She came a star

She came a star| None knew that name to cripple her sullen fairies and faraway the rankled two. Well, if two was one she was meat to its garnishing. A fatuous kept her at bait but not tasted to love's poly. A goose to dangle her gander! O poor thing with a fat lip and no mean hip to boot. Meat on the provender hedge O Jill's her jolly toothcomb and love's odd bawdy ~ since the voice's an aural herd she's better off with her yielding fair ~ .
______________________________ Jill heaves out of the gulf. Not a hole or moment too late as the . As ? yes, Mona, she won't leave the 'essential' out merely the trash repetition of the squandered vessel. Captain it's time we lingered! no cabotage in this gruff town! porttown to griefs and bitters, and green hearted thinker,s with whiskey a go hookers!