After a v________________After a  careful review Jill stamps maps gathering. Wondering . its pull the hook pullulating. 

Notches the pistil. cranks the key. Wishes the bumper. Marks the fate. Gypsy wrong to her elephant tusk and this communist swathe .

Seeping wondering its eyeball patent.   Mona hefting the long sallow coal. It wonders th e  conclusion. Alluding to its valium dish.

Her arms reach over. Number one saying chariot chain Baby when you coming here?

Arms round wreath of ceiling not the Medusa's freeze. Nor the forlorn cup of this repeating. Shushes the womb the two one one. Four headings in this bed, she double his money libido.

For the vagrant. No love comes bumming thatway. Bodies __ Gyspy teeth bury your rustle between four breasts, three legs, and over the edge 2 others rifting the page.

Of its mother dominate crucial.

Continued to her . Bear her    .




 If shes' remanded in custody (no less) pending a fartherst hearing a moon day's knight in gaol. The same as Wilde Oscar, she's gone to disappearance? O the sentefcen of upspeak's her crying shame. Wont you plasster? Place ? Please come home you old ! thing. Along the stars and every night, she golden grain to her ruling? Come along my hussies and overbarriers.

So So so so  n SoW 

 she take(tkaing) s  takes  a takes   a  bed song making it the long way to the running road. Of the of course of them that speak. Seeking their way, along kettle drum and bastard choir attender.

 Some say its not so. Others know better and it's true. She's always. better t han a fake and faded schizoiophrenicified nothing. On pullulating pills and thyroid masses.




 Mona's cutting bait and herky jerky 'bout most things except mots things. That way she's single in many to her double-entendre. Her puss puss and cuss cuss is caught up as any mare making quality. Quantum 's her right name. No matter how ya cover the girl's face she's gotta have an ass! An arse, she swivels Irish brogue tangling her accent.

If every day was a  traffic song. She knew the bitter blues biting her __ Time to go time to air, time to entrance the fore winged song. It bore her betters farther. making up the letters as it kept long its slow boat and the cllimbing nape her beck its columnar fair.

Allegory to her pelfering miséricorde !

Tangling her ass in forest and woo
she bent

the wide cape. ~ 
Overhead rounding its parent shift. And her blouse open naked to each breeze bested the others.
Narrators of breast and fealty.


Of this

Bed of roses     ~ petunias, figs gift for sages Magus to the wise women. Three in her darling poses. not a bank of rivers crawling up her salting plate, but nickers of them. A lost word hail penny to her pound. and the irish glance away ward awayward. Something is missing to cover her persuasion coercion. 'I've always been your fuck friend. Firefriendly knight .

So Jill's saltimbanque rests her ace   ~.


O foolish creators of vines!

Mona  has a lesbian selfhood its mannerism are her main talk. Not becomg a cat or dog but a puppet on a  string hitched to the master of . Cerement  _ well ,, pissing herself she has to admit Lady G is in bed with  
                  her  _____ er. A nice couple of peaches they make A humped back whale couldn't be better. The first time Lady G did that was a ways back, and the same goes for Lady S. Now Mona hangs in the deep water of vertebration philop and has her hands 'lifted' with presence and near absence a transcendental god, not a dentist, is her trues hope and fondest wish. it's gloves off!

One night Jack gets home he's hot that is Jacky gets her underclothes off to uncover multitudinous _ How    
 many people are sleeping in my bed! She roared! her whiskers a tail wind in the cutting throat of . And then she and he came along the hood like any backwheeled page hustling her slang idiolect. She came in his head like a I guess you know what  . Apprehension and beauty is the duty of thiefs and honest to goddess she wont write here what cant be seen. Not being foolish she lives in the twentieth century.

If Jacky has a better deal it wont begin in these brief columns, nor in  the headlines of her bust size.




A tourniquet a ring a chain she's done it all. Next near to her pissing she's savant?  _ Mona come along with      with  her mouth in the ~ nearest end of wearing forks , knives, trees, icicles, isosceles - in addition shes' appareled with triangles round her foot  ~ spent to any throng unearthed her bawdy pair of legs! O within your body   ~ the tearing sound not the vulgar but the  worst thing is the huckster! and the resounding ! pap in the face of the singular universal. So Jill insisting on her knees to a genuflected deity, punitive commission are the sure sign of its uselessness. 

gods that approve death and sacrfice monstrous creations of the past bloody as hell and the depressing idea of covering their  bodies clad with the dark noise of 'their'pas t . So how many times travel there in the hungry food and angry deity of the god?

Question mark Franny holding her nose and the forest and chair and calming the tree and rubbing the backyard wind and coupling the rhubarb

and lifting the sow package of its   No no Mona resisting _____> If Mona's true virtue is to accost men she's one haughty harlot in bed.

THe strep throated maiden of choice   its what Jackythinks of thinking as he thinks of her. That waste of wool and seperation reflex. How sick ones in the world! she woes.

 ______________Turn around! O mes forets
     ____________Turn around O saisons

No one speaking this way you old crooner.

Hold your horses Mona Jill Jack and the gang   ~  She's not far from wolves  ~.


You little tramp!

if she had anything it was something.a sled a desk evading the bullet eye nose. How does one camp? It's the belles-lettres boulevadier but none persuades better . So she holds on. Holding on she''s wrung the chicekn feathers from the milk? is it silk? Okay Mister I go you hence you barbarian cupidoll. Is that how you spell it?

You  ________________organized, you ____ organism, you___ articulate
your body–otherwise _______________you’re just depraved.______________ You will be signifier and
signified, interpreter and interpreted–otherwise_______________________________ you’re just a deviant.
You will be a subject,___________________ nailed down as one, a subject of the enunciation
recoiled into a subject of the statement–otherwise you’re just a tramp:
I have not been any of these things  . .   Wrapped up as
they are in their

I have been the parts hole to knock it s wholesome. Fruit of glad l with an L missing
bearing its perverse

Not a gun moll.
Nor a beckoning sans clause
She placed
that semi
just as
it belonged there.


Ignite that fire books and weeds. brook! no fault on the cambering rail. its indecent sock the many plenty that make many talk. outside the white its bird side pool is the 

Hold your breath thy you try every ring you know force the summer to its jewel  amethyst if you must gold if cold argent silver to hold

This mesa knows no other rider bare ridden to its swain and the caregiver 

Trains roll and roll foulard to their Venice the city keeps time its fetid impulse not a radiant 

  Do you hear that Jill she's rushed in the door class as any cheapside babe she's a rock n roller to her peeled onions and this ladies are laid to her betimes laddies.  Sapphire true rues all cruise to her fine flaxed ruse hamadryad to her barefisted wool. So love gods and goes. Its apparent knaves the fussy beats of   ~.  



Jill's jacktation is the thrust of . Stratafictations. Eon of bus and tingle of ferret? Is the way the double joint goes? Along the track of merry some which of eat its billing pulled to it. Come back. Bibliotheque Nationale. By the banks of the Seine I sat down. Along the grinding ... frabjous diaphanous and dainty raises her ass. Twisting bending it.

She's rearward round the channel. None catch her drift. Cache to her sodality _ her clandestine  ... river? it's tundra the unconscious laughter of her self   ~ Joy on the two  ~ 

_____________The first time being and nothingness and the gods yes, the goddesses too laughed their heads off dying from it. The nerve and calumny of the idea of the one god staking and demanding its above other godness.

 Professor D quoted and over the mountain___ Athena Jill jerked off the left wing of patois murdering the self individuated clown   ~. She's done two and three and now she 's her along the river of pelf  ~ seek the error lover that's where youone find the real  ~.


in the autumn fall


In the nefarious days of  Paris__ 1994 _  working the street avenue of the learned boulevards
 Jill wrote an epitaph a forum a song a throne of thing and feel. Not wishing for the past rudiment her blessing piled high the russet tussle of   lips
as it went so it did   ~:

  Fanny her self the griever. His KNight was a pair of ropes  in the love horn
way of womean and other becomings. Who was who in this world of ebb 
becoming?  the reflection which cast all darkness down__ Jill had
been away  so long and, there was no night left,  for the translator of
spills and light. Other animals  crept along the predatory route  
desire and desire’s heels. Couple to couple, safe house to safe in the
big city that is the way it went.

If fictions hold your song then Franny must belong.
Ruins are not are comedic. power grabs hustling you along the verb.
Capsized by fakes, voyeurs, two bit timers, and governments
sans song . O this word remembers a prince picking his bones
in the wheat.
She wears his throne like any handy ring. Wedded to his intent.
Garnered by his pleasure, waits and weep

Disappearing up the tunnel of discontent
and its civilizations, its telnet fractures of post human trauma. 

 What could she do but see her way past the forest?



the in_narrator of these blogs.. fictations ~

 in Plateau : 48_________________________________________

On 4 September 2010 13:05, Clifford Duffy  the narrator of these blogs  wrote:
As the paranoid police of your body. their body. it's a capture  mode. rangy as the sudden dust of  ~ nervous   ~ rare kind

the tangy taste o fher   ~

What headache is that? her rhizome thighs. Blue as night blue as knight's garter belt blue as night's garrett. Lie under these blankets lover one.

Jill running the whole world . Did she
grow that way, a leaning tree leering winding world tumbling   ~ 

--_______________________You have captured the fiction to come  ~.
Posted By Clifford Duffy to Fictions 4 on 5/17/2010 10:00:00 AM


She came


My fanny is her fanny. fanny and it's the frantic. Pantic thing. No, not thong belong and strong. The painter's tool.

She came

_____________________Franny not seen Jill in "ages." That's how a text went "in ages."

Jill's a solitary assemblage_mountain mold _ not cabbage or words in dust ~ ___ her selves necessarily became grievers. Night was a pair of clothes in the dove horn page of women and other becomings. Who was what in this world of debt and becoming?

She only knew the answer twice. Because writing was a machine that went on forever. A mouth crying at the night its infinite pleasure, its infinitely fine joy refining its ever stretched sentence ? Come along my upspeakers . Take your sex by the back door.



She came


 She came  to believe that 'my'  Fanny was not hers.  Or guess the proportionate weight of spoon versus revivial edge. Not old bum Cleopatra's boot, not feedless yowling to heaven bashed moon. Nor god on his throne taking a peak,a  leak,a crap to creation's solemn groat.....  Not her ass! her fanny field wore the etymological fiscal plate of love's guess _______________Her house made a woods had a get outta  here anytime claws! No pause to this fortune of begriffs and heaves the Hegelian wrong.  There was a thousand fannies to her every diversification. Along the running girl of edge and how could any be recalled .

This granule of sweet.   ~

If some how the pottage bartered wings? O soullless gesso! What gryphon are ye? Hair on yer head  standing at the bottom of the ladder.



Jiill's birth

Jill 's couvade was redirected non directed thought. A cherry blossom on the celerity of

And you gotta wonder does she got any more tales to?

Tails hold the harbinger of night.... and ~ over the rise and the top of ~ . We're not fooled by highrise

gimmicks but the working class pays expensive ... places.. hydro not necessarily included.. she means intruded...   we're not persuaded by monomania either.. nor the druginduced hopes of stupefaction and superfetation and the classic form of hubris, spleen, savant, bilious, ridiculous melancholy of the saturnine mood.. hie! me hie! me then you soldats of the quick spasm and the gym work-out...

                    nothing worse than a forced birthday   'maunder'...


ah said Frannyto her one night. We need to shoot the ducks once and for all and stop all this .. then Jill saith where is my daughter?

She's sibylline. Lion care for her toe feet . paused on the gesso. Griffon to her body talk rubbing elbows with the Queen. Discovering the thought that each is prudent to its own device. Donning amice and mantle she's bored with the flute of fire. Not a second too_ nor two one to branching spoon___ cocoon soon remaining to her fun ____ her FUN!? You sue the air and certainly lucid stand transformed by its care.

Each cereal bit is reckoned by the weed. If the accounting adds up measures to its seed she's the gainsaid giant's thigh in the park... Over there resting by its column. Come forth Jill! wake up the dead and mighty fled...

Bedecked by loom and azure night. Every night's cackled proceeds with courtesans of the East and pleasure unbound. O A priori Prometheus and his wily baggage of tricks genitive to the sudden seal. If a coyote found its way here it's cause she moved with trails of wheat ~

My daughter ? and my Nomad monad?


no one

_____________This wont do cocky  Mona, crackled yer peeps!__ its yer narrational mode of break... narrational's better than national's for sure it's pride keeps people back in placed ducked to their deterritorialzied selves...

__________________Antimind! my ass she hearken. A bird flopweed. Dripdrop dripdrop. The maiden cullies the fat change. her skewed a fairy pig for letting mules.

 '...This was no one and  better together ... 'snapping  the wrinkle ... 'hefting crosstalk... y Oona's  veer-eyed knew better than  to prattle ...  A  tryst   pearl soft to the crutch coining a smeary ...overpass  ... lessing sand drift ploughing  tide and beach... caring for what was not and is... if these are nans' sob it's as whomsoever made their plywood stock a leman hiss.'' Oona studded Occam his razor shaped tard . Over a culvert. Lost the patrol. Wandered off. Inside the .

'Is she not  fearing the ton of love's gage?' ___ Correct your volitions my love.  '...does its bonnet pull  bootstraps tapping her handlove's ass, fambles to her gimmaled trip. Love's cleft's  a  girdled wearing


 And poundstone's  lascivious rock ... the arse's crack  the lane up-bending its infinite cult... these hands are as white as the furling cloud cameoed  the cluttering  ....'



 She wrote it yesterday hier but she published it now and nevermore its icecream love two tone touch   ~




Gosoon keep yr head straight. Feathered by mule and hog. If yer together yer not. Booted  into exclaiming   by the  trundling  turtle....a  lyre reared up  its  western airs chapped along the hermetic  sun  pitches and lobs its fairwest pend~.

Tramping country lanes is best. That trombone  ... those wax ears...

                          Full title ahead hidden  Mona's belief.   Bidden by the butterscotch troupe her loving  gambit.

______________ Her feisty magic rabbit hat. Along the habit of love's gaudy.




 Gombeen Mona  may she shamble ever more her mouth's putty! and her drouth mighter than any dick!  Not ode and merrygoround germane to this cost accounting lover! 

 Does she bed the lion couch fretted foot? Food for her  loin bellowed park  If she goes out I'm as much as her as she's the reference point for her pout and pressing  egg.

Jill hangs out at geometrical spades. Void, planular, zitgeist and plenty of woods to ferry. The other side! Please.

If it's an eclipse she's connected to its ought thunder. Like the rhubard tale. And other musts and need.

__________________Hold the light of fortitude next to her chin she's shacked up with a dude in Warsaw.. ... rubbing off the clear charming light of the ....the yellow light? _______________Franny is that what you call river of pent?

Remember not knowing o popsicle platonic.... 

If this blin' lady puts her pen to foot its stalk'll wake the world... O come along then. we've time to suspend and spend your welface cheques balancing the distributed credit on your excessive big house with no one half the time... taking unnecessary spaces from the poor and working .. cuts of the regular gal and guy! O 

___________Maniacs and drones of the propertied distiller sof truth and stokin wine   ~ .~ Liveried folk aint got nuthin to do with us   ~.


turn to tender

Yaw turn tender as the knight's eye ball. A lover's chaunce ~ respite from the stark of the grange down by the mead. Off the winks, open the air. lessen dark

Mona' s premature return reckons force of stance. And less we recall ribbons over bows,
let' s carry our freight.

Enough read heard by its splendid feast and Jacky's ... room close to her party animal ... the thrifty notch of time and the breeze

close determining their fate

by hunky-dorky dolls and macabre lesson.. over the lee... down along the bibliotheque's ... hallway he wanders a host of right next to its perambulated weather beating... 


bridal gown


Missive to her plain yolk. Debussy's flair along the Satie paths... flushes outward the in-lying implicating of their song... missing a letter find an alphabet.. the woman _ she was pregnant turned out! _ at the ward... four sugars... never finis ~ finished that coffee did she... there were cameras tucked away there in the corners

like little eyeballs stored away... a journoui of the blind and its dents... impediment s to the understanding the intelligent dont get..

Mona thrusts the cookie uP see her[e] Mister G~ oo ~ they got you warped out on the surveillance not unlike the veil there in the 'spectacl' of its clinging.. and so they name themsevels   word buster...phall fearing poets...
so thet is there name

Jill being woman names it alla  farces in panorama colour of the masters!

If! and a blunderbuss to cape their burnous fever!
O my  flooders! and the phonies that've rented their jeans and the d.n.a. of their dust along the Ville Emards and the plus of  their negatives.. the boxes of histograms.....

O the faun  ~  the faun leaps closely  ~ See HiM  ~

 Bounds across the StaGe ~ 

the old man weakening Oona presages her nape  ~

 Nota: As the critics've no time to create being about their busyness to interrupt and crude decide what's that what...w espend our times crouching close to the found mercy of its pleading ....

Lover   ~.


Is this a sortie or what?
along came down Jolicœur street and its avenues... thus the dark night its darkling avenue and plains...  ~ 


Every lover is a french dictionary

_________________________________________________ SO Mona's behavior patterns became known   ~.




A continuation of figments and fictive fragments. because we've seen the vituperative knight and known its 'pilasse'  and pleasures. Not cheated and swindled by the hungry want me down of me me me  ~ and my breast talking hope

So Jill's trellis    hoop  ~

Hove a voice along your united selves. Rest the bell.   Mate the ridge .Knackered by its soup spoon base. By the mackerel chairing each hour we fling rings and hope to the perch stone. An eagle bases his key    ~

Not the easy given or   ordinary image its bell pent work, brassed to the tracery along the something something age.
But the escaped word bought by the mouth  ~

Remembers the ordinary and forgets it  ~

_____________ Mona wedges her cocoon across every sender  ~

Knowing war is the dictation of the no good   ~




 Something the matter with her eye patch ....not quite  a scholarly matter with the powers that be! the commanders of forest and 

weather. bloc of this that the other.. as avid as an anteater... along the teats of time's ..... no No No you sweltering pig! you bovine butt  buncher! the dust the disgusting always the start.  of true confidence...... that counts and her breasts pushed up into your mouth.. Franny's last wholesome suck...

take a puff
hold me tighter as lace does holding in abra? is that what you call it? a bra for every communist hope__ dont be a cynic!~

Her lover wakes up finding her snuggled between the volumes around her thighs ... the pages fluttered of clean and air and her solemn oath...  between her legs...   



spitting ton


Of all the gangsters I have known you are the best calumniator.  So the legal pads scribble . Incriminating every document. Hoped fors and not hoped at all. And between the buttons oodles of wax, odd pediments scrolled by the haptic never never land nerves and time...              Creepy beer belly bottom. A baton! you mean

to hurl Swining Jill raptured by the capture of the tomato counties.  and the war goes out.              Life to its randy feel, the hardest caper being the breath pitch.

Diagonal gnosis . Climb the wind wolf sidewise clamber . spider love red recluse of four arms double legged her kali goddess wait? Yer gait summers its longed for  wanting to screw and patient as the knit on the chemise....

Yes . She do he do the sheheredo.




  Reeling the fish in. Outside peter's foret dada Alors les amis sont la .. on perds les cause et on gagne les enemies... elle ne comprends pas .. les adventures de l'alphabet... the elbows.... the cheen ... the heyes... a queen waiting .. over the foxglove.. the spaniels... say.. the nip of air round their netherest parts... and solemn coats of spain and coats of

___________jill walking back to the bibliothèque .. 1978 was the 4 year of treble returns...a trip abroad overseas in the abandoned money..

Mona came to lectures... the airs buzzing huzzah... students smoking.. circling the tents.. Houdini up by the podium....

this french is sweeter than hips galore gaylaswinging.. in a lover's fervent roll   ~


calling off


 calling off. ringing. The sin the wilful one of Adam. Marked by tears path. Shuddered. Not a solemn feast but a wedding . Of two and one. Rafters to the key places of the dullest damn perdition.O Predictable pun of the laughter ~ gas! gas!

Of the gaze and blasted ruin pine, steeple, oak, silver birch, and berry ink ... along motorcycle hill.... and the Oxford ruins running over the battlement... o becoming of list and ghost of listing it's your father's trait bearing all..

_____________________And Jill hiho hums the drum tune. Melody to her sprung ear ~



Full ~


 Ange demon amant lover the line splitting the painting in two. Knocked by its lightening to the forest keeper taker to the dawn bust of its breaking. Off she goes hinter pacing her river ... her bodies fragment    ~  off these split wood and making into the tear cry of her lent   ~ Angel demon

             the body crucified in its mint   ~ mist to its rainy self    ~ Jill hammer the ring

stellar to its gesso face   ~ of these rigmaroles shes pent  ~ ragged to the clock cloak and love to her trumpeting... love's triumph is a bare sock from rain rain rain il pleut dans les villes il pleut it was hottre en Montreal...

                     c'est moin chaud dans le Nord de Mexico ~ Les fascists sont 'everywhere  ~


Jill wore cloaks 



 For months it was vain. Weather vanes. And rain. Tarnished the roof. Rood of the christ jack bobbin on the tarmac.                  Bucephalus yowling  to stoneed  road rock in her hooves. A cemented dog god for the clogs  ~ 
                                Warning its feet could break anything
Because it was  grief and parrots. Pirates sullen as rose cleavage beggared in the further side. Dawn's best bracken-water. Not a soul able to make head or tails, following their limber. Gibberish to the busted rhum of their tents. Hanging on the high water. Coming over the hill and along flank side of the valley's girth. Bested by the window and the archers . Hoofing over the sheer size of its. Sizar and servant cutting back and the bugler trumpetting her fear. Some cry her cunt to the whole crazed alley.

with a gale coming on no one crowding its pent over dock, and. yes, my darling this's the judo chop of capitalism's last lamb chop.


Thinking you knew something Jill on the wooden payphone old drug store pharmacy lent to the background of the film's production...


ten for friend

 Calling off the wagon and tenting in. Aether  . Mister Aristotle's principle. His first cope. Along the Athens road. And the coat. And the warrior. Bucephalus  speaking to the rocks.
Because it was 

Coping. Along this road on the island the

loud and clear

                     Why are there things rather than none?

                                      insane to ask. as if existence wasn't mad enough. to have asked
         its intensity bearing down diodes on the head.

and you say poverty coming to greet you    ~ its dodge gauged precedent

                            its rugged fact doge to bullet self breaking lead on the markers of tombstones

many makers and their dea ~

Who knows what devil held your thumb?  carding dealing peeling reeling and unreeling


between weak

 between weak and free. And its tea for the townseys. its mulligan's stew. that's all . my love. Or son balking at the be backwater of its dozen. restting to its cousin. Not guilt . Not shame. But promise to its potent revival.  

 Crested by the will of many its ghost latitude apocalyptic .  Over the bevel the sea reminds its everyone its two ship pause is cause for leaving and the vicar loves oats as much as he loved the taste of her tit in his mouth. Naive milk of human kindness!  O priest imagining jinns  these milks spouting on the sortie of a woman's nipple tit   ~  If adjoining these hands made anyone come free to its loam bound lover then we've chosen right their heirloom suckle.

Lover where is your name midst this straw. Backed berry hoodlum to its swarming multitude. 




 Rumble and tangle. Ring her hair. That night. tonight her mouth haaed to shush it. Her.
and beauty was. Name. And  O it was . Not to speak its. Of its caring.
Tare . And of tarry not love tarry not this talk. Spaced to its

Of this way her name . Breasts was. White . As pressing corn. White . Pressing milk

and sowed. Its infant cross the pass.

 Her explanations . And everonetwo knows the hopital jewish is . and no one knows
why but. it is. yes and that time. No not that time. That woman
                 at counter her beaded hair. Was it beaded? at the cash . Her
to know its love bead was flung in the air . Of its desire. My

                   and the best in the . and none know why. knowing they know ` it's best .


because because O i was ashamed.  because they are . the intelligent.
Gentle gent of the body of tears. that has seen. but has seen. not seen
has seen . not seen. the suffering black suffering. of whose tears.
are not seen. as seen its suffering its the small. it's the same.
suffering. but at the cafe . that Tim Horton's it's  yes, it's as so.
One has the impression

Of Franny's many multitudes.


cunning ought

_______________________Mona mingles the tutti-fruit! of bananas and annas

and ananas pineapple porches to her pittance.

Cunning to the draft pickles her feet. Onion toes, bra water barlley tooth and boots her bottin sigh to heaven's last cast! O sigh!

Everyone's ready a wedding in stationary place ~

______________________Dont hang with the big boys! if you aint a big gal!


tankard cloth

cooee, cooey : O the warble Mona's coat ~

_____the ruins of the wolf. And the forest. came by the wrong thing twice holding its own . Second in command a drill sergenet paring his nananaills. Bannanansass and. this way no heard thing's known by shitty owner of rent. Petty property and tax 'land; ' lord to the gentry of death.its not a joke. Jill hamstrung knowing the . Hamadryad haldol she's a serial pill taker. the old hack, harridan .rehookedto her tenement death. fartinng spewing the crusted tenement of shite. caught to her green bellicose . puked via her vomitorium _ hell's pace along the sandbogs of war and here come the helicopter gunships ... ranging down on citizens innocent astide the world beside their love and family. this war has its name .



this way you create (not a gizmo)

Arseholes brought . Borne daily seconded by mule pigeons. Drafted in the stench of trench war fare. The arrogant queer and drug addict readying their selves for the lapse into the fort da dadada ~ Dumb lady C and the pompous ass of a wanna be suitor crouping her mayhem ~ the possessive nutcase of nouns and predicates, verbs and but, adverbs and nut casing

__________________ Rigging on the boat's cut loose... around the fairy stonework sedgework .. of the lawn? (cut the grass you asshole with yer own machine! ) (dead paranoia drifts in the cut ) ... brass workings on the ornate palace.. wainscotted narratives peeling 'their' tuckered tape....s omeone's rent this fabric fragmented its bitter fawn...

Is that it? _____Something o'those lines... crapped out ..beggared off ... crooked the cooees lover solo ~

A listing page figment to your itune ipodic molar gizzard ~




Hovering craft hobbles.

Jolly wills and lover cooees ~ tongue wagging ~ Periled by amber ~

Hiver and hovering the woman's care its patent weakness pretender to the throne. Of barwheel hopes.

_________________Hiver was winter the dog of night. Clapping thunder to its rent and Oona chairing the phosphorescent clad ~ her choked corsage was a funeral's might of harm. Hindering neither your thought nor vane ~


Swain and

Swain and the recherche de_ integration on the street. your diamond senses destroyed. tented by gaping hole and wounding.

her kidding waist holding off on the murder of the avenue. A crime detective novelist she's a piper tuning her fork and pitch at every passersby. And the wank and walk and mama's go to sisters and mothers dread deadalike their semblance simile to his rival and hiding his true and beautiful name.

FOol! Knave! Numbskull!

________________What have you leanred Jackass?____________And columbian comes to his arms thighs widespread wedge to gathering ~



O timber


O timber and amaze her breasts. A mouth sigh wheat. Kissing stair. Blockaging step.

                             She's worn the cape of trickle and trinkets rough up the car of air ringing down the hustle of time's push-up. Come along you, my Mona carry these blue-belles and ring the best pestles down,                     ____________ Jill skids along the rocks ~ .

________________ Love's tact brushes  its parent  ~



thighs of the pink


 Jill's juggernaut was her friends. Dictators of the word. spellbounders of the short term. Shored off busted braggarts to the two wheel ego. Rambunctious to the finale and

 She becoming a thing clear to its calculus  trefoil to the ruddy sun its character  popping box   .. Mona's bracing fell and cabas witch's broom the stereo sudden

Each body's a thing like the African's woman glad brown eyes, her breasts ever coating love's choclate sigh  ~

So Principle to love Mona's shies her. Bashes her waived banishment true to selves turning again homeward her resting thighs to harbor   ~

A true midwestern geek ran for cover on asked the true blue three question. O SPinoz!a O Christ thy blank care   ~
O rain and angel soft lust of its packed soldier mist sword  ~



this night has a dozen tales

Saya dozen is breaking water. Or the boite-ouitl is dovecote to merry chasing women along . The brook its vivid fur its lady's ass galore. A church going mouse knows no timber like this __________A Canadian chuck woodgeese bearing wood to its sovereign state.

Each word's a hiding place obtuse to its obtaing veil the isle of freight and lenders the left knowing the muskrat and geese bearing south and the uprights holding all the wood in place.

Space ___________________ the time you have is myhand holding your tears.



rain goeth

when the rain goes

She's wayward, noctivagant ferret to the felling and swooning buttocks of the ladies she ride. She love him. She love his him to her rough cut breast its amour scent paint and wheeze with the toll of breath's body boom. So love goes buck ramming the propertied pair of its choice. NIght cons her eyeballing and hustles the tender touch , her long hold on his body.

_____________________________ Forsooth she comes agin his castle wattling warming its arse plenty ruth ~



around the flanks

 Jill's moving her hurry alongself. The platitudes of missives song and other brains. The double brain! come along my hearties... let's sail for braver daughters....
"Scuttle the ship of pated imbeciles was not her idea!"__ this way you peek not reek the sullen bate. And congregate your cheering crowd hustle and bustle to the foxglove. something like that. Jug . and the remaindered forfents combine their thing . Jug. ANd will their parents to the gloam of climate and movement's best udder, its friendly passing  a tearful o f hankies. And pockets to keep. Keep them! Jill blunders glass eye to a pier filled with assault boat. "Crude coat of  war and pigs."

A tearful of  sights to her seeing.  

O rest knight ripost and repose your lance and field. Trouble comes to end and summer's ear is room for love's patter  ~ every wellkin's a lover.



Jill was an epoch

Jill lived in an epoch. She was epoke and selfless to the maroon of ridgewoods

over the often placed south. Ripped into Galileo's eyeball   ~ This was love's unfairest capitalist fuck. Off to the repearting partitive. What! you immediate imbecile? O come agen! you pizza lover boys. Yer homosexual knights are not long in the thigh.

_________________ you know all true travellers hold their onus at boarding houses, and this way it cruises fine lifting the belle-epoch to nostalgia's sad squeeze  `

________________________ Jill yells~ Class over! recess! out you lads!