that door

Opens closes. Open __ click cut. Off the laugh . Medusa head. Wont' ply the pulling feed. Not a creed to her pleading. A pleat roughing up the second by second training.

bang! she's hit her blooded out gut spews out spleen gall and piss. This is sun in the summer housing lodge. Low cost philosophy for a cued gut piece.

Thus the schizoid peace of her terminal eternal maker.

Not an English bitch accent big breasted nor a Scottish matron commended to her money hook. Not condemned to her tawdry money lending.



Jill had a finding her stone was a rock . Pushed to its calender.

Orpheus Saw
If there was a betrayal it was Not Orpheus nor the space of segmentation, but the loose line of prose, and its rigid molarities, their hunkered down deadzones. What said orthos must form and conform their hopping hands to the riddles of accentual syllabic not Celtic non AngloSaxon speeches and butters of the oat of desire. Not so, swore Orpheus the girlfriend of Mona, and her sheer down days.

Or that's finger dramatic to her lieu and luck .


You got grape fish

We have the hoof stamps as proof! of her ! and the thigh. and the . ... O come there move your feet.. shes's going the strangest wheat. baffled to her love sauce pittance to her form potion to her Romance idea of philology and morphemes? is that sentence semantic to its phonetic? o yer crazy with the gaudy are you? be merry! they're burning christians tonight O how glee the goddess _ Her hefted breast high to suckle!

Mona Fr anny Jill succour many more than one loaf and fish .


get off the roof

Get off of the roof Mona . There's some dick coming over the light. Shifted his parabola to earth's messy spice. Come along dear slut love's fuck gone elsewhere. We 've got the boomboom bahbah. Lets head for the hill and beat the pushs move along our travel pain. yes, my dear one becomes to your peace sign wrought to its splintered sun.

___________ Mona's gypsy's got her baby the immanence crowd in hand.



hold your feet close

Hold them close Mona, this death's worth others. Not the murderous fuck off to the spoon toast. but some hair ring. Of word fuck and its damnation perdiction with a gun the burning word branded your forehead crushed skull to cap.

Franny wants Mona to Jill. If Jack and Jill and Mona and Franny. Then their way is ...

... ------------------------------ Sent .


so every highway

is a death row. A built jerrycan blowing your stream high. A pisswink in the fallen sky. Jonah's bulk in the bastard sun. So Jill moves in moves out reproves death and might falling at her feet. This sacrifice's not made in the weather van __ it's not made at all. Nor vain is its trouble nor turpitude. Not so the waking fold and breaking foot. Hold the pedal we're weaning down the death rattle.


O this

'God' knows one wouldn't "want" a capitalist a capitalist working working a dead ....a capitalist working on this breach birth. this killing gground of the hog cannibal god. his cacacaca shit son hung on the signifier's prick.

Jill weeps to her cunt. Mona keels to her Jill
Jack between the back to back
her reader's read she's written to love

and the battle boot

well kick out that bastard son
move out that window


shes removed the glue

Removed knocking ...

A balustrade for her head to fall off.Chop chop chop to her residence. He cuffs the wedding cake off the cocoon and she's bridged her teeth. Around her eyeball's frogglance. That way no one knows the name of glue ~ . Around this salt elbows stuff their yuletide baskets but not you not you your cold ass's bears guilt for the fail to feel.

Goodbye head __ chop chop chop . No suzerainty for you no suey for your cabbage rolled trunk.

___Don't piff me with yer general generic vengeance toast .

Mona's Jack comes along spitting out the enemy for her and herbehalf to his .



shoelace Unguent and wine. Expatiate the charm school the Russina bully.

Come again my lovelies your capital : heave off the gold piss, shit onthe leg which fed you

IInfernal flagging . Imperial rooms. Glass of . And . and then. mouth. shut.

Times Jill says you you have have have have head barelybody your eyes I love I love you I love you a staring sudden lonesome Nothing sweeter than your arms legs lips than your voice calling to Jack __ 's coming with his cock clinging to the air Now , and then, calling between my heart's hope the secret sexual taste of your love.
They must be homosexual. She's bin, in bed with the two of her. Her lips go to kiss hers . Hers is there hiss me. Grappling her neck around the arms crawling cry. her come to him inside of she. Indirect call.


Move along your airplaning of consistency . She'd have a drink in the rain a cup holding air, standing by the seaside the sassafras a golden weeding

Move your whores off shore bitches... cuntflags cocksowr's aassholdzz of the fuck weed... your darning sailor've shit the burgs.. cuntwailers all... slag your mouth porches to the shitbags of posterity...the fuckwhores the lasses of economy travel world asshole credit bitches the fuckshites of manipulation __ slag heap to your call forwardring out to fuck fuck out to his wordflag the bullion bastards their fuckover capitalists risk... share bound for hell the river of atomic bombzz....

___________Sure to tell they'll crash your boat before she gets in ....



plain fox's not in cahoots nor does it wear braces and stockings, but assfine to deathbalk.

_______________MOna's vindictive pelf swears ruining ...
Removed the ring and glue surreptiously. knocking ...

Is this way your feet get cold old whore? is that your loving road? your cunt on the highway of your prissyprayer? this death's your moustache bitch-face|Proud of your

ignorance to make one beg your ego's super notched fucked |flat chested no ass not fumesnor locked doomed yer fuzziness fuck up. Her glue basted shitface.
there was a dancer once bare as gold.
cold to cement's its toxi c hair


rich to class

Take this match OTutankhamun pharaoh! Hold it in your illuimined mouth. Waste not breeds the heaven bound glories of days over the fat Nile's honest child. The way slumber carries her feet.

________________Day after day we hinder the warning animal burned by our socket. Crammed into feet that dont belong there._______________Shit Jill wont do that she just wanna take off her panties knocking her legs round his ass. Creeping up the back crack of his death.
Sucking his breath
Fucking his pole. Not an unconscious creation between delirious between two feet, but polarized between the loves of north then south spun round its jacket.
thank you for your creation.


the old gold

the old gold fought Daylight and over waves bundling the traps set by a black honey an glue not you Jill and not peas from the beanstalk or your y shaped thigh spreading the bed for him and her hair as yellow as corn.

This has been a repause to the contrary and the jacket wore sheet and fuddle sense of your surface cambering round the eye.

Each surface recording signs the love's warrant bearing its backer. Government love's no better. Each qualm is love's toy.



Eye want d and t like rear Eye want her eye 'want' the eye which wantsthe anal eye ? like a boy I want her as a man takes a woman's ass she becomes a boyHe is _ she is her. There is her
_________Jill has herhomosexual boyside
Enjoin me. enjoyin me? me joyin you ride you me ride meride meriding bride bridal. nota a con servomechanism.

JIll has her marriages and . Moult this pattter s'ils vous plaits. The dead ones has their shite.Plastered by wall and fate. I am the schizophrenic yearning pitter fatterthe gall. What gallis that? yer eigtheenth century escape. O come again please Mister embyro.


carpet and

carpet and fragment the magic team . remember that ?
The Commune Woke Up. It Shat in The Face. The Face Shat Back? Come Again Dirty Dog. What day is That? It's the onethey shot the Workers. It was Then. After They Was Blood in the Street. In Spain Was the Same. Bitches and Dogs Eating in Restaurant. Ambitious Ego. One hundred and so many others off and Odd. A delirouus? Come again. Oona. No and Another. The Commune Came Home_ Not rights of Coalition But Wrongs to Right. Okay So its Wrongs Coalition Recollective.

__________________In the fancy restaurants they eating. yes,How Many Died for No Reason. The Commune Moved all over. Moved Over. Moved Here and There. In your Palm. Okay You IpOd. Yer EyEPHONE.

__________________The Commune is the Beach Above the Pavement.
______________________The Commune is love his hands reached to His Beloved.
_________________________________________Kissed her sigh of Piece.


sure to be(come)

End there you ass. Kiss weep to your Eyes. Iyes comes along shakeing ass at your repause. Repause says its the dinner and debut when we. No it cant' t become. this roughed up eyepage cant break the watermark of the smitten wearrer. Not my job to connecting the reconnoitering selves slave to their best pen and fucked off the mouth of vulgar. It's idiom then , is it?

Start here at the end ... tough word that was coming along its ridge building its path ... the needle spider web.. no ghost'd tarnish this pavement rear.. along the swishy wood

firecrackers and sunrises certain to bloom over the edge colliding with the forest and its
face ... lorn to its slang tracking

bitter as the illusion

one arrives and
the land speaks haughty
desire'a long gone

war never ending ..grimace hammering ... .
Shove off this pate. Grammar to your rule. Logic to your Remus. Come along me quad hear's the one listened gate at the palling fact, her heavy swung breasts.



It's a rough setting says she weakend by hours over this poor place....

Jill won't find her feet...


river to ocean glide

______________________________ O the watch keeps time ~ ____________

This farce has a moon mumble Jill. She count and recounting decomposable. Passable to the liver. Not a shunning cage, but the codliver oil of mother and father.

Silence as Athena passes over. The cloth mist and factory parting its burlap cover. Not a second too late to its furthest icon. Something to go along with the breath rifting the wave splitting its end by curling.

Come along lovelies this lace's tied your bound ~ .

Between those chords you were born ~

That's Paris and the storm ~

where truth was born ~



A man has been swimming. Swarmed by things, she's rescued his belonging ~ . That way there's no hurt in the word ~ . Jill knows this truth of things , perceptible ~ .

Over foxglove and tenement building the stuff of avenues and the filter the future of turning .



The gifted ancestor has no one not the woes of yore and the feelings of tomorrow. A shift in the planet of things leads us to nether nether land. her body 's cruel. He's tame a s a dog subdued no Her due's better than this. O come along the busted cave,__ Jill's dweller is hotter than the breath of divas.

Her lips fluted breath come along tympanum to the restless arbor .




Tower fort and the street round the ... corner

Mona register. Call in. Wont see wolfe. eat a plain. the fairy tale of godszzzzzzz. wont blink at hour of rutilant and . her mouth is yawned bearing the old fool. not the extreme example of the prophetic lunacy and its raging forest. Is it a spear come over that fat air?
Come along you tramp squalor of the ocean yard. Lift your chin, dont lead with it. And along the long cabin woods play. And madrigals come along a forest. Faster than a father. of never agains and again.



you go south

You go south in winter. Like any restrained robin? breasted to your page and if terns catch the sailor's eye does she bear fruit better?

Mouth hovers to her lover's lips Franny to Mona' s covered her becoming woman of the wave tide, and the Ulyssean beachhead. Landing this way's not her first choice. but Some land is better than no land.

Fruits at sea are common. As the housefly. Lovers climbing bunk nights. Breast to breast mizzen masted and tingling she to she in the bucking deep leeward ... thigh ring and
right ringing hair ... curling trailing... sighing ....

As for the rest of . Simile __ Yer mouth's wife open to someday

________________ Now take the gal coming back stepping her gait's gawk varia



She glean and

What else to tell but :

__________this pave you lift moons honeycombs ride whirlfoxfactory. not the dash combings its sideburns its leaves healing the sanctum wound? O Franny cut that baloney yer a tree tied round your marsh and the breeze crumples at your every command.

This place has no sex and silence no seizure for the lien and the recommended sentence is ten years to a pound. That was a good cigarette. Come again will you? Shilly to her hood and willful to her hoof she's blasted the tenants in the woods and a blameless far is coming along the way.Shat to her face! Vulgar pig! every prune baste has your material on it. To hold and reaching the hold persevering against its ridden need and stare blankly to the godlike bound suffering its ten percent choice this might make you pause and reticent with the tune barrel forth a lungbusting harmony dragged to your fourth octave and to doubt this blood your father's blame or wax and wane pause on the idea of an alcove and the balcony O these things reading and read not pushed and yanked but rounded out to batch the place... And she dresses in red tights black collars soft to the brainy stuffed touch her fine braille smooth over the frame that might be a father's ragged fortune!
O fluff and fair my chinese girl! yer sequined look and the two part bisexual combinatory of your body... these are the truths a man might seize major to his whoresome self....

Franny's dreaming fanny Jill Mona to her cryingtart. A sylvan plateau 1715. Revolt and memory manufacturing and ipods, near voice and sand far glance to her brief becoming.

I have held you very close to the command ~ .


a little dab

A minor dab here to there_____________to cut over the ropes. an hang the galleys. rip the tie and mingle its four score and we lost the owl Mona. carry it high to the bunker.... there's staring going on in the skie

--------------That way none hear the firmament's thunder ~ .


these heartles fort

take a hike nazi fouler the idiots've spoke, the kids take after immediate imbecilic idiot

at the drop of a (schizoscholastic) hat they were lovers.« The cheat has a real future but no becoming at all ». sweet cheat of ... the street's a willow . does that i.d. statname corral your opal tearing... locking the swimming ... pool like that.. your mouth hurting harder.. In hades you enter... it's not real ... vulgar ... viconian wheel of the predator mouth. walk walk. more walk than not yo u leper.. pariah...


Jill movies

Shes got her roof tongue stuck. In secret places: C . cant be said cant be found.

Jill lives beside Mona in the movie. Its heart catchy phase place. This blocks the noose and for them that don't understand life's a way, and death's the pain ? O come again say more you old silver sailor . Tears are the price buckets pay for becoming.



fat and

Fat and of these things fiat

shld you spy on your love it's not love but a bony socket . not a sonnet__ Ring loud the siren its hoofed bang on the god's roof! the bastards know we're coming ... get them yes.... get the yes ..get the bastards....



A mere copy cat is not love's tape. Take that wrist bust them groins! lift that hinge pile that brain .... and cannon Over the stage Jill's a naked hussy lesbian to its biting want! the audiences go beserk fucked off toher love. Lust to their burial ground. And forced to their vacating they discovered love's boom boom throng! She! Jesus! she is whipped!


rangoon and the plateau of 5th

Rangoon was 1973 a white text on winter solstice page to rummage by and the smooth kiss of love's hobby not the cream like crowd and the what the hell is this shit Mona,you can t see for fucking. yer bail's set at 2000$ get moving yer Spanish hussy ass.


hail! wail

Gibberish gaboon!

Gibberish gaboon! the something something and other wishes her patted aspect was knight to the foreign squire. Peace to that funky pulley adds the difference heading North. Every family's death is the myth of loveglub. its murder's the trundle norm blood bath to its hacking tragedy and death to the best of their hope fors.



Mona in glue Jesus in calender in drag in sweeping fret. Come IahlongMona yer petted stoking fuel station to its come.

This way her hearts normal unpunctuated curse to its lambasted tomb! bitch ! call yer cousins and death rattles


over thence

hence our boats dry docked? O gambol yet might haul it at night then perch ashore

this's has held many the crashes of the old and bitter sea
isthmus of sand blocking up her eyeview. AS sanded to the eyes shes not seeing whats goin on beneath her nose, and her clothes. Soaked! Wet to the bone! with sand around her feet and quaternary deposits caking her asscracks. Jill loves a sand dune more than anything more than an hill!
---------------- Call it a bloody lagoon! filled to the rim with__ the wrecks of dead kings and moss covered boats , say 100 of them

Her ship steams between the channel and if she's stranded its temporary fever while finding land to land land to land to land....

And for sure shes's sighted lambs and whales aardvaarks and fine pipes from the ancient of day and fright. .. off the coast line and away from the headland ... and there's often noticed trilobite foossls when digging at her fusy feet clung deep in the earth of her veins.... Stone pillars hail her and vistors arrive in catamarans ... tipping over the backbiting water rough shod to its speed and salt mangy fist...
For play there's stone heaving and other tribal diversions but a prism's a pillar hoisted between island and she's lover of the fine fall winding....



Doff you dead and coat entering these permission premises Mona take off your naked body so we see the light of your lavender. Naked as the stray day you was born and riant as the cow, raised as the old fat sun and its shimmy shimmy hip and thigh. This is sweet love's creamy old bow and colorfilled twine.

The old man, of the sea, wore his skin closer to his heart than his rain fattened forest. Quick and huff and easier to forebear his stolen winding courses of the flanky blue dark sea. She bore him home winning twins.

In way this was prattling spring tapping the windows
covetin her bow and arrow