Spring's thug gathers Mona's loose lips and shipping garments. She's plenty of pleasure gowns.

____________ this episode Jill rents a camera carries her feet in a vase counts nickels in the entr'acte of her zoo.

"Fuss and bother the crown jewels. Cocked and readied to go. Flood gating awry the night gulf. Franny kicks the instant of the cummber-bunded lady, ass wrapped in spring's red fuck me copulate the cool frigger.
She was not a lady ." Stop . start after. Fuss bothering the bodies last train....

"Well wait what is the word lady ? what is lady word A breasted look plumage its peak? Come to my feet. lover you've missed your calling. Angry as your ass. No one sees this way, spite and revenge on your face. And the hidden agenda of the lower-middle getting lower each time round."

_________________As bad as the other. Remove that thing. Jill signing in.