are you the first one there? no , I am the middle one there, hearsay, hersay, heresay, heresay wellwelaremother of her shanked ,

are you the first one there? Yes, I am the middle one.

The midland one, the middle ranking . Ranking the spanking.
cling the thought of her toe. over .

Rembrandt _ the Painter and His Model

14th plateau

carried the weight . not the name of her kanesatake,Mohican
heart. hurling the cliff bound boulders.