______________________Jill tries this: let's share it one 'more.'

Her skirt's scalloped . Its violet her hair is tattoos of containers locked with cabinets of Renaissance works ( tugged ) between the follicles she's wisely tended... over time... of course, time and nuance....

Lace studded with pearls. And other precious jewels. And her sunken face. Hair strays shines glitters. Pauses in mid drift she's a second too late to force beauty to work. Lady S is better.She's a goose in her glory. What man in her right arm wouldn't cry Mercy! Mercy Lady I am your love dog. Her lips are full tossed upward smile in candy.

How do get better in that? Does her back arch as she? Of course Jacky knows the reply before the tracking starts up. She's always well -dressed naked underneath. Her fur! O ffurfurrr like you've never seen. Less heard and touched. Its unquenched. He loves it that way, always preparing betters for her rifting her boat uptilting the bottom of her love beach. THat way or really that sense no one pays the rent.