round two


Little darling soften your truth. Veracity’s not your strong moon. Mona’s moon wants to wet the embankment __ near the river, she’s hocked everything possible. Others call it parallel parking she’d like to think of it as three in one. Odds are two to 100 she’s made it to the dregs of love. O love, what a bareback bully that is! Fanny come to your Franny, this will is mine, the very fact of it is toothsome. Yer handsome as a lane and tracking every god.Bless this yearning, bless this longing. Pine your heart away, this caught is god in its between ruth. Along the bible, she swerves momentarily glancing along its amorous clay. But she’s not Gulag lover, so she’s passing tickets on . Is this god your one? Not her, shes got her Astarte and because it’s a headstart she’s first in class, and last to cleave. Yes, Mona my fucklove your handsome elbows’ve

caught all our leaves.

Anti visits everyone who's at home.