rough fell

A waistress is a wench. rags to her arms... care to her packaging relief to her  ... necessaries... calvary to the cool clothes ... off go thongs... last bra's ... and the smooth mouth of taste ...

she's cupped her schizoanalytic loverboy
through each ganglion lane garned its tearful wrist
writ on the love desire's bang hoot what?
shared every democractic lover style capital's hopeful nagging

and the various sundry loving

as such

'Mister Artaud to Monsieur Deleuze)
(Mme. Parnet)
(Mme Mountaintop)
(Claire clair e_clair clear clear as
On a Claire day you can see all the way to the Pacific)
(When heading West West becomes becomes becomes
East ) (Easting yer West Westing yer Easterly winds)'

_________So Mona headed down the cape Ireland her first best halt.~