the wholesome parts

does a machine work ?partime me part of the time

the whole and its parts . the bride of part(ing[s])_____________shifting orderzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Mona hankers for rough pullovers and sweet walk.Along the bridal shore she's better than nothing but close to everything. Her reading is in-breeding and invoiced like any tricking suit. Alone ranger whips out her breast. Suck me! she cries in the plural of the possessive unity of embarked self. Come around here and come around her, and you two can see the three in one disunified bodiless.

At the meeting it's not a show, but she's bare necked lips, ready
for a whipping lashing

crowning the hour of her merging .


The episteme signs
sealed with a bliss ~.


Jill's feather.