Hunger her naked shirt

Hunger her naked shirt meets the pollen meting out justice to its superb grace. And her breast and Sherry.A nd the pharmacist. And the assistant bread. The wheat pulling pollen on the air. And counting the shillings and . Foresting the wheat? Again! Damn it cries Mona her chair of philocksophias borne down by the ending.

------------------------------------- Jill has  a wave. Its furloughed to her desert.  If the planet marches she goes into a fast, but one that's swift and returnable. she's goods and consumers to the event.

Mothering her storm. And the windows too   ~

                                _____________ So she has her burrow baby and racoon to her wet night.

__________________At the well its spring water for everyone. A communist tide pleasing the red dusk   ~