A n obveRse desire machine so fast

  The world's an obscure machine ... meaning the obverse of cure/ the model is the curettage .. Mona turning bakcward alongthe Russian hillside of her limbs limbing? her glance backward over the shoulder of her lover's kiss... a smooch along the butter lips of her ... body..

the unconscious is  a g reat   washing machine...  brain washing? O silly goose a play of  weasel and hamster along the den of thieves, lions,

and the smell of bodies.. obscurely limited by the absence of a lover's real hand.

So Mona  does the gypsy boogie baby wrangled and obscured  by the three sided lover kissing the vampire shadow...

____________________________ Mona: are you trying to trick me?
                                 ____________________Jill traitors can only see the dark fuschia leaning of their 
   turntable grammar,their sigh  glamor ____

                                                                      A madman's hammering !at the whole thunder of matter    ___________________________________