T'was how she heard it the merry ship of Windsor. And the remainder? reams of legal pads, and the king's head frothed in the ruin.And the beach, alongside the odd knuckle shaped banks .. filled with people wearing cotton and ornaments, hair wore long and tangled with streaks of pink red, butting the ruin, a stream. This has been the condition of waiting. What fairy elf thing quaffs its thirst in this way, this manner of bowing scraping and heapin?

Cast aside along the quay _ it's near the university. That's the cafe Sartre and his lot drape themselves. They do . Drape. Linger they linger over cafe, and smoke. The smile of air and existentialist day, the late totality of the rising. Capitalist cost of wheat. China's in trouble, and the Indian subcontinent's in a rage. That woman's feet and buttocks. Her lesbic two self and the .After we heard that Sartre's giving a talk. But there was music. And someone else said let's go to hear that other one. We went we left we came along. Joyce's grave Switzerland, where is it I can't recall. At Montparnasse Lord Tzara king of the gods and poet his approximate man. A forgotten poet. None read his. None read. Read none other celebrated silliness of poet. Stock price go up then sidewise round. Come back again. It's done and the jewel thief. he's not that good, buthe s good enough to capitivate the publisher of those sort of set of verse and .

Tramp on the lean ship my love thee is the way to toi. Thee vous is the word clingage. Clinic of the trumping fright!

And the highway bereft of its song and
the sold wheat the buried oat of the trunk
and the oak of the fair lifting the sotten grief