saying ~ forsake_love this O lorn!

she says each delay is a treachery I smooth her eyebrows with my wrinkles:Thus Jill's remissive
____________The paradox of smithy's and certain creators. Makesthe rush ever frosting.

Jill moves next door to

Geology. She's a thoughtful

student of layering platitudes,

but that does not mean she's

not real. Or reel to reel inthe

spook of weaving.A tube and

gyre across her pealed gray

over horses. Across the courts

her emblem's clear. AS a

shadow and inside her sweet

buttock it's the brand of a

lover's name.

She's held to this the hour and

being what she is shes in and

out and over the roof. Come

along rain and snow she's

buried her mitt. Do the senses

quicken? At the sight of her

lost olfactory she's returne

the good things of life, it's a

turning turning thing this lama

wheel of habit.