rain goeth

when the rain goes

She's wayward, noctivagant ferret to the felling and swooning buttocks of the ladies she ride. She love him. She love his him to her rough cut breast its amour scent paint and wheeze with the toll of breath's body boom. So love goes buck ramming the propertied pair of its choice. NIght cons her eyeballing and hustles the tender touch , her long hold on his body.

_____________________________ Forsooth she comes agin his castle wattling warming its arse plenty ruth ~



around the flanks

 Jill's moving her hurry alongself. The platitudes of missives song and other brains. The double brain! come along my hearties... let's sail for braver daughters....
"Scuttle the ship of pated imbeciles was not her idea!"__ this way you peek not reek the sullen bate. And congregate your cheering crowd hustle and bustle to the foxglove. something like that. Jug . and the remaindered forfents combine their thing . Jug. ANd will their parents to the gloam of climate and movement's best udder, its friendly passing  a tearful o f hankies. And pockets to keep. Keep them! Jill blunders glass eye to a pier filled with assault boat. "Crude coat of  war and pigs."

A tearful of  sights to her seeing.  

O rest knight ripost and repose your lance and field. Trouble comes to end and summer's ear is room for love's patter  ~ every wellkin's a lover.



Jill was an epoch

Jill lived in an epoch. She was epoke and selfless to the maroon of ridgewoods

over the often placed south. Ripped into Galileo's eyeball   ~ This was love's unfairest capitalist fuck. Off to the repearting partitive. What! you immediate imbecile? O come agen! you pizza lover boys. Yer homosexual knights are not long in the thigh.

_________________ you know all true travellers hold their onus at boarding houses, and this way it cruises fine lifting the belle-epoch to nostalgia's sad squeeze  `

________________________ Jill yells~ Class over! recess! out you lads!



of this obsessive novelty

Nothing came. Went it came nothing went. Observerd on knees . Nothing. Genuflected on knees scraping floor. Nothing . And observed statue of the Virgin Mother with . And nothing.

Okay hold your mouth _ what of that host that flew through the air? O and the bobby apples at nursery kindergarten school was it?

Dont pull the garden~ She turns to a foregone page . Yore its past pasted cartography  ~ a schizophrenic hijinks:

It was the forty seventh day of her request, the plateau of minding.

Texte ecrite et detourne.

Mona a vue cette texte, alors elle m'écrit une lettre si beau
si gentil. Si le fragment et le norme, c'est comme ca qu'on écrit, et la
norme deviens le manière de trouver des autres, et aussi de travaillez.

________________So dig them fragment blocs, them blog thing. Its the plural possesive of the horde pack on the beat  ~ Breast to beat its wholesome lute   ~.



hussy hussar

Jill picking her diction apart tweezers in hand: Pivoting the  . The thing. Blocked by terrier  and dogs. The letter a thing heard and reft of its provision priorities a muck.! Moiled as any tearing nylon sock.

Fanny hammering. Become what you am ~ Amn't I sayings its the dispirited river four times and the metronomic time tells.  Upriver boy Upriver and rove your tearing might.

Jill loving a
hussar's  badge hidden in the glen  blackwatching ____________ it  ~

she cornered the avenue. Boulevard to the backdoor tenement of love's little cream. And less money! than capitialism's sow!

O timber and amaze her breasts.

_____________________And she slept with blue .And red cheeky bold as the brass bottoms her mama donned  ~ tears in her peepers but Ah! laughter the hidden blissed laugther of its going and returning   ~ .



rumpus ruckus!

Cop  a walk    ~ tell the old bag to go cop a walk! the old shingdagger ! the sin waffler the truck__  is this what you do living alone? love all the women! ring all the pages rough up all he squires  this way love's a dirty stewardship! Ahoy maties the gullible rivers temper our season galloping by the tough   and .. well, clonhking knight! is that it? he hefts a jewel thief high in the cusp of the moon's fractured fawn! Ole! a bull! a beef! a bullion! gold for your cressted knaves.. Come along my fancies, you are the one who saves the false from the true.

Bearing along the ogre's obscure route...

 For a moment Mona's a  husband feeling her hands how her hands around .. her arse.. and the plenty starved buttocks .. there.. the pantry of lust  she cl.d have yes, the talking buttocks and the peach squeeze of her sex ....

O sex O squeeze we been loving for months!~

__________________ Up her panties around her thighs. The ever suave chinese  lover of yore  ~

______________________________A nd more therefore Jill's ontologies are sexual erotic .



is this


is this heart open like a gas chamber a door knocking in the wind..a navy frigate bounding all waters.. the schizo tunnel of love....

in the gravy of soup the batwing culling along the ridge of the overpass. suave as the dock and the bollard artifically pinned to the ground and the woman's frizzy hair and her mouth gaping open..


this time she asks is it two three? legs and arms cartwheeling over the lake's surface




You could say but dont


Mona has a biword husband. She's galore to gorge her. Her meats and friedays her curtains and saturdays. Goaded on she breaks up like a ruining village run over by camp attendants . Is that it? the echo of the golden metro. the olive daring it stays put ever ovaled to sun air wind the tawny breeze ...

If the fields are oleaginous it's because the earth around is humble. and the wet soil's a mouth. her lover lives there. a polyamorous goddess.

Shes tripled the double decker of love.

Raided the poorest of things finding its sage carbon. Uplifted by the emergency of soul.

Would you kiss her? O yes yes ~




Suspire retire inspire ~ Jill's game. You could say Jill's sanguine to her phelgmatic friendds. But Mona's Jill when she's on her day off.S witching sexes and partners as merry go round as she does. Can it! shouting Fanny and her ass widesplit down the playa of her selves the .

None hear the things the right. As when a stop pioneer. Or a ramble breast pushed up above your mouth.A nd the mother. Saying. Or the come work greed temple and the tangent reaching. But if that is the salt then what of the windy crevasses making lover's body.

Jill has the tangle, the eagles, the marble. And the wood, the pageant of desire' huffy angle, the reel body e ver wooing its woodward claw. On the glittering sand of the beach crystal and gods, bodies merged their windward weeds lifting patching beginning... if the bowels of the earth are nearby its because around the campgrounds the smell of hardwood.. is that likely?

jIll wanders underground the road winding into tented couples ... into the below ground she goes ... looking out for the thing....

Let's let her there for now... the cavern's drapery folding her....


if rose on rose

He was sailing in her ass ahhh Jill was sailing full tilt in her ass full title in her arse rounding her ship leave to leave shore to shore sation rimming hip

This style the night has . Stylus the knight's cardboard places his greeklover. Hanged and huffed by love's little bride , love's little playlist. Old editor. What approximiate buttoks is this hooked to took to bring her rining bottom back home, the adoration of it . She's a bun nune guised in her maxiimum dress pants. loved to bitch this good sound of its motorcycle plate the hounded from heaven place....

Come to her mouth lover the semiotics of bow to hull reviving sprit.... and its the short route to everything...



fifth figures fifes of peach

finger of speech__________Stop breath becoming a consulate resulting psychologist _ pshaw on that blimey! . None need your false opinionating! Adumbrate you stupendous one! O yer lips around his cock a doodledo nonesaid it was strong!

if this way you sing the thunder there's night. and the loud clap of ~ off comes you blouse, bra... stockings lover's apparel is worse than knight armor! fascist bundles of sox and paranoid pants... weird dressses consumer fabrics of plenty from around the world made in china cheap... serf suckers labor for shitass wage in place over there some unknown ... she's naked now, hes naked as the brass table the thought of breast and chest. as naked ontoological philosophical calcareous dating photosynthesis....

mouth openingbodies closing opening langurous none des cribe better than noen the wheel of its pitch on her groin she's married a man her heart beats faster than a boy a box a


ring not ride

_______________This is not aloof it's love.

Ring around the neck is not ring around the collar Mona. says whats her name cartographic to her spelling awkward matter ~ this is the stylus bleeding god and Torquemada. She loves bullfights the toreador! Cartoonish to her spelling spree. At the nylon nursey tucked buttocks and bunched adders. Brindled cows chomping masticating the aft and resting by the plywood a pillar reft by lumps and saws. In the barn dozens of. And outside by the hallow brook or stream as they like to say a pond of , and resting the feet. washingthe repair and . And yes. it goes. returns of sooth and forsooth her g'love. Slimmed on. Regnancy's her wish her hands around two and three she's gloved and yielded this . of his double and trophy and triple ribber she's accomodate all her lover son of yore. This god of piece.

-------------------------- Mona' murmur narrative continues.

Jill has the hanky-panky . Kerchief and bobbysocks summer wear. It's a birdplane love bucket.
its a robin hooded cowling her lover furniture.



rest repose compose

 rest repose rose the air is blank . hollow spaces venture your conjecture . the machine is a book. spitting out dime. nickel. phosphate. toes.

have any heard this of this thing hanging roun' wolves? wolves dangle round their own chains, neck of heart hearing to piece its pot of the pie and more that way none hears the clamour of rough or the weeds of talk   ~  little darling you've held the stem long enough. fingers to balk their wedding blues, balked by the blues missile of their love. Jill states categorically: if they want to play theatre so can we : as real as real getting  ~

________________  O foolish finger of the sobbing winds .


gazing past guest

jill holds a chair in brunch (not butch) studies. Shes' doctorate of Paris. At 21 a brilliant wave to her cuts her swath inthe anthorposposawsawsophilo department. she meets Franny  they cut an arse. A good strong one

Novenas and arenas and she's granted (bribery) at least five favours flavours of special graces.  Prayin to the virgin. lookin at the frescoes. Shes naked orgasm in the Forum its hang the flagons unleash dragons corral lions eat christians, draw and quarter marxists stalinist especially spermint of feat death breath clause.

We know no moan worketh alone. a humdrum killing's better than none at all. the pioneers versus the police cops of desire

bodies are free minds are manacled slave to the soul' disappearance  ~

O soul brother
you gotta have soul
not dirty ole' blankets
for bodies



that way thens

____Chimes and bells and lovers plethora, heroic figurines, Leda and the mother of love wolverines   ~

 that way the loves galore . o pore on the strain of its bearing. yes Jill claiming selves making sense upriver downstream and beckoning backwards along the sidestream meadow  ~Imagine the burgling of all those stars. In a minute! too as if calm winds stripped meadows of their significance   ~ and he says signifiance  ~!

the plunder they amassed ~ Mona heaving lumber over the yard of history and across the laths they go  ~ Jill lifts her her lower, the lower half of that denim skirt saying see take a look  _ it's love love   ~

tigers and tear animals and the silver ~
in the trays




 Of the bodies piled in lipids . and the feathers along the gruel, and speaking of. gulag and mutter. children to the forest spoken somber by the downward winding of the breeze challenging the baked banks of alluvial prisms allusions of abrupt thunder an d the woman's hand, across the bow the banging ring of its realization!

So Mona and Oona loving the third of the their number. tribadic to its third end the triple bodies clothed along   ~

  the mother to any daughter tearing the word Yes out of her womb  ~



rose lilacs for your baby to bye blue

 In the malapert afterclapping your thighs tremble. This hand copping feels round the baptisimal fount. A christening for breath and leaving the wider open cases of flair and despair. How explain to the seven year olds they am rongrong. Gong and Gong! their peevish pairs are no good to the solitude of song.

                       Jill's not fooled for a seconde by the blameless of charity and the prayer of supplication. Christian volume the bloody murmur of begging prayers and the christian virtues never brought much but the homilies of death rattles.

________________________Jill kicks off it wonders at the trash flying off her boot. she'd stare at his cock all night restingits head repose wonder to god  rest.


rough fell

A waistress is a wench. rags to her arms... care to her packaging relief to her  ... necessaries... calvary to the cool clothes ... off go thongs... last bra's ... and the smooth mouth of taste ...

she's cupped her schizoanalytic loverboy
through each ganglion lane garned its tearful wrist
writ on the love desire's bang hoot what?
shared every democractic lover style capital's hopeful nagging

and the various sundry loving

as such

'Mister Artaud to Monsieur Deleuze)
(Mme. Parnet)
(Mme Mountaintop)
(Claire clair e_clair clear clear as
On a Claire day you can see all the way to the Pacific)
(When heading West West becomes becomes becomes
East ) (Easting yer West Westing yer Easterly winds)'

_________So Mona headed down the cape Ireland her first best halt.~





after clap and clapping stowing seeds.

ring across your clothes lover. this spent keep has all you need . ward robbing the suaver vest darned by the pull of its need. threading its . cool face to the darling weed.  

Why she cant abide the boring one and two of the factotum! its toe stinking coo coo of the pent up lam on the go . like a backchopping whimsical beast. better to go this way that it its the land lubber's rose,the librarian's clothes.


finder keeper vessel

Finder keeper is love ~! hooted the halls merry   ~ loud  as the cool berries of summer boysenberries of ten o'clock   ~



bearing through

Treacheries trundling turnings away results Iseult paybacks. clock work. narrowing down narrative . walkin it off.head ache bear. tear night. rough worst of wool

Nothing like clockworking for miss the other event her smile her taste along the .. not the worry but the care of her face ... her almost fluttering eyelids ...




Mindful of the camp and lent. The bee keeper and their beautiful bodies. Lending the hour, keeping the  pot brewing she's  mindful of the hour. Horus has the god down he's praying the immanent sign of love's proust. its carrying on page and the relentless swoon of their  biding. Her body has talked many years of the love

and carrying instant



if you're

If you're not crying its laughter pays the rent cuppin its rearward glance along the givers of lime and the fare covent of their merit. A badge! a badge for every playing skunk! and barenecked ladies to marry the bought package like any animal does wolf to her spare fibbing and her clanky eggs. And the what not of change and love not the involuted especials of nutcases. and the inversions of feel sorry for yourself, and restless mourning. zany crabapple broads stuck up their own arse.

Mariculate the love vein.A job hours between. Vous êtes entre de choses? On manque rien quand c'est le soirée.

JIll's hammer soft as baby's pudding

How to end simile/
Write direct clear.

No metaphor and parallel and then like a streamer engineer your heart skips a fasting repeat parting like a
synecdoche adn yer hypertension is gone. ASs and balls sore, foot sore, call that fucking Oedipus! doctor frigging freud. the nuthouses are full of electronic experiment the populace is teh guniea pi=gss. please

______________ well being part of something is quite the human impulse and we are human too humaN! with our humus and femoral bones and funerary contentions. Banding and unbanding the reel fingers of the body and the daily god .


Boom pop pang

______________________SO Jill has bantered e v e r y fort ~
perpending love and routed enemies. crumbling noun and broken egg. what figure of totality is that ? figment of germane grammar tossed on its side? the lent of being becoming Heraclitus

of Elea and Elea's gown and the dialectical junkies going down and finding her conjunct self better than none at all and the enunciation is eyeliners Erinyes to your yes eyes
and the square static of not moving

So Jill so hubbub so relent



Is Jill Mona going backwards her highway sense and dollars. Cented to the each cornerstonegstone.       Dented the eaves and roomed the parlour. Franny's as short gets. Shored out against these leaves and riven bootied ties.

 _____________If about anyone hears it then the conversation comes to  and a squall rigs the water raining along down the head all day. And to speak of knights at a time as this is a rich compromise.
Mona he is the other woman : gratifying her sense of dying dying dying

repair renew


singluar not many

yer glance away today like a sieve a fire station|it;'s you love holdin him here. Approximately your body in every seizure. Turned out the neighbor's neighbor had someone over from your way.A nd he thought, if her why not him. So Mona turned to Him saying get with it! get with the programe!

hurrying down the lane to your love
come along baby unmantle your dress
hasp off this clock of clothes
becomings to our naked bed.
sweat and screw Kiss to Bliss




Monafound a note written by ___ To ___ heralone. Knowing Jill was  mothering and fathering the  legal fictions the legendary fast day of ....  of them she heard pdf  her famin fama  fama  her fatima this way her famish  ....HerFamamamatima  she she was christideleuzi of the car and sand territory to the neck tie and fob Opening her notes she   bold frittering letters.  Her mamapapa had left heras alegacy. How to Understand the thinkers!!! How to rig the scholia! bang the gears, click the staff's ears. box their tenements.
O Jill her only flag was long self to bend!


and the

and the reminiscence of fealty and death. her hands are fur.

gripping and rippling

tent of their love ~

the tall becoming comes to earth landing her feet tippy toes to the ground



crumble beg

a swart crook and thief the ugliest bean in two town!

moves the golden wheel backwards. tunnels her gape . its he r face her face at finally ~.



death wheels

the expectation of hearts. and bread. her crumbling brain masochist to her its glance asscross her ass backwards. and the tearing weeds of her sex room ~ the heat! the heat! anges hanches

__________________he flies he disappears ~



luff green


over the puff drops harbinger of care and beggars braggarts afford nothing. to the nothing thing itself and its paces the orange crater.

_____________This way her shimmer is blocked. Veils akinning in the wind ~