to have asked

 Calling off the wagon and tenting in. Aether  . Mister Aristotle's principle.

Coping. Along this road on the island the

loud  clear

   Why are there things rather than none?
   Is it true,  she asking, is it so it took you once 6 years to watch a movie?

iNSane to ask. as if existence wasn't mad enough. to have asked
its intesnity bearing down diodes on the head.

and you say Poverty coming to greet you    ~ its dodge gauged precedent

its rugged fact doge to bullet self breaking lead on the markers of tombstones
many makers and their dea ~

Who knows what devil held your thumb?  carding dealing peeling reeling and unreeling

 Rumble and tangle. Ring her hair. That night. tonight her mouth haaed to shush it. Her.
and beauty was. Name. And  O it was . Not to speak its. Of its caring.
Tare . And of tarry not love tarry not this talk. Spaced to its

Of this way her name . Breasts was. White . As pressing corn. White . Pressing milk
and sowed. Its infant cross the pass.

 Her explanations . And everone two knows the hopital jewish is . and no one knows
why but. it is. yes and that time. No not that time. That woman
at counter her beaded hair. Was it beaded? at the cash . Her
to know its love bead was flung in the air . Of its desire. My

and the best in the . and none know why. knowing they know ` it's best .

because because O i was ashamed.  becuase they are . the intelligent.
Gentle gent of the body of tears. that has seen. but has seen. not seen
has seen . not seen. the suffering black suffering. of whose tears.
are not seen. as seen its suffering its the small. it's the same.
suffering. but at the cafe . that Tim Horton's it's  yes, it's as so.
One has the impression

Of Franny's many multitudes.


Mona parried and prayed to this

M ona's always sand in her toes. Trenchant ticklers is what they are. At Finnegans Wakes, she's shoes to go dresses, all dressed crossing her breed to bury her bore. What platinum waist-line is that? Curving round the curse, she's a harried bitch harridan to her love hatred.

Runts snap at her heels. Not so much as thinner than weather. She's kippered her feet in waste lands, approximate to her glowing self. A hand-made fell-well fellow's her better suit. She lives by the Drive-In. It's best her best lodgings yet. Re-housed by freight and luggage, she wore oxfords in Dublin. Revisting Howth Castle. Her bearable beauty is gyre to her bawdy ass. She's Jill down to her neck, geologied right out by her morals, rivered by each moat. Passing by. If she yammers plate and stick, it means come by my house wearing only hose, to masturbate. Her pen is mightier than her wisest s' word. Her sward maid flesh, is gaped to her wound. Unwound eternal night huffed puffed and blew her blue. Black coffee and cigarettes. Once at Lezard, she danced a humper's hay. Mother to her naked self. In body days of sweat ass off to dance all night.

Jill is pregnant with fancies.

Twirled by dual oasis. Her potluck supper is potatoe and onions. Cabbage to her replete bell of snugness. Not a lawyer to play good help 'novel's . Middle class fiction and middle class women've never curried to her taste. Her lesbian bookish worm is randy in the hot luck day.

Jill's the incomer runt to philosphemes, but her best pet peeve is gushy susan wakes. Not at dawn but the poor dusk of forover.

Then her breath is bigger. Getting there. Outwith her means she's pulled every garter pelting rope in her Gulliver's beam! Ed Sullivan comedy hour, Lucille Ball have a pall-mall on her funky day.

Fanny has Franny and Felix to her cat Pierre Poet silver, silver ware.

Jill calling " Don't second talk my hunch Franny! svous plait yer hair ringing fatleau."

She walk walk walk . To the nearby belles-lettres of stone. It's her coward's way out, her schizo rolling gait.

Mona walzting the Gay Gordon? Is it hip to her fife? O r near to her bog, she's brogue to her grace at the Reading Room.

Joyce wrote to her one afternoon, a nipping pen poised better. Be recondite! Be reckon!
Be bumble bee! Be bumble double bleecoming!

--------------------- End of Letter . Beginning of Page. to miscontrue discontinue.


au t o

"An autopoietic machine is a machine organized (defined as a unity) as a network of processes of production (transformation and destruction) of components which: (i) through their interactions and transformations continuously regenerate and realize the network of processes (relations) that produced them; and (ii) constitute it (the machine) as a concrete unity in space in which they (the components) exist by specifying the topological domain of its realization as such a network." (Maturana, Varela, 1980, p. 78)
"[…] the space defined by an autopoietic system is self-contained and cannot be described by using dimensions that define another space. When we refer to our interactions with a concrete autopoietic system, however, we project this system on the space of our manipulations and make a description of this projection." (Maturana, Varela, 1980, p. 89)
and what is that? auto ? it's this

and this


and and and


Because your affliction is fiction, not moral.s Because you are not schizophrenic have no illusions about being anyone else. Not a bit. Of tiny elseone. Has made yer corrall. Ok or not. Or a slime beak from the southern hades . You've made day yer knight. AS Franny has HORSE back to her play, so you are easy aesthetics to your morals. Pedants, critics know not this. Nay they don't does they? Come agagagaain my mingle two one. Yer hand is puck to the frayed pet that constitutes beast, not spartan but Xerxex the beast of kind. As Heliogabulus has been another play. Along the schizo trapeze. Of desire and its other mates, not identity and its seconding guesses, of what's been mistaken for love. And other shipping lanes, of ship and vatic railroading along the vatic premise of promise. O hypnotist of maids and other. This'll always be the original template.


Romance by fated

She's ushered summer by the cow-hide. Brilliant deductions to blame herself. Not a fever of tasting cranberries conceals it. The hour has come, it's nigh. At the clinique she's classical to her abrupt allergories, concealing a rather ? excuse moi, he leaned. Out over the precipice of readerly orders. this can be no one to go. Not even Lady K and her magnificent trawlerries. Time to copy and paste her teeth.

Ship of the old flock (pfd)

Pillion. Yes, stallion Mona, ricocheted over the hump. A dramatic fork at her lips. Thermoter at the pulse of things. She must be a gelid geogogologist. Not this way her metaphysics. So the pent up chair floating over the arras. Not the weaker sex, but a numerous account of honeys. Solomon to her Breckenridge. Not afamous character, but a personafictation of ravenous skulls. Not caps either but higgledly-piddedy_ O you varmint ! you mean piggledy? O say where fore you are whence to the chopping shopping bloc. Chip of the old transmitter.


she's got

Shes got nowhere to go except her feet.

A paranoid little schizo was walking alinge . A linge or too in her south. Indeed. she was paranoidto the nth degree. and the 5th house she met caming along.

Thus was Franny.



She held the u.s.b.key close to her. Her hand was ornamented with many pluxes. She was native to her ferret out. Inluded to her becomings. her mouth come dress. Her dross as like to like as any doormat. She was 'hors de service' withness to her seconding of u.s.b.

How to become a material thing?
thinging was between the reads by border of personae. Not luck, or necessity but contingent on her genital status. Mrs Penis and Mister PhalluS!

tHALlas my boy ThallAssa.



Deloney. Baloney. Malarky.

Say Jill is just Mona's way o f getting around. When her thighs get in the way. Or the sentence prose structure is the period to face. Mona has Jill's Franny by the tail. She don't mean tale as she say what she's recondite intend to when wishing.

She's born without misery in her throat. But has a huckster for a father. It's
called Logos Oie philosophy.

pirate of penance and poetry

Mona wears bandanas __ a pirate ofpenance and peevish THe worlds are hard day pirate of the high seas of desire.

Shed sutra sutra her way to nirvana . But surrounded engulfed by christian secular idiots.
She 's noised out by .
This day she parry and then prays for rain.
She say sutra sutra. Each recall is escape.
It goes goes.

like a loose child man who speaks on the wind

anchored to different women

space and time a difference in his lives

that differs from the women who've born children

as to him woman is immanence, and he's her air.
Meets them as he does. Hes she . to breath they are the air he breath
as loving immanence
the within-ness of the earth

ever included disjunction

the mother was father to the I not sheeped by any vengeance code, but tripled by her narrow gate O Orpheus. buckler. of the sown sword. Comforted by knight. Her riding breech good her steady ready ever battery included.


her feted accompli

Her foolproof vase has plenty. To characterize the spare tire is her sole repent. Not mocked by paranoia she's . Something else. Not a little schizo in a shoe box, but a boxed in elf with her sandal by the door.

in any swift room, there's always room for more.

Mona was ungrudgingly in love. What could that bode. Her anti was antipodean to her comfort. O lovers of bold and brash. Next they ferried the plate . I t was 1910. Close to 1999 she broke off for good. Nothing wa s inside the idiom. Her disgust was greater than ennui ~ .


Was Mona aboot doing double duty on her aleph beta soup? She climbed the grid of every middle knowing nary a wary plate was her song. Her ass stuck out this way to Sunday and less. She knew she keepsaked knees in her fob.-

Gob! to her spittoon. By the waters of the Louver she sat down and laughed. Boulevard St. Michel was her preferred home. Her doggystyle was first in fashion fucking.

Toodle do o as the schizo was lesbic to her peach.


Loop the soup she's seen many buffalos ad bills.

Mona met numerous hardy foolish. What? gulps her neck. How can many be infinite silence spine?

Jill fare catch-up.

Fanny has her 'fam,bly'. She oak and soak. What pretence of objectivity to objectivity is this totalaizing force of heart to heart in the heartless.

Franny read Laingy's Politics of Expereince. He did not understand it . He read it wrong. Wrong wrong. He thought it said one thing it said many not one, but mummer's was wrong. Jill never corrected what Franny thought. Franny Guattari the seconde has to correct the erring philosopher. Her grab beams are good for the both ofthem. and their Spinozistic ontologies. They drive and drive. many cloud. Far off moon. She came to find bad words.

Her concept percept was nervous affected. Between lesbian gestures of the kind no one grasped. Her held hand camera was seconded by buyers from four effing cornice. Not a swag to share among then, and amongst was all left. Out to dry and bitter! pitter patter more, her pivoted strain.

( Will you tell what Pierre Fanny read wrongrong? I think not! that'd be giving the fort away! O me o my. O dear dry dry dry.)

I have seen many plateaus! she cried. Her sob was winding down path to end of column. Not printed near her metaphor was a box of machinism. Oui oui Monsieur she cried. At Vincennes we always made the grade. No money either we had coffee after coffee in the days. In any event, Mona was a runt, not a punter. Her pintle shaved head was bridesgroom to the mating of Adam and Eve. The first stymied time she played rummy 500 she lost. Then absconded on her duties, she was caged in the dining room of biography. What craziness is that!

I ask, as any sane saint would. We are card-players not chess players.

Jiil wearing clothes. Her dress long and folded fabric to the end of. Then some. After more. She dress as a darned shirt. Or wet apron around her wet hanky around her hair. Or something like her and Guattari getting it going after Mai 68.,


th e cover

Let the night stay noise carrying the velour and tatterbells. Shrinking her by the hour layering the covet. Fine as foxy meat. Daring the down. Experimenting the type.

yer type hANd is multiple to her hand sense send ~. jill is mahoney to her baloney.



her curse is the sole breed of her brood. never the more many she's harpooned her luck. like any titter she's made to reinvigorate invent (then) tame. Nothing is nicer than that. Her off days are silent substance t o wheat. Guardian belt to the Gauls that pervade her. she's not gypsy to her caliber but clinched to her sole berry


Compose thy six hundreth mellow rose o Mona. As tacked in bed. She was Jill to her Jonah? well sell me back blow me over. Shiver me givers . Like any suffering fool hair backed to the breech end she was carried to her fill. A grave some mark at every tootle anny show. Come to her urination tower please! forks knives eagles nest. Scout. About. THis mouth of ridge. not knaved by her butt.


they call her

So then her shirt was backward. Her teeth are nodding slipper in sun. Karm a is as thus.

Thurday her children force. then forward her nesting mail. she come around treasury like farted weeds, and scalloped ghosts. No detective of her coerced ministry shall fell this. Whoop Whoop Holler they go bellow arrise as the shadow of Isiah. She has prayers for the river Jordan giver and receiver both.

Jill writes madly crushed . her kneecapping borned the fate of every writer's bliss. Cramp it's called. She call sappho. her lent spent has many issues.

high and mighty

High and mighty Franny fooed her woo round the veil, chucking her barnstorm windows out the door. What? She keeled on repeating the end. Not so, said the merrier of the two , she was one where there were few. Thus she named her con, slapping her backside's wisdom. Cut cute and booming on the breeze. Lovers like balkers.


High Ho SLiver

Jill came on a sliver. It was touched with Franny. Her twelve egologies were very Husserl. In a hustings sort of style. What? come again agog. Grog me muscles worry'em down to the hastings, of your bullet and silver glide. Not whether to camp, but observed to share her meat with every comer. Not Italy either, but the Metropolitan Indians knew something like. That. They treated her like god a saint,, a pure pilgrimage on the road. O she was orphaned? an unconscious orphan was the best face to become. Poor Fanny! always fretted about her revolution. Not for this was faciality a problematique of the criticism forthcoming. Traitors were everywhere! not an conspiracy, but a piracy of player. Not a deck o f cards, but a solo of bard belowing the temps.

Comic frets are better than none. So wisdom goes in a golden hole. I mean, a hole, a hole, a hold!



Mona has silver in her hair. its called Franny Guattari/. Pourparler it provides her with partial practical ensembles. Somewhere inside the Sartre heart of her , she's a seizure

of lent. How can a comic writer be? and become?


Shuffle around

Shuffle around yer brain. Hogs and warts. City s gone goo dry its the whirl wind war. Death of bane and breath all down the line . had there been no other as that it was switching kilts in midriff did it. the knock me down lover of times past. leaving not a heft for you and other.



Did thy forget do the I? was wench seeming raked its fateau of folded buttocks meeting end of encounter~ ed knight. gallop gallopgallop. Mister Jill was seizure to her dusk. Buttter marked with wave froughts to breeze out. Really/ yes, uhmm twas like so. its cursed malt fetter to her curried flavour. feeted by any two by four.

welcome back Mona. wrapped round her culvert head. galvanzied by scanning days

so over here we go not there after there here to visit~


by and halou

yo u come to this train ride as any camper does. bivouaced by forest and ranged by moors, over her body caught down to the nakedness of her sigh. willowed by airs, not forgot in the prescience of dusk ~ not a busk to her renagado arm. her braced need come along furthest to its appearance


what mean spirited pirate did that? did that glass of thing way its went.
by and bye by and well hail fellow meant? Or hell fellow well
comeuppance. to her embryo shy
imbroglio of her dandy lips


do the

Do the dates singnify or sinify yer calm plateau of bearing. soft on the quiet talk of walk. Hush your blueberry still. As watch the water settle this arborescent brook ~



especial Jill carried her rain with her wherever she went, as toothsome as the sky.

Mona is her canon. Breaker of the stuttering mimicry , jewels baked for every vendor. Carry on in her willfull package. A song to ding along her cherries and throng the . The boy looked at the steer . The cow saw rain.Not pig grunt on the yuletide of timebecomings.

Fanny lies beside them. In her dented palm. She lift up to her mouth. In her mouth he walk. down the swallow of her throat. Calm as any rain.



the capture of paranoia aroundthe panics of boom boom and clutter race. the raavage of capture apparatus. the night pulling its bodies across the world. what some call screen. the madness of fortune....



Bother my hair! Jill shouting across the navies of a thousand leagues. whats this? hook of sink liner? will her troubled become lavy? shall wing her earthly things aside. ASiding that she severaled her maziness to keptdom come ringing her fuzzies all. way. Aggregated by time's pasture.

is this rhizome then the capture code of paranoia? we''re not sure~


blue blur

Religions are worth much less than the nobility and
the courage of t h e atheisms
which they inspire ' Deleuze discussion oct 26_1989_after seminar _ Clare & I. she grab his coat. they have affair. so do does me. with Parnet. we affair meanis I sleep with Deleuze thru her. she sleep with me. i be 32. then with lady from eustache film. so we three f_ck sletp . Apostles to god the Father. buT ___student walking with ~ asked about ~ this other quest of religion non la philosophie ~ il a repondue tres vite ~ .not a tues seminar but afternoon ~ of smoke air filled ideas clickey clack tape. parnet goddess eric / other/ i see head/ not /whirl of idea ~ leaning of ogre his ~ leaning back others nameded now. not so. as will gathered sheets in her hand. w heard him. he say. guattari va parleze le semaine prochaine. but wecould no~ t hear. voice goin raspy as` metallic ghost immanence whisper ~

everyonE prefer. yes. well the starving?where is yer responsibility lie> question
is night
in charge of day body? is heart fornicated to death to betray by what has not been seen, not met?
webcams around the place called canada
not dadada or canadadada
its caca
cacacacacapeepeepeepee but we gonna see molecules before molars

I prefer real winter. She prefer taxi blow job .yep. oh yep. was coffee blow job. coma to we was after. yes inside her you know where.yes. you do. yes. even when yer feet? yes . oui bien sur. why? its not for them . in rich place.OH/ why U say dis? cause you sad? non? on ? on c'est pas. on ne sait rien dans vie. >la vida est Avida Dollar|no money no funny. yea. I know . its hard, yes. its hard. when you stay always nada. for you. god hate you. god dere no go.d. then what hate You? who know? Capital ? hate you>> >when you born. he made shit on yer head. Yes. I know. I am cursed. since kid.


your fuite my foot!

your fuite my good boot! my my my How Sir Beller renounced them.Reconnoitered to her selfrempli~

now that's child~like wrangled Sir Mona. Come again, dare dear yer fumble fam. Come along your commingling is a ducksometoothersumma contra bentiles benthos. The laff wont boo. Boo? yes, Boo as in Moo ~ shimmies acorn across the cow forest .


La Fuite

nothing nothing.
come thing come thing come thing
come thing come thing come thing
yes we knew. oui we knew
we kne w yes oui we we knew
fuite était idée poétique avant de venir idée philosophique avec les frère guattari et del

La Fuite.

Paris, Gallimard ~ 1947 . Tristan Tzara . Dad Deleuze was a young'un then when old Sir TRistAn Tzarazouthstra becomer published this book of ver/poetry ~

in 47 didiodel was 22~ Fuite lignes de fuite ~ Tzara there first ~

La fuite : poème dramatique en quatre actes et un épilogue, 1947.

I read this play in the 70's about a year and half before coming over idea live of guattarideleuze

In them days we was stealing book. so we can read. mouth full of books. hungry as money. was our lotion. Hugngry as Hugry. Hmm novel word. eh persona filled of mouth. go Mouth young loutish. Go personification of ratification. of Celerity's cover brother. Around thy antlers young


laters we spoke to them. Montparnasse ~ moi et ton pere Tzara Sami ~ et Le prof. CHallenger et ton frère Genet et ta sœur Angela Davis. Soeur angela? son sa soeur

alors mon ma ma mon ma ma~ ma ma mon mon? mon de venus mons of venus. mounds of venus. penis of mound ~

yes we knew.


876 Plateau yoyou. Tzara and Deleuze discuss Spinoza Spontanoes Dada rapture.machine of capture. of captcha. of captch! what man! are yatalkin'bout? Amn't I praise enough by love ?

YEs dadio deleuze was Tzara son.He Tzarathoustrian zalt ~

So I'll fit fit fuit you then ~

... Turns out big Daddy Deleuze killed his self so the others could live? was dat it? the breath of suiced was flung high dry so thee other . lived. Livered. yellow lily livered bastard. Is that you? what father cut hi ski gloves as that?
Shackle_lless from paternal papaism we go slide mouth to rinse river mouth. Roun south sending ripple confectionery core . Yes, dear one. Come around yer homocide. the one . that came. and left . fakir son. half brother. part sister. came to go went. as leave to take. leave taking.
I am the father of the fictions. killed off to swim multiple pack of . Jonah and the whale . of a rhyme. curtsey to her curtain. her nose was filigree winded around the last store of cancer.
she was winded by the very hurt bridge. no languate for her wit. raconteur in midst.