__________________ Mona continue her patch in the domain of the Other.

Someone by the name of. Foucault wanted to confine her. With the lepers and so on. They were bastards at that school university academic death to the wishes and wise of the people. The people, being a character, of such a character, run around naked swearing the 12 steps, the riot blankets of epistemological get togehthers creating a new format of subjectivity.
If you think that's bad well being a deconstructed savant is worse; it does not pay and people want to give you a guilt complex. So more and more younger folk are becoming actors of the worst sort and that rationalizes being dead. Wearing make-up and getting laid by strangers who dont give a shit, or a fuck. If you gotta a big ass, preferably shapely and supple to go, you get in. Bring your textbook too, and recite the Lord's pauper prayer with the other good boys and girls holding hand.

No matter what some say we are not capitalist assholes. Assholes are beautiful and capital is not.

Come to the hip hospital baby I will be your doctor. We are moved beyond grapes! and listing and grapefruit. O come Oye gatherers and gated cities we are barely hours from the crop!

_____________________________ The riding crop thinks Jilly andher billy-boots