Mona Mirror

----------------- Jill sees her first a hardon with her girlfriend. then grand transferring it to Franny who's fanny used to the buttock heel.

behovely thing to which she belongs and the transcendent bum of her loving. this 

woman's got a thing for Mona. She's from Mirror mirror on the wall . And the sunshine 

and lust. Like an envelope of true fuck. I have sung about her. Her dingle and dangle 

. A morning's glorious tapering her finger up the true blue divide divining and dividing 

this blessed foot. A kempt curse of love's sticky bawdy.

______________Now if that was yr lover how the desert'd burn in your feet . to say your sexsocks'd burn
across the grand bison of time!!  hAIL THEEE ho Mona. Buckshot boogie!



 Mona's  any old soap-dodging ass face. Scruffy as a old dirty bucket. If she's on the bum, she camps  in a doss_ doss squating's her occupation

____________________ if working and playing in many a fragment has made her play a thing she's worn rugged with the loving of dogs and escaping a thing or two she's pulled it off with love.





She calls claps her phone to her ear as any deterritorialized subject~
and the paranoid subject refrains soup and change honey in the mint tea  torn from the blanket of wombs      ~

Climbing and    ~ poke and hope that's Mona's sole rope. and her role?  the rna to dna and round the swirling thing. another word to  steer through blue ray and sun hope of sparkled sun. and not the  . what? Mona hearing the indivisible and rushing the feet

before this there is no one but fanning   ~ peacocks and a rubber check as 'long' as eternity. But Jill can eternity be long belong the world blonde and the asses, the swarm of bone and buttock breasts out of mouth and the ragged hilt of sword . on fire and fair. Franny came down a fireman's pole

and balmy as the fall reclines the bodies of    ~  Unspoken loving     ~ .
  and the rhomboid shape minuting the tall woman's vision above civilized declaring ~ her furthest field of long belonging. and femine as the shape of the world's hem  it hoves into Does howling and hooting make a diference to the lover's tough fiber?


Rung rung rung

------------------------------------Ring Ring Ring Franny's lips   ~ 've tied the ring.

____No 2.

                     How do Mona and Jill feel__? do they hold bodies. They're  cool customers one might state ___. Franny's  well, she's a stripped down one. Her sex's inside out become woman inside out.
Summer is not almost over. 

                      That was a diatribe, not a dialler, __hahhaha you funny man!jACKY. not tacky! hahahah Yawn mouth and Period. Let the blog go rollic. Not a smooth surface of your ass at all.ATaLL.

Come baby you are here within I am your need and the whisper of hoarse glimmer.

 Rather her Baroque than the drivel of that.  Not drivel but driven by the antipoetic discourse of the 'thinker'. Jill Jill has a licensed dialog Jill has a licensed dialogue with her self.  (The luted leave) The lyric brief  I am missing teeth but that does not mean we cant love. Just back to deterritorialize myself.

Yourself!but you've no self lover   ~   ~ She wanted him to put it put it right inside! her ! Imagine that but she lived a million miles
off the planet ~ She was puree transcendence!

Liar's! she's pure immanence.

Once they said no exclamation feint to word off the broke? like she her breast puffed up like it's a time for her sigh reach. O.
Shelved the 1500th plateau down the creek up over her ceremonious breast. O halt. Halter!



somehow a word?

Somehow a word little prisoner and times. Be a book.a book. why angry at your heat rapture? cunning  log going went and turn retrundle once it's more noise overhead floor above.

Somewwhere here a word. to do to say a day a word a word a lay    ~

then find a period a s. pretenders the' (y) assuming's more than ever a billion. ~ so count nimbus
numbers  . you fool! gool! cool maccool not afeard to sound like another. Sounding alike is
not other. Is not other. Franny frustrated the 'marks' of nondesiremachines. Her crawled garden of love    ~ and other.



 You think love is your dog, but beauty's a pain in the ass/cuttin you thick and thin        
                                                   through and through she's surprised when he says her name her voice her voice her voice    ~ is love's.

This is the novel Mona hangared harpooned and delayed by love's body  ~ .  Oddly the bawdy call of nature's enuff it's the madness of tatoo civilization wears her out  ~ .

            That's how love knows the name agape   .



the idear


             The idea dear Kind Knight is connect    ~ from there you row and all bodies are f ree    ~. No matter the sentence    ~ Not would a slave do or capitalist dollars. Nor vain egos, and gangsters ~ the idea is that she's a lift, a leftist,a  lip to . Breaking water. cooling dams and other sunny sports of time and came  ~ Ringin' her swelling breasts smaller tha' n cupped mouth   ~ that's her with her memory babe perspective tricking at dawn, reeling in the keys, and southward south driving she's got the bens, and hoola hoops. After the direct first time she went dancing she was out there halo and hallowed with every love ridge promised    ~

                    So Mona, so t he knight ,  so the connect   .


Beside ?

 All your fonts are perfect type. A slide on comedy's vein! Mona's a lover       Mona's a vagabond bum . A typical leftist of the ripe sort, she's a cool column of silver, argent and gold! She's cold. And looking cool in a svelte fedora, she's colder than any spy bummed out on the lam of . The detective variety show. Says nay to mean yea. Cigarette butt tipped off her lip, burnt eyelashes, a hugger mugger to her ass. Men falling for and cry! her bum! her bum! her small shaped body! A woman! A woman!

Tattooed to the captured territories. Not lazy like a ny winter but moved by broad sheets and nothing. Every woman and man wants her . They sweep empty empires hoping to find her body. Of beauty and subtraction attraction. With the gold that's old.


                    No one has to know to know anything  . Not the room number nor name. its place and time are secreted through the walls of the room . We are finding new time, no fining. Not a fine!



Of Bango and other ____Things

Mona is rubbing her socks and canisters: So what's with the bango and the comments that became visible and are now, invisible!?

'So the comments are (in) (di) visible again? Until I work them out. As the system, or the machine requires it.

Aye! Aye Captain! keep it light!'



Sham to shimmer her orient fur. Not a wink or crusty pie baking
                     the lake of its finger duration is Mona's ratio not a bitter pointing at any zany moon   ~ Nor a capitalist pompous   ~ Jill's got a scratching finger listening post where the putters funnel the moon. Of every hefted lawn she's moved three cutters, and the women of france hold their own . So that's the word and there's nutthin' you can do about it bugsie ~ N is for noodles   ~.

In the moon

This is once upon a time. Memoirs of a trickster versus the traitor   ~ Plateau 96 ~

"In June Jack said to Mona who was hiding away in suburbia.

I like to rock n roll, andI like to rock an' roll with You!Is that my fault ?

Is that your fault??

A little machine got knit between us, and thereAint nothing wrong with that,There aint nouthin you or me can do! 
 Lean in closer! you trickster ! no one's saying it's good or bad, but hold your cunt to the future it's the only becoming on the go, the move, the  mend.  On the mend

Achoo Achoo! Jack said to Mona: It was a day a day like any other, Or something like that.

Like that he said turned the corner of my desire my wildness Mon territoire, et j'ai dit, je ne sais pas . 

The train might be going with me to good old Toronto down the 401 or the plane, or. 

So we gotta see, and 1030 is so early make it 11 And then the Philos are thinking and 

Yes it is and and One combines them to find the alchemy of contact the machine rings and the desire machines buzz and hum. till then " Said Jack and then Mona sighed with relief."

Then she telling the other they aint no more gadget and contraptions but desiremachine ensembles  ~  as marble to ball bearingss  ~

 Cause she knew Jack still like her, and more. Because she knew
                                              'gainst the veiling vellum  ~  as for whores scenes certain whores just never never never give up  ~ the deception of their cloak and dagger   ~.




Do your bodies work this way. And that? She wonder as her mouth ridge. Moving up then down along  the sideswing. Huffing the breath of its reose. She'd cry levee! and leaves of grass. That year in far Paris    ~.

No one holds stone close Raphael. Than she does as the paint pearls down the van vaster canvas. A brigand to hold piece, round the segmentary morsel to bitter piece. A rough rubbing edge to her final master . NOw take some of and add paint. Hold the grease close to the droll double armings of her lover's mouth to come piece by piece to her own coming    ~.

No one saw her leave as quickly as me Raphael. Mona holds the shirt where ... the sweat from your back dropped. This and other things showed where you came from and as for us, we are tarring roads, and winding sheets by dusk    ~.

_______________Mona's only belong is her self to giveaway. Giveaway. At no price assured make the mark. Of elegant gowns and other  O she's holding and pressing the wolf close to her
nails.. her nails glow in the dark as any thing would especially chrysanthemums.


Fizzz and rough and wool

AS the darning beat goes on. Hoof. Real to win its awkward Pan throng and the doable thing's done.

'Mona is worse than the Cantantians. They, at least, are only looking forthe Father. But Mona's looking for "daddy". Schizo-sisters of desire myass.

My areseeing Lord!

My ArSeing Lord

what's happend to the gambit
at half mast!'
Health to your hod and health to yorehorde ~.

Mona's a jewel roughs up the pages of all ages. Camps on the bivouac of buttocks standing room only her only cope.

____________________have you said this previous prior to ? Priory O stuck being. Becoming its huddle her hurdling buttocks. 
_______________________Chaired to seconde   ~ saw her double double in the metro. T'was twinning winning breaks. Her smile broke   ~ over waves of the stuff. Heart attack baby your knight is coming coming   ~.

the ANus Thong

So the Anus song cycle ending  ~ iota coyote ring thrush the hushbush /lush to its tawny hoofs  ~. the special ass round as smooth the Mouth horus hoarse as the air  ~ pungent with breath of gods  ~.

Mona' fillybright scholar and on the hub of the lip her craning neck forward forward her stallions call harry! harry t heir horse bent panes


If every sex has a god she's this one. Witched by her blooming sakes.  Rounded by peace and violet morsel on the electronic morning . Salsa and pawl her hooked knee rotating cuff 

   ~  if this navy retreat fairs her banks she's prescient to her dolls and adoration   ~.
  Timid as clover rough as alabaster she's   ~ yes, there. As her two handed kiss gives everyday shape and fool of the effort . This beauty'd keep you busy    ~her long breasts and knocking knees and rafting legs a full meridan of gestures and pawing thigh to thigh in the window sill her adroit
adorning  ~ . 

Mona trundle turning the page o f her lap to lap tongue to mouth kiss Jill's held head clutching.   Jacky's furrowed between the prowling hands of his trouble lover   ~   Hissed by the love of her triple awned kiss  ~

as of

 Mona's heel is broken. Mona's heels are broken. she's lasted as  long as earthly powers can bring. Onion of sole and bawdy as the rutting. As the breeding mouths of .  If there's a way to  it she will. As reckoning  ~ and tramping splay legged  .At forty-five she knows what's good and bright as air to a tawny duck . A purple bird  extinguishing the flame of  well-dressed suitors. A suitor bowing before his au pair woman,a woman two benches down playing with herself, her kerchief and veil, and old fashioned black one,  tilted to one side of her dainty visage. Yellow along the warm wall hyacinth and glittering in their only stew gems, zircon,nipples, clattering the expectations and panting gasps of masturbating  men and boys. Trapped in . Not trapped,but ganged in? the homosocial trade off poor buggers with no mummy to fuck and suck them to sleep lulluaby baboes to Oedial suck my head to death. O death you farm yard chase. O chastened bull of the  bilious giant holding us back.

She      hefted a pole
Vaunted a garden
held a race

 Near the quiet of the quaint a hardly sound awoke   ~

--the way past

  Past the way to the foresst   ~ Jill move to the cave move the vacuole    ~ O cave of frightener Oh cave of frightened (knight) bog . Dog its ligature  She rose compose to the   ~ hinge its ringing harrying thing  ~ not a friend in sight to her. Determined coil fractured sunder smudge to its frayed thing    ~. Not a woman to quiet effects   ~ a Jazz song lover . Rich to the file   ~. Dulcet mood and merry song its mirth breast cupped in the rose luck throng    ~  .

Okay Mona say what she mean/ Mean bearing its rusty hull breaker to smooth point. Cream and coffee the lip hers   ~ .



As Jill's climbing a hill

As Jill's climbing the hill she's climbing. She's climbing . As Jill is climbing the hill a headache.Ace of cards.

If she's got a  toga it's the    timing o f  a hill

Win better ,  win again ,  win next  ;
                                              'This way' she's slipped the sleek hill sedentary 
It's missing a verb. Delightful dog to its plenary session. Night hitch.

Eighty ninth  PLateau: A foot in the mouth. East to its spillbound 'case'  : That's called grammar: She dig I dig he dig
they dig we dig you dig.  ' hen dug to each /back begining ag 'e' n  shen. Or as the J called it Gem no, Shem,  Shu 'em.

__________Skips a beat   ~ as in a party interrupted by the vain cockatees, and the river twines its fairs skin a plus from over the over. An dover .a n.d she's borne these things. rested to rescue. Her monument recused by the darning knight.A  shed a page upon and others more too.

 Mona fills the pantry. They find oats seeds, bran, corn, pockets of gruel and peppermint.
She's sucked back plenty in her time. She's what you'd call an old hand. A cunning thing, unlike the razz-razz razzmatazz. Or mezzanine of brinking soldiers. And camping players. On the bivouac of shoulders. And women's hips glancing down at the streets . Not the next fizzled out firecracker!

Please Mona carry me to the . Sow. Win of tie and blue of sea. The blue crow, and the blue prowed vessel. Not a serf, but a pungent lawyer to thought and viduating. A crossing thing working its hitching native son her lover. the black tall tulip two to two. Tow in the frigate mode

 Repeats a beat / Comes back. No, not again you do but fair to go off course in the middle where it goes again starts more starts more some more starts 

Case is called grammar. Grammar case, in glassing school case. At the desk. No, a fountain pen. And the moxy something yes something to its. Yes. Not bottle a bottle of ink. Inkhorn, and the Venus switch the velour
colour and 

   __________________________________ So Mona, So Franny,  Jill. and the barbican thrills.



learned boulevard


 Does Jill cease a learned boulevard. Does she ? Boulevadier.  Nones and matins, hrrry. leave them notes
them vowel behind hind    ~ as the shirt wear no distant and lips slinging things hips heavy slung breast. bread alone solitude at her best. its best. Her best? what reckon spill of feed is this the . Homesome wholesome .
rattler of chiders. O 

As the wisp and belles letters and blue dragonfly and  no one creates colour like Matisse does.
Is that so you fauve thing

 You faun thing ands ands ands and the seven hundred league fathomed to the reaping blue brink of deep'd ocean gather god Nestor is it Or the old dude's name was it Peleus? Say the Andromache of the peeling tread mark in the willing desert of the sirocco song

As saying learned is learned to the wire of early morning latin. O indebted scholar! Curse their boring transistions and windy tomes. O the dullness scolia and remembered pate.
  (is that what you say ungrateful huggermugger? She's Mona's rateful moth) (shhh doan sayaword)

No not that one and his negative shape. Only one god lived of our time and the other forecasting his willing song.




Do you hold your haughty nose aginst ungainly things sights and sighs. Wishing for wearing, wishing for the wearing. As each one hears the thing she won' t choose its' destiny's ragged plate. Not fate fatso! What! ho have with her dangling participants and her mistrops

and most of the bestest her seizing dipthongs.  Now thong is equal to thorough as quality's evident to quantum. What folly is this mIss Marigold?

Ring behind this special pleasure the German's woman's need to yank her pull into ya. This triple thing. O glover.
Of diction and  rediction direction to surrender

The fort

So Franny says. And what she says must snow. its rain on forest and pill. The overhill of haunch and buttocks to pullulate the show._______________Suggestion that the picture melted her hands. I was her lover in her mouth.O moult. of loving come.

She's called Memoirs of a Plateau strength 1929. The year she's borne to her selving the movement of the tornado tattoo.

So you too.
So achoo.
And achoo.




iF jill has a hammer shes got claw footed  . Shes got the hoomy gloom tooombs! And russet mantles and bird shaped brinders.  If these are true it's cause she wants . them.as a whore makes her face plastering powder and shit stuck to her glue eyebrows and her knees quake the first faithful she's submitted her corps . And sends a message I am like this bridge between two  and I am like the summer cunt that holds are drops and I am like the city with no women and I am like the city with no men  and too many many men to too few women and the double rimed caretaker has taken my place . She places her purse by the fibrillating vulva at her feet conch shell to her Venus pell mell. Is this the way she pursued and expected? her singtime sentence to the Olivia of grapes. and the grand thighs. and  gathers. as she was wont to become.
Had she borne any resemblance to the thing she saw. Tie thigh to the merry night,
rope a caul bury that face. Rub and ruff   ~ poplin to her goblin  ~ Face face face that face. That pricked thing. dying of its.

(You'll fix that later Mona to her pretentious orthodoxy the dictation of a hooker. ) Not a bitch at all but the ruination of crumble . And cookies to her cache along the florida of her south. Not a reckoning at all but a pleasure craft. The rolling     of  and    she]
rose  ,,   she  rose   ,,

Not a word to the language  her saint. persona  dictations abounding not her masque  but face becomed the. ANd her lip here down and the face. Breath gracious as the care   of.

Soher cruel jewels.



Stands commands ... commands?


Jill stands on her head: a  sunny day ... people in the world want cooperation. She knows this but the intensity of her speed make s.  Not quite alone, however, she's a  hydra head of c reatins.. Not cretins, saying Mona the cracker-jack philosophers've yodelled their blues down the hole of debunkable . 

Not  a mouth or breath between __________________Assemblages! lovers! bodies, her face. A d ear kind loving softness. To ring her with clovers. Her green line of flight, swept by the territory of love, passion, just , jewels, running brook,                    _____________________and feet. Which pitter patter. O lover, she has a world of flowers. In her palm.

______________She commands love.Living along her plateau. A place of jewels and reefs. The glass.Glass of desire . along her skin. and bones. as  a water marking the delicate place of reunion renewal.

 __________Have any heard this song, a train whistling in t he background... the old locomotive sound.

Funny how the word loco motive. Funny. Motive loco ... must be latin she smirks. patin to smile her upside down earth. As the bearing straight for heading inward goes.

And the rocking slows,

As the drift and afternoon.

 And  ....



mOna parried prayed..

 For the end has been no beginning . Mister Moses and Mister Mouth. And your cock rod to your swine god turnin' away its tablet .And its genoosh and gash to its prayer wheel. Hare Billy Hare Billy Hare Billy Hare Billy. She swung out Anni Oakly clitoris fingering the strange mountain.

She  here is what she said

"Mona parried and prayed; the end of the world for the end the end of the world. For the end ofthe world as the; swing of the;to end this filthy hole called Life. Life the farce we all must play. She&; said quoting Rimbaud to end the world to end the world to end the world to end the world. To end. To End. To END. END it End It End it End it End itfinally at last to end it - over the Bride's stepping bare their dead bachelors and the backs of America which was dead was diseased dead ended dead their dead end dead end never nevernerve gaz of dead and the dead And with God on their Side with God ontheir Side and I Mona prayedfor the end of Time of America which made TImeand Prayed for the End of China and Russia and Britian and Endof NationEndof NAtion -- as the Voice of William Blake screamed whirling over thevast abysses of the dead Whirling in the dead cement of their dead babiesas the polar ice caps melted"

Now dig it that cat can write. her paws in the milk the silk of sunken kindness and puffy lips of a cry baby cat. 

She came over . Jinn-djinn to ~ouija board not hoard to the coin collector .  Of her clock. And other symbols. The lazy bums of the south. Not the north as desire ran the  fleet   ~. Come along my fairies my far east   ~.

_________________________ Are these farcies? only by her lips you'd in old far  ... R   ..  . nia    ~ .




 Is that how you do it silvery lighter lover? Sylvan as the clasp?  Is the double-sphincter'd one one? Is it ? not so the word mouth clasped escapade. Not the triad of unity or the riant smile . Eyes, hers, the hairs, nerves, pin clasp. What dog grasps this night? Handmaiden to his trace , travel, trail, trade, rave ,,  his , the where its all  . And not a period to between. Its cunning gums, and the arms of them  , uterus , ,   utterly  ~ and shambles the trace of . And P, the heavy hipped, him pulled to her lachrymose, the ugly  visage, heavy in its work lines. Goddess (dodges) __ in her ramble. The thighs pressed. Pulled into the kneeling posture.

His hungry mouth moth to her .     Heard her  , and the heavy set goddess    ~ .

 ___________________________________________ And if there's no way. Then hay the mow, of the
fidde de do, and the cramps. Worn down. The camp. Her bivouac. Poured on the right. No, on the weight. No, on the road. it was.
ANd cOmpose Compose, Je suppose tu comprends ça et avec les fleurs de poitrine and les haunches , et   la 
mer si blanc     ~  

On parle comme on écrit avec les deux mains dans le  chose le sel, le mer est attendue . Et  Jill me parler, elle parle des choses,  tu parler on parler nous parlons nous parler dans le 'parlour'. Et quand tu était enfant dans ton quartier tu  a ,   mais quoi tu a? Tu a perdue tout ça?  Bien non, on a trouve tout ça dans l’écriture   ~.

Alors, Jill est mon amant lesbienne de double devenirs ,, des choses et des choses , des chose de mots   ~ .


Et    ~



if the two's one body becoming. bobby builders~! shucks an'ruim!

this anti wears her suit gear
trussed to weather
that way Jill gets her comeuppance

_________Gadzooks she sssss  a goodtime gal

to the extent that Jill lives. in a flower world. shes fantasy boot its cloned claims coming along. Severl C's plus equals her feather in a cap her dolce vitae plus one.

So Mona . And the 



______Take those along the mysterious river your eyebrow. If stuttering means cant make decicsion its your done deal. But . Done Ideal? O lapsed plaktonist of yore tunes and tune. Such as the river which witches the g r ass. Softly soughhing its current round.

Do none hear  it? Dons of  the  river 've kept their simple . Non, their simple, no its not lake beside either. but sudden or a other.


Okay____________W's for Winter and

Jill's missives are merry mucking!

"Okay Miss Peaches and ___(I suppose cream, if there is any!)  _ I'll be at the Berri thingamajig at just apres 5 oclock! Guess, the other computer was Englished but it acts peculiar in the web. I think he overboosted it! weird.I was not able to blog literally, so I had to use this one the one I have been using. Which is working better than even, especially since I gave it a week off ! I cannot blog, what good is a computer to me ? If it's naked green blue and light,  or it does an ode dancing round the my living room floor, of what use? Of what strange significance ( it is the right word, I assure you)can the shoulder of the writer be should she, he the gender free fuck the flatfooted signified sans pere signifier become without his typewriter blogger machine world?
None I say O Horatio! friend of my bosom! and other parts, he hails her from the siding

AmI near mad?

AmI am mad? Or am I miss raven? Clocked in my cloak? On the rattlements from cage to cage! Mister Duffy you have holes in your head saying so kindly. And you do O fast man of the pen largely writing your own spoon hesitation

O miss groundswell hog day! Thy pig is orient pearl.  Perhips I'm miss revenant. And I have my boybreasts for older women to loveicate. I am fictionate. I am your please. 

Her buttocks were woven wool? Is that potable you old nanny goat? A man got a spill on his way to the market with the amerrrrican way roughing hisfea thers . When does an Irish become an Irish and a child a man ? If he saunters long far wide of the mark of his home original passionate birth of his place? 

If Mona's  a devil
she's one with two heads
four breasts
etcetera and

you'll never catch her   ~ she's blind as a  goat   .