Oedipus must

Jill is gatering gathering ground in the fennel owl shaped woods where berries crush paths. Finds something like a tease quote to shame to disarm their path.

thy butt 'st know no-name Oedipuscarrying villages in your light hemthe darquiri twinkle sustains orchards giveslight where fairies flutter. Some alliterationshuttles between switch tracking and cinemaa girl's harrowed fane is the torchquilting the eyes from change.If I call you brother,its because Im your sisterinthe wedding gown of incest's dramatization of ground un covered by bodies missing the messagenot personalin green field and dale.Some machine clicked a door shutburied paranoia was the walking out show,not screaming hysterics. Something was injuring the day.Not Oedipus, not you.Not me, not him.Between two buttons.

Between two legs Oedipus always has a spot sporting something
next to Jocasta (read Mummy???) legs.
Her bantering does his good
before the expiry date of _.

Jill is jerked by her hands, his
around his cock the bearing down of sunsent
setting jewels and beleaugers.

Poetry does not matter.

Ta tete plein .



catching up to the amnesia, after the hit

french ruled her heart, platitudes nothwithstanding or bodies of late

sound which rounded up the girl's hair, their wreaths,

or something as speech in winter and the Grand Canal,
the Lachine canal and St. Lawrence boulevard
where beauty's bet was warded of late, its gathering prose a stink on the chair of tinsel

In the face that many met he encountered her hobo hill
twanging along like any jolly sailor


After the long preamble of Spinoza
the peregrinations of thought
felt for pelicans as the lute player caughtly worked the wrong.

for jewels for sooth

for jewels there 're thieves, brief crosses for mayors
and donkey tornado torsade or the trotting of wheels
in the sun thinking dare.

Jillwas writing when she was six, she had the lines of flight worked in,
and out. Not a swinger, but a thinker on her butt, and her ass
swan gong rang gaily in the hill and


Between security sentries and personae as Plato
ruled there was metramorphosis, the trickle off
effect of covert operation and camped behind walls.


brain rue


brain thaw thew of spring's relent its hurt glaze over her body. the goddess, marinatin
the sun of its old beaver, or clouded head spoon arrival with the truck

Jill gypsy play fife around her gypsy body wears gauze
veil around her pussy hoping for men to stop the wind!
what? is that some dream of her cock in yer ass? was that
a limber stuff to hold the stew? can she be cross wise in
her calender and miss her period? is she pregnant with loose formed limbs
clouds and farting bus ting window? is a lyric fosicle she breed?
Holdin the rainof vulgarity she feel direct democracy her only fling of
kiss into his heart stamp. what summer relents its pours,
she staring at the castle of dopes. Workers appear out of nowhere
tearing garments and tea trolleys. its wired to sack her flowery
skirt, knee high as the girl she once was aping the wielding of her
ax and her ass to cut off his dick, saying O i love you dick,
O I love your Ivanhoe and when it stirred the
the day it became a planet handling bouquet and carnival
her skirt hooping up to the upward view of her ass.
Call Doctor Deleuze please, you need a fix of telephone.




recover the dear door its melted dew your hate
of fog and forage near the perception of
becomings the right rose ring

come by the finger inside your hope
its roughage by the niveau of

this hour

cor... an..

between two companions

her legs
he stood arched up her Corinthian columns.

over the text it managed....

the Outside standing still between two Corinthian columns.



god prophet hunted her down . she was reposed in a cave.

weeping her little heart out . like a stop gap,
cacaphony of tine and twine and something like that. mack and pack her oodle and caboodle
she was haiy and mary. Not .

O come now,
Oh Come on! she shivered in the pent up rage of her frustration.

Each body reaching reaches its.

Biology ethnology . No, lets go again Aristotle, each body reaches its etiology. No, the orthographic elements of your contestability are the direct consequence of your vaccu m

In the vaccuum she conquered weeping her gob sob.

Whacking the harp on her head, oiled with grease.

It caromed off her head, a pilaster crumbling to dust a caret to her foot's big toe,
as she wiggled it to his sex

Shh. be quiet here, knave.

Let us board the carrack as we sweep seep the wave of its over the bop of the muslim
beam gatering our forces for the landing,


franny arrested god

Franny arrested god handcuffed to the hip broom wind

hover. she galloped into town, prophet to her mirrow seeing she wintered the

a robbing prophet in her country handdanged Antioedipus.

Come over here! get yer butt over here, Mister so called God, we got
this arrest warrant for your pointing sheave.



in the bay waves
up over eye
not this fiddle
or second fate

twisted by cheap finery

tawdry. What held the bow in place ? Jill kindles the meet of its presage. Kicks back the dust.
Duct dead eye.

kick that

and can you get rid of that nightingale crap?
what goo ga is that

this plateau stinks like a green garden
a greed one

trampling hazy thought to racist delires. Come paranoia get yer tavernas assemblage
out on the table.

What sanity is worth its weight in gold

Fanny demanding . Antioedipus Mona Antioediopus Jill Antioedipus FannyFranny succulent as a choosing page. Not a cripple's company.


nightingale lark
owl nightingale


nightingale lark


night's gale waved

their edge of

night bird your hoot
night hawk yer sleeplessness
is my lover's body


how it aches round the edge of the cabinet
a chair you might be sitting
looking into arm's night with breath



not anger's dubious augery

but auspicous love gowns
treading us


how she changed her ass like that,
in three days, Franny wondered, a puzzle of mizzle to her day glow job . wanker of a million jumping Jesus to jone.

a misplaced hormone was it took all, circadian dummy
galore handled her pitcher with tent and bull
hammering the floor boards ensemble up against the driftwall
the plaster casing of her cement face

nO, she was barely apocalypse in her profit.
what profit was the candy capital of the schizophrenese
baiting the edge of prostitute

One more accident'd not catch things
the way it did. of overing the butt barrel
the keystone cops chase giving haste
to her reckoning.
O Geologies and botanies
Kiss her swinger!

Comic relief was basso something too.
Or mosaic major and the draft of alone


by her self.



recover the dear door its melted dew your hate
of fog and forage near the perception of
becomings the right rose ring

come by the finger inside your hope
its roughage by the niveau of

this hour

Jolly Jill

Jill stands in her shoes, in the highway
buckles them on, not off, catering to the wind,
as it sucks off her shoulders the rags of tenement
and tenemental. her wings played the apostate part
long plenty enough carefully the prose of english's spating, of her belly button goos and loves, shes had three four one's and plenty of
too's & betrayals been handed to her on a silver plate
one too many times. What a odious body-without-organs
she's had owned, bought purchased and re-used.

if time differences made a changed,
she'd don another gaudy face cairning its welcome
in her midst.

of shoulder and dog,
she was weaned with the feather.

mona's second sex devenirs..

Mona read, and

One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.
-Simone de Beauvoir, Second Sex

in the cafe careful with Simone,
the sandal


Jill saw them with Violette,
cafe Flore ~


mona veils

Mona wears sandals on Sunday, makes a mock or masque of dangerous codes
in her abodes mouths carries her lover in her tummy. shes him hes then
in her stomach as a stoa to Greece.

gets a firewall.