Jil disported in fine frenzy a naked sullen ass. Her ass my face! the gods raged! and the they docked down on her. her comfortable and lazy socks defied what they perception as the becoming of Being!

Besides the gods were Roman Catholic ecclessia gangsters of the herrectical faterhless faith transcendence the . Unconscous is viscous and orphaned o pregnant women!___________Mona fired the arse of them doffed deities.

Hail you mighty stories and pell-mell reopenings. Your rows of nuptial and graceful rainbows. And the fair coast weather, along the gully of time's rattled cadence. The cadenza and presence of mind and body, soul and something else for between we know all that is love. Stands below the pediment of the democratic song. The lapis lazuli shines a glitter of heart and sheening polish the touched lips of wind and weaving its horizontal buff.

JIll return. Jill retires to the window of vestment. Drawing its orthodox style to the light parries down its chips bantering back to Fanny come along my deep crack we can hear the fissured sun along its rainbow morsel. Hail to the blithe snow of its remarkable and steady love ~ .