: Carnivalic D&G

-- always more interesting to live the epistolary than to write it. Then How to PubLiSh letters written on the spur of wind whenthe bourgeoois subject always wanTs SuMEthign MMore to Hang On to
--- That was interesting comparin`Daddiodeleuze with daddiaderridee....
>Interestin`intervention: but as far as I can until folks start seeing that
>Jill was dealing with matter as well matterphysika we ain`t getting
>nowheres said Jill to herfaced-visage Franny. I was tryin`to get folks
>yakkin`bout matterè`gin. Notjesttesxtch.....
Cough cough harumph went Jill
>as she emphysemead once again yet again....

ite. This >>Derrida of his own admission --- is that AdmISsIon to go to the Show Of DeSIreEE?? --- lacks `these` conceptual resources, with the result that for deconstruction (in >>the
>>absence of any notion of connective synthesis) notions such as the body
>>w...ithout organs and absolute immanence remain strictly incomprehensible.
>> >>Indeed the very thought of immanence no longer immanent to something else,
>>so central to Deleuze's metaphysics, could only be construed by Derrida as
>>a >>constitutively self-defeating pretension to the transcrescence of
...stupidity's never .... what we need... gaps... silences... solitudes...
>hard to come in the addiction machines.... of which she is plugged into
-- She wears the deconsructed suit of passi Vity knowing territory is ever present inthe war betweEn Self and other the Other witha Big Capital Se x. That is the Numb deading sex of the body without organs



In the punk abstraction of her desire, Jillw as a junior goddess working toward the permanent state of revolt. Not resentment and other enemies of truth, and her desperate drive toward honour and hindu. She was like the night that caved the leader of the taliban and the gangster of Islam and three years afterwards -- no aftersite at all -- put Presidential Bushee in pouvoir

Like Satan she had sex with the distributed gods on her organs and tracts, making friends with me and others. Too bad the Republic of Bush was the family of animuncules and not zeros of the zero hour of incredible More later, and coughed her hair.
The first thing to be distributed on the body without organs ar races, cultures and their gods.



these fictions date to 97_ in /Inception. of Pale and plateau they change as yer face caged unloosened the rifty spoon to spun sun....

what a toothy word some says Mona ash have with her! she heaves her breath to me her belt swooning
the hour of my detail .

These fictions 're filled with pyjamas potatoes rose, cauliflower, old train sets . Remarkable ladies inthe night. In the Eiffel Tower or at Tours. when Maurice rode the big motorcycle of li_groups, pen in his mighty teeth. my lover of old, she says, glimpsing with the sunny smile in her face. Not like areal bodyin the street. Its pitiful annoyance and yer alowness aloneness.


the pure presentident of pOems

the pure present of Poems was the Knight galloped over the cone of void

and then some

was Jill`s stamina against the deterioration of space and the war machin e

as cabled by the State sate machine

gobbling and chewing its inFinite babies

down the gullets of paranoiacs

`cause Jill(y) knew the price of love was gender abandoned In Her Th OuSan D PlA tea Us

and One

and alll the Lord`s MoleCUllllesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss`ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee