You think love is your dog, but beauty's a pain in the ass/cuttin you thick and thin        
                                                   through and through she's surprised when he says her name her voice her voice her voice    ~ is love's.

This is the novel Mona hangared harpooned and delayed by love's body  ~ .  Oddly the bawdy call of nature's enuff it's the madness of tatoo civilization wears her out  ~ .

            That's how love knows the name agape   .



the idear


             The idea dear Kind Knight is connect    ~ from there you row and all bodies are f ree    ~. No matter the sentence    ~ Not would a slave do or capitalist dollars. Nor vain egos, and gangsters ~ the idea is that she's a lift, a leftist,a  lip to . Breaking water. cooling dams and other sunny sports of time and came  ~ Ringin' her swelling breasts smaller tha' n cupped mouth   ~ that's her with her memory babe perspective tricking at dawn, reeling in the keys, and southward south driving she's got the bens, and hoola hoops. After the direct first time she went dancing she was out there halo and hallowed with every love ridge promised    ~

                    So Mona, so t he knight ,  so the connect   .


Beside ?

 All your fonts are perfect type. A slide on comedy's vein! Mona's a lover       Mona's a vagabond bum . A typical leftist of the ripe sort, she's a cool column of silver, argent and gold! She's cold. And looking cool in a svelte fedora, she's colder than any spy bummed out on the lam of . The detective variety show. Says nay to mean yea. Cigarette butt tipped off her lip, burnt eyelashes, a hugger mugger to her ass. Men falling for and cry! her bum! her bum! her small shaped body! A woman! A woman!

Tattooed to the captured territories. Not lazy like a ny winter but moved by broad sheets and nothing. Every woman and man wants her . They sweep empty empires hoping to find her body. Of beauty and subtraction attraction. With the gold that's old.


                    No one has to know to know anything  . Not the room number nor name. its place and time are secreted through the walls of the room . We are finding new time, no fining. Not a fine!



Of Bango and other ____Things

Mona is rubbing her socks and canisters: So what's with the bango and the comments that became visible and are now, invisible!?

'So the comments are (in) (di) visible again? Until I work them out. As the system, or the machine requires it.

Aye! Aye Captain! keep it light!'



Sham to shimmer her orient fur. Not a wink or crusty pie baking
                     the lake of its finger duration is Mona's ratio not a bitter pointing at any zany moon   ~ Nor a capitalist pompous   ~ Jill's got a scratching finger listening post where the putters funnel the moon. Of every hefted lawn she's moved three cutters, and the women of france hold their own . So that's the word and there's nutthin' you can do about it bugsie ~ N is for noodles   ~.

In the moon

This is once upon a time. Memoirs of a trickster versus the traitor   ~ Plateau 96 ~

"In June Jack said to Mona who was hiding away in suburbia.

I like to rock n roll, andI like to rock an' roll with You!Is that my fault ?

Is that your fault??

A little machine got knit between us, and thereAint nothing wrong with that,There aint nouthin you or me can do! 
 Lean in closer! you trickster ! no one's saying it's good or bad, but hold your cunt to the future it's the only becoming on the go, the move, the  mend.  On the mend

Achoo Achoo! Jack said to Mona: It was a day a day like any other, Or something like that.

Like that he said turned the corner of my desire my wildness Mon territoire, et j'ai dit, je ne sais pas . 

The train might be going with me to good old Toronto down the 401 or the plane, or. 

So we gotta see, and 1030 is so early make it 11 And then the Philos are thinking and 

Yes it is and and One combines them to find the alchemy of contact the machine rings and the desire machines buzz and hum. till then " Said Jack and then Mona sighed with relief."

Then she telling the other they aint no more gadget and contraptions but desiremachine ensembles  ~  as marble to ball bearingss  ~

 Cause she knew Jack still like her, and more. Because she knew
                                              'gainst the veiling vellum  ~  as for whores scenes certain whores just never never never give up  ~ the deception of their cloak and dagger   ~.