LillIput in


Lilliput in the land of the molecule. That's how she travelled . Yarn and yarn rounrain. Hopped into your hair

(to) make love.

Like any baker's boy This summarizes thought. Its new patch, the fortune telling cookie of rain, and beach houses, or salesladies,a nd cableman. between the strata, the plateau? Is the feeling you get Mona, when you dehydrate the marked spot of any feigning tower.

Sheesh greed's come many ways. sa Zone to toe. Inside your neck, her mouth bent to your hotflower sexy roomy long inside there. shes watche, caught. Subdued. Thus Jill loves thee

Three equals one you, around the river of your thigh, and the garter tucked away in the feather of your forlorn, and the falcon and the whipneck and the Belmont park ride, the panther, something like these was Jill's giving ambition
You might call them, her biting buttocks!
O how the trouble we