thing there

_____________Keep this the pell mellow routing and frozen ahs! over the bone tingle. the saying so and not, and loisir close to the bank of the Seine. a cold shuttered room able to thought. its bearing delight. humbled by precendence and immanence's kind neighbour.

_____________over a piano key Jill reading glasses bent to page. He's worrie that the weather's stopped becoming and treeing its way to forest. Gallop over the stomach plane of the flat window. Not close to Chartres is an olden room, click clack along the stair and outside down in the street .... the street? yes, says Franny we're closer to the moment than ever and holding its back breath. Come my lover these are gods in these mazes and the wind dark avenue ferries your breath ghost over my tunnels, leaves alofty in rain.

Call that Paris _ in December .