a thing then

a thing then said Mona picking up the eggs and packing them in space not wishing to make her prose any other way than the way it was and was. She found God that way and he was walking along a box of Kellogs Korn Flakes, or his name was Charlie Chaplin and his lips were a study in grace. No not grace shouted Franny! please no more of that shit. we had enough of that Christian shit, like
any other shit and malarky that was taking the two bridges down and their self and the waitress or Isabelle.

Jill was gorgeous with her clothes on off her body off on she was off the on and often was a bid dealer of the soul and

the soul was a thing to figure between matrix
and In Nomine Pater

there were three holes to fill in one

Something like that wanted the letters to be bigger


Jill could only be this thing she was. something was slinkin' and she gorgeous Gorgias of the precluded days before what's her Miss P.


a taste of Mona

a taste of Mona, she wanted is what she wanted, a taste of
the Spanish and her knock down socks or the other girl and saying the name of the speed of the carnival and dance
before he r mouth tasted good

not that she means before her mouthed tasted good
but tomatoe soup a tasty red to keep her teeth
not in the least concerned with their colour she kissed them off!

now how was that for the futurist says red!
a silent staring and looking!

Mona so Mona kicked the bucket and stared read. Read the stair of bucket me luck it, locket of

Mona was discovering and discovering the collage O...

Mona discovering and discovering
the collage of face and the sentiment of shared spaces of

miracle deterritorialized and fished in the moorings of desire, and her nights were down with him, and Satan and the other desire-machines of miracles and love bodies.

What was the belevedere? a city , a city en passant, like the love of a young woman's body, her flexible supple _ her desire rings and the sambo boy and the weird hair of her head. Some head was Mona when she bent down to pick up the books, knowing full well that Deleuze, her dada daddio , was there to pick them up. What sort of book was this? Her nose privied the page, and she heard the coleen a back up, roaring the holding nose down, and Mona saw that her man, he would-be man, had a sense of smell that was evacuated.

Now that is not what I would call fair, she thought, and her fare was only 39 cents. What sort of fair was this, her attending on the boxing match of self She felt asleep and her vacuum cleaners were clean air on the puddles of mente. And mirth! Oh no dear me we won't go there, shall we? dear God and Satan were the very riffs in Mona's being. Or her becoming according to her father Deleuze who was on earth as it is and shall becoming forever and ever amens. Amens Amiens, not Amiens. What? shouted the clatter she could not get a grasp on the clatter so she took the money salt in and wore down. More after good book

More after good lips.

Cheers said Mona. with her boner!!


She said that cause Bonnie once said to him, do I get a boner? well they were young lovers then, and so sweet

and naive

and they had to be real. Real is a good as real gets. Or sore the bones of ache le pains! beak yer bread and turf yer seed.
More laughter
later good book.


and besides he had toothpaste where she had none. Nones was the place in mornng where they prayed.

Prayed rhymed with stays and stays was like something women wore,a brassiere of batteries and capitivity!

Poor women!

Huh! shouted he.
and laughed his head off . ...


if the

if the text is smooth crinkle it
throw a phrase noun ruins it
break the mouth flow of verb
unit verbal unit
as if a hand spoke a mouth
holding a wedding band

a promise to compromise
its other son
a hind
a leg
a thigh to breach
the gap
love's knitter

night's baby sitter
the seconder of love and other things

what distance

what distance makes love, asked Jill.
The impossible.__ for today in the rhyme of feet .

the long street __ eternity or otherwise __.

when love was there she was very kind, he was the stable window
on which her fortune was built.

Jill saw him Orpheus leaning on the phone pole_ is that what you call it?

contrasting the double blind

lave of love's body

her ankle length skirt
a flounce on the skin of a naked woman's body
sees her sex in his eye
kisses it kisses it which is he kissing her

(she suffers him,
like's decoy)

she leans forward to wrap
her legs around his head
a poet head stuck in her sex in her sex
she hauls him up a born again orphan to her knees
suckles him for th over the yard of her self
gives him birth.

he's always gonna love her no matter.

No matter Call Orpheus
Antioedipus a secret name to her lover. of old of new he loves the waves crawling across to her name
a simple region of his body hers.
why compare?
he she are not lost
spaced apart in the distance game
they are crossed again from decades
its a type of troth he has to her now
then engaged on the pursuit of faith into her
insides to her waves of of pleading
he needs her body whole broken past
kissed her spit on the street
do you piss in yur pants?
he laughs so she peals laughter around the air of her self
a plateau of lovers will not break because of mere domesticity.
she suffers his name gladly in
her mouth
knowing his body her
sits in her mouth
inside her body nestled hers
hugs him her man intensity of brightness to

hers surrounded him
no choice

not tragic at all just is




Maxims of charity bless her

void of heart fill her

nave of skull skill her

patterns of choice repeat her

selve of neck head her

void of full kenosis of charity the speak may see
the blind

charity of the woof and warp

delicate chamber make her stays


and so was the delicate day her stammer

aphorism of repose to her wrestless

calibrate her needs on the cutlass of free

accept abandon accept her all

may her heaves calm repass peace

soft the night halls corral her

a sweet skirt lifting the hem of the street
her bodies forth and measures the tape of her existence
the metre of her feet

A mermaid to sweet smell of fish the silver

taste of her spirit

it is combat not war

its combat not war said Prof. Deleuze that one day in the fabled afternoon air

of the lecture crowded with the cutting
dwindling with the wind
tape recordings tucking

and the estuary of doubt was there
but not for long in her soul self down

strength was biding

. Fran Fanny stood and benediction of the four selves on her back and void,
emptying her fill and filling her filling her sown matter of halt and stop to love her and pray her

combat bless the pants
the state of silver winds and sigh

her strengthed to her and high


find the essays clinical and critical his head abuzz was woofing on the Whitman treat his breathing heavy bevy of breathless to be the tobaggon where she smiths her tune


he sent waves of green sea and smiles to afford her mileage her strength halos of bless

inside the space of their felt he sent

waves of green for happy
wool stallions of triumph prayer beads, incantations to ward
off evil moments and spells of cadbury to bring her chocolate in down times uplinks to her heart over the sea gazing navy he sends real heart beats of a smile something to dampen the tornadoe of quarrel confused love navigations for her feet to march the pieds a terre and also peace in her veins and arm to hold high strength her courage and belief.

Inside the plateau he shelves ministries of care
donations of courage

over her shoulders he sets wings
on her arm he offers bold brass to wield her up
out of the black hole of funk her low down

hailed out to brightness

to her ankles sweet slumbers to her feet and desire
festive peace
a line to the calm plateau of rest

for her the prayer ascends the sky
parry to the death wish of all beings
rescinded by the becomings of her strongs
and more
her belly blue with aches
he sends spirit guards sentries to her trees
a true truce protecting her soul and spirit
her wonderful voice, says He as he can't find
that one word
that phrase to say what a voice does

so he speaks to empty space
becoming of her and gives her everything
for her joy

her joy for what he wishs is her joy her best

and so he breaths it out over forest lake meadow field
mingling continent and the breath of the spirit

he breaths over country and continent
the breath of the spirit
a high strength for her

it is hers

hers then

joys blessing to her blossoms
her blossoming daily day by day

sends silks for her camisole
her spirit

sallies out to her strength after strength


Thus a son of the great woods speaks to her hers



writes in a delirium of havoc not harden'd but gazed by her
a captor bends the night to his will

Franny frantic episodic wheels the night
capture of plane and he kissed the inside of her palm
wet sweating place
of she is to him

holy her bends and weaves


Hand s her the intensity zone
a body-wtihout-organs
strange lyricism of self without other
meets who?
inside the navel cut of the tree
when the dead old god
spits his piece
the near prince of pieces come to her blankets

not so this burkha he rips it off a chase into the night

I wont make the owner ship of
speaking words
her feather

tipsy as her loves

between the buttons he makes and sees
over Paris they flock
two dozen selves of them

landing landing


desiring machines across this kiss

what desiring machines wanted

was across the kiss
of her ass
her hands over the air
some of the throne of
the dome
inside the Pantheon
where the soldiers
a 45 rpm on her record player
a gramaphone
some kind of desire
that waxed the body

was the moon's shaggy husk
its pleasure hers
the worn night of her missing
in the steady beat of her heart
near the galloping window
and the lover's reel
strung over the knee of her lover
soft voice a husk in the morning beast
its bliss the space
she rode
his sex right up her spine
said yes
take me take

some shadow fallen
fell over them and he became a hardon
writing to her
the wax plate on the wall
the entaglio'd tango
of her passing to him her skit
a skirt of edwardian proportions
over the
no under
across the navel of the sky
and her body

see her eyes
near the only nearness he could find
between Orpheus
and dusk
her Persephone body
gramma self to his tomtom wit
hardens his hardens him to her
pushes through space
a burrow into time
a cartoon of blessing lovers

sometimes hestill s this song but his prick goes harder
harder heart of love into the sundance of beginings
how can anyone wait
Is he the waiter of some dead desiremachine?
or he is the sewing thread of her love
sweat pours drips from her brow
to over his chest
shrugged by daw n
the tent of lovers long they play
look at it grow his pole
Ole lifting up of desire
its strong beast

If Jill will see this self to loving over the river vine
he knows the body of her shame will go.
she is a sorcerer over the trip of voice
her voicing somes him up she hugely speaks this body of his
his tent opened her coming a southbound day

Metamorphosis of her fear becomes the night.

not her day of work and working but her becoming to him her sex opened out up a mouth a tree to oepn the space
of their daring

an elegance emerges

envelope of lover mouth
come to me over the becomings of
this decade
missed and longed this stretch
O the eternal nights
of what of

: a Nerve letter:: hear this gallop to your bed
inside the weary date of wanting
can she say that to his voice over the ear of maximum becoming?
Orpheus leans to her post take my sex

al l of you he says
she says

over me

Moon and sea slip a beauty to his knees
nothing can be a rattle trap like this
trapezoid of his desire
in the book of her hand
he sweetens the puff of death
a solemn occasion for festive

inside the hand of her breast
the cock of his mouth inside her
or or gold to silver her she gallon
of thigh ferries his cock


Now then.


tatoo of lip
be her

into his
sting of bee love
bees louder


H ar vest

finally"finally" fair fellahin

the book is a cheap storage
a face before profile when Franny came to her senses was the delivery page of music her escape glad to made the line of her flight


some priapus of pirate to her and his lust but lust was love in this body of

there's nothing bolder than


its pirate love that's certain he says leaning over and into the river.

H is also for Harvest

the laugh peal of trumpet desire and deity

when something is unsaid the wind plucks the string
strong timbre of soul and

reeling spastic spaces

her said lips pointed her rings saturned spaces
he clipped to her hips
sleeping into dawn
their wide awake thighs

a capricorn to her diaries and daisies

the wink of night

cluster of her sex into him
her breast

ovulate of pleasure
and suntag to her harmony
his pleasure

her _e w _ as bod y

Shoot shoot her said to the begoggers with the glasses off. her hair was spin wise wool and her arms a fine song of

vellum.touch the real to real of her heart. She was shaking the witch's brew over oasis and sears

High yellow? dance tap shook stake? not so said the genetypes of her teeth. he kissed her teeth in the sunset then. waking to bridges and fog content with wise and light soft home

not so the deadeyes of Descartes. Wait!
Hold that mathematican down! sighed the Aristotelian horse its paws stirring the ground the figure a speech of turn the literal an upside around phrase of her sexy hips and square_ing jaws. Metosis in the medial pause between phrase or

stanzas of phyrric dust. What she shouted her hair a hyaline fracture of light and dust does that have anything to do with Deleuze!!???? She was a student stuck in the Parnet stage of a great man's travail.

Them was the days Orpheus was a glass of milk and then with the colonnades of Paris behind they made their way over delve and dingle wood. So thrush the woods were merry with their mente. Some pardoner of confessions was shriven by the woulds of her stance.

He bent down the first night to her knees his hand around her ass, his hands a hasp on her ass. She sighed out the voicing words of cirrus clouds lemon meringue cake and desire a flush wood beside lake and fog fire.
The refrains of their universe the verse of her lip to him across hem and hip

hipped to hipped him in the highway over astral night and bode forth her lairing teeth.

Rustling scraping scratching clicking the shiver of night . Owl and wolf her song

a molecular lover was her choose, her truce.



Two then saw the sills of Paris in their windows. Widows of lover and hushed by the appearing bell.

over the philosophy pages she went. He __ too was a page an eternal page.


Eternal? tern bird of wept and claw angle in the sky edge serrate over bridge and




Franny was studying gazing intently a t

the essential chaos

the gaze

of Orpheus in her horn

she was bleak

Now can we turn to page 40, 0006, 897,098 and find

that one word we were caught at? culvert

was the sign she shaked.

her hand a ready thing to foster forth kids. Guattari knew this was the only minute to live Now in the breathing moments of passage and relay. She _ wait Mister Narrator what is this timbuctoo that you would call her a she? She is knot

a kow-tower in the lane of her thought. You light the

lane of her thought. Breath take and spin the dice toward your feet . This is called the remembering of self and other. He thinks of her all day, while writing the Ecologues.

Third Proposition of the extension of the body and self over the space time demarcation of her limit. Not a threshing cased so fast.

when whence

When she could not speak to him she hid in the waves. appeared disappeared. a pair she was a pear.

Staccato night and day mask
a mask to parlay her misfortune the kissing lips of
her strong lover a hush-down baby. So whence the , no that is not sure

said Antioedipus to his other self her body.

hidden in the strata of judgement between the lovers knees her lover's body sleeping there the night between her legs between the holiday she wanted he wanted

its there the space of her lips her hand a worrisome prayer delicate eyes she hefted him up then into her space her body home for him at last a cry unto the night of her yearning

Orpheus met Franny . standed by the sea her beads an evocation to parry and pray a cinema

Other night was Orpheus her bended lover over her lips outspacednay even outsourced. how could it not be after so long?

alive along a
Memoir of a Metamorphosis incarnation
he was her body that day it rang in him her memory her only body his not the trip wire state of assault so many others had premised. not this sheet of god was his but the son in the woman her womb a calling to him between and by these sheets he made his and if he was dizzing adying it was the day night of his lips that made him song.
He was this
her grass
her feet
licking the spit at her feet
a gutteral song to her oasis
a brightness damaged the night her body walked awkward in the glare of have fides will travel come to to me this is my body my bloody
something violated the heresies her engagement to a love not said real life between the dangerous moments of repair .
over her chin he felt he r body repair his but swept off the night he has not abandoned a faith born of wounds and hope the child of her sexed into his over the faith lip words of her heart to say it
was the dialogue tumbling over her hand his hand caught to hers
voice haunts the ear temple an orchid unseen a skin tasted wisp gone in the air some body of his she wishes for possibly an enemy a rival would do harm holding her from reading then Antioedipus would send reams Antigone to her supply aidin' the instant of her revival nothing to be ashamed of lov
& &
was seven the only one?
he wondered around the block of the plateau an acentred love his only few a multiple of her bodies her body
Come to me whispered in the night
Come to

Her pout LiP lion open to the sky.
then whence .


the gathering

of the tree there was no one a face siren in the mask that played the air close to the fingers rupturing the seed mask that hurled her skin broken by fathers and mothers elbowed by the stacks the worn ship hankered her fancy she was Jesus and none her

one year she shuddered the close by mist of his lectures the auditorium a glass where students gazed a peer like attention to this

Jill was the foster mother of his heart in the doorway and spending the afternoons with him she always played dumb some elegant pride kept her away from him

often a sloop would bring the message her nerves played accordian and catena her face sliding into his shoulders heaped up clouds of a mother day a father burying his soldiers a cross of players king and knight to his ruthless word the baby borrowed from the fawn the other faun a lover clutching her shoulders in bed his sex pulled right up inside her her spine snatched right up to his hit and miss the

ankle and prayer

her belly



when the desire dance started she was engines ruffled feather

her spoon desire anthonlogy|| was her hair ringing

her eyes over the page one four under the eaves of her shake
across the emptiness of the pit her hand soothed the stage
the wreath of god the weather of the flim-flam instant
the dialect of her desire for body for bodies before land

her mammary tiny self to his between the thighs a small door
for him to enter over the geology of moral and the crackling

of air on the angle of thunder parted the ribbons of night
and his modem dazzled by dawn and dexterity pending the arroyos of
and canyon of her lake superior as any lip her sigh to him
over space
baby baby baby the abc of love ruined forecastle or ships
seized into the centre of her self.
Jill made the hour
Mona the hourglass shape and body of eye
moaned his name between the leg of philosophy's wisdom and her smile
a pale bucket of rain

Can I save you redeemer? inside the soldier of this far away?
laved by orient and softer than gleam she was a shudder
colonnade after colonnade

espied the hammer the socious bound by the sickle
and the omnipresent herd of her body in his mouth

was Oona was Jill.



was a genius where pens grew
it was saturned &
her space was the consistency plano
sphere was
that mass
of ecologues near
the harbour
some ting

was gawking
said Franny.
I cant see it, what she denied ? was the close thing
to bodies without organs was the next of control
I cant it double talk and black jack.
my nerves were the only place you sold
Jill bends closer to her father's notes
and antidaddy comes by close to her body
Of repetition and other things

clobber her he says
the plane touches ground
her body was sexed and seized by the desire
waiting her.

she closed AntiOedipus page 43.

\Now she opens her body to
an awkward moment
desire of delire
and the fabrication
of fiction
all of my works were fictions
whi ch does not me a n they were not true.

how make a book?

a book??
a booke? So_
I commenced to write a booke.


should a

Should a machine spook spoke your lust? dear one of the friggin balms? said Jill the gelid one to the geographer of desire.
speech was the the one word that left orthography desire geo
nights in between the bays and bees

over Orphic displayS of yer \ desire was the delire
coming in delivery babies in the bugs
some state machinery whacking out the injury dust and dry
as her mouth from far my humbug chairs and wires
steeped in the castle of many intents. Guattari walked over saying what are you speaking about I am goin to meet you ata meeting and hold your hand yer hand in mine was a palm to my mouth I kissed the imprint yer breath left. Later I took it home and

imagining your sex I held it closer to mine. Double pincer! and Lover! he shouted chips or cigarettes? take yer pick a poison is a poison but a poison letter to a lover is better. she shirks, she shoots she hits the ball! the boy galls
he falls
off the strata and into the ladder
a rhizome for beckoning him back off
a king of phrase
a lord of language
a command of body and
word in her felt grasp
of tangling down sex


Po's of the imaginings


Meantime Jill has a bad prostate dont use it goes to loose!
to Doctors and their malamachinesS! and the ma'ams that dont attend the dream state of Beulah. Pah ! she says she wishes to be a lover's body in the day and night come back to me some trail of sapience wills them to the past.

come whisper to me
thighs in the thoughts of your legs
your leggings a ribbon along my shanks my legs trembler in your arms some how the professor's wife was a stranger a translater's wife in an English novel.

Will that tbe chips or cigarettes?

You never called me you know that. Kow_tow_er to fate and destiny triumphant horn to destiny trump to horns and bed fathers a dime for a dozen

Yes Now I can see you naked very naked Be anyone. You see I see you naked before me as before and now yer arms laced around my necking wedding smiles for our kids
sober judo for the nights of chop and hate

this is the destiny of preferred men

I see you B_one yer naked sex before me a belt your favorite glowing in the dark,
and my old fashioned phallus glows dark embers forest peels your
lip page
squire of you I am your boy

in the dark

of your thighs

Phone rings : yes, I am the critical the contrary to chaososmosis

the phone rings its her hands calling reaching to my body
you see she told me her lower half was fine. I was excited when he read this. there was some sublime text there of sublimnal sex her behind and sex meaning her hips thighs
her sex wet as an oil
did she come seeing it? seeing that she wrote it to me and I cam e afterward reading it?
Mrs. Guattari would not agree. We went back to the first part of the synthesis called win and desire your basic body degree, I mean bawdy.
Jill was very hurt. He was my father. I was there in 88. yes the lectures of the last year.
After I went to bed and said yer name several times over as I lay there, and when I came it was if I held your your body and your orgasm in yer name being said by me and yer flowers hand held, your monstrous hands.

Meme code of desire switches the lanes to her name.

Orpheus desires
Orpheus designs

But not to worry! he said turning her backwards


Touring her backwards Orpheus is the play pen of desire and her sky her face in the


in the factory of names

In the factory of names which was an orphan
I posted your name hidden between the wheels of jealousy fear ache envy heroism and deterritorializing your selves, your neuron switches tackin'

but spilled over your lips
hidden in Grace she saw the shoulder of night
the sashay of prisoner
the swirl of her walk where a girl played
and her humble self wanted my desire

was like this body-without-organs of our unpermanented love
some grant from the divine cluster of loneliness and my name she had tucked away

SOmE Jill along day she banged my head
hoping this finds you well,
seductive word of ploy and intent
some summer day she bent his spoons Jill D. was bent
and flown bend and ebbflow
So this lover of his , he'd never known, she was reknown a special aptitude kid on the blocks of Paris, New York, London
she was the one fainting on books and fairs, her Pride as big as a Lion share and more a step away from fainted falling down across the b.w.organs.
her airplane of consistencey was a little too viscous? was the existential hype, the hubris of her desire
Come and Kiss DOctor Orpheus , if you do,
a porngraphic stair in your hair,
hardness strains at the bit
the multiple lesions of her nerves was the cost, but not
the sacrifice of love, O how he admired her!
even though admiration was a bourgeois sentiment
born of power and yearning, generosity and its
rude shades
of ghosts clambering to get to the top
Mona was a seeping ghost besides all this
rattle of tale and frame
her lyric mouth caught in the frame of its tale
her prepositiion of condition the strafed need
of her thigh and sex bearing children to sky and die
desire's net of death an everday occurrence
burrs of the sky of wind

Now gentle getalong Franny said we need
axes switching the poles of pair an d mirror gathering the boom of the sky and the hustle of its doom

some howwhere

SomeHow where was Oedipus was the machined indices
of the fullest lips in eternity a tried true and sound method for boxing the ears off beginners making the hard won facts gain. She Deleuze wants to see his heart on a caddy of strata, some plasma of palm readers, greased for eternity. That is not her beckon. The funny hat man, stick with him included wants prose for scratch. Not blinks for winks, and
runneling around his instincts for survival are intensities the bright one pestling of night's hunger. She sees Ears for Knights with infinite delay deference to others in the "le Multiple" across Spinzo's grace. Before breakfast and
once upon a day was a Jill reader making her day.

inside her deleuze was head no inside her Deleuze head was
some pair of razors rhizomes and cleaning ladies

she lots the skip hop and jump

of desire's machine
what do doctors know?

what camber of culmination is her spidery body lover? she says to hismouth
over and over the snake is the skin of the old tomatoe onion maker,
not poignant at all, not pregnant either.

Facing the Strata
the_ e

the pincers some

pincers was the knight of calloping
is that some cacaphonic phoneme , morpheme?

what she swivels her hips to his ticks
Jill Deleuze his mother merits more than this! shouts the bannister
barrister cages make the long neck deleuze look like a throw back to ages since

Open the eye of the door and the strata crash. fall a part
a part to silly your gown in ANtiOedipus stays the spot some hunting and picking works the allusion spot. OveR the Geology of Gargoyle

This will be Deleuze recovering his shoes his next hent a prebirth of joys and miracle maculated clowns. Guattari calls for his shirts.
not whipping shits or henceforward no names
but gathering nights in the forbidden

some admirers peep in the lecture hall
professor professor! what shall be our schizophrenic game of radios?

whispers the hushed hall caves of quiet in their voices of french babble accents
swearing cursing accents of smoke riddled throats
the body knows it way back
the body knows when YOu can't breath.

something came to mind

Mona was the sandbar on which all things prevent

sacked by cities and men
they are the climber of boards bards and men asingle nomad is
atheistic for her desire her veil a mouth on his hand

she trails the seed of her sex next to him

commingling the tent of black and white

balcony and

some sighs went up the side

and then more
it was the went of the world and Mona was pulling the taverns down with the counting of crime.


close to night

Close to night is rain said jIll once spilling the room foR the coffee her hand sparing me over space across her bodies vines and the possessive dropped in the middle of the Sun and her cacaphonous melody my strain.
This was where Orpheus lived in the between the beds and academies of lawrence and Mona and she won't be there for long ||||

between disjunctions and shares were olives and there were other things near chairs and blankets tables and lamps.

over the travellling geologies of dust made the sun swore to slow
any slopping philosophy sound
she was the retreat before Brandenburg.
How Jill met the ones who were her name

and others like this she was prose the poem and close to night her finger palps were bedded the free masons and firmament|

What then? well at the Universitie de Paris, I saw the one named Fou a Delire

before the ugly ones came taking away our bodies

So Mona weighed her options thinkin' this body-without-organs can be my lover shared between her and him