the paddler of white

The rain comes home.A sunken raveling bits and pieces her train tarried memory over Europe's belly. This was heard in the south song of her merit, the notorious weight auspicious to its white finger and the barbells of sunset, and the reedy fox roughed up by the passage of jerks felled the wishing city choked by its pants, and Eden at its pace the verb foreheaded with truth, and the breath cactus hurled its thought alongn the pinky-pinky alley, not sure of its hold on reality.... But reality is your friend now... the snow came along the window a cheeky visitor suffering from insomnia and the frail packing reminiscent of dubious gifts and Mona's cache filled up water overflattend the room swelling her choicest chin and . Franny rang the phone cutting her __ what's that? come over? Sleep with us, quickly.