ring wrong

Ring and wrong you two by fours. Your plus fours annoy the girl's (presumed )circumspection as the incentive of love's is the inspector's invite!

Pay the ticket? never! I d be Pyrrhic papyrus  before doing that. 

and the hats of angels and the weird loyalty o and her lips twisted in god's inexpressible soup... Jacky cried his name to this love. he was slut with a dollar day room. Dollar store can man signboard posed to his head: collector of human becoming. Deconstructer of the tunnel. Mona grabbed his cock hourly.
Unruly bitch that she was.
ANd love was all seed. And the name that was.

__________________ Oona marries the idea bringing Bianca along for the ride and she stays.
and so our little schizo fambly!