in this string world

in that string world. she's beckoned to her peace. O the wish of . the ,_ No, its not the unconscious that makes us happy . But unhappy as the old symbols dry as dust. and beside that, what were the point of its useless trappings? If Jill hear these reply its because she knew its place over the city .and in Warsaw one saw that. Clear as the honest celerity of its restive poise.

Shes a great daft waste. No! its because around the ruin. the fort. a determination to succeed pas the area of its last repetition. Its petition to gods and sowing . And this way its heard in the resonance. No it s not. yes its not. Okay its not. but everything has its place. not the way an object falls perçu but how its received by and by and gripped to the breast of one . loving and loving. giving gived .

Breast of rope and love .