ring not ride

_______________This is not aloof it's love.

Ring around the neck is not ring around the collar Mona. says whats her name cartographic to her spelling awkward matter ~ this is the stylus bleeding god and Torquemada. She loves bullfights the toreador! Cartoonish to her spelling spree. At the nylon nursey tucked buttocks and bunched adders. Brindled cows chomping masticating the aft and resting by the plywood a pillar reft by lumps and saws. In the barn dozens of. And outside by the hallow brook or stream as they like to say a pond of , and resting the feet. washingthe repair and . And yes. it goes. returns of sooth and forsooth her g'love. Slimmed on. Regnancy's her wish her hands around two and three she's gloved and yielded this . of his double and trophy and triple ribber she's accomodate all her lover son of yore. This god of piece.

-------------------------- Mona' murmur narrative continues.

Jill has the hanky-panky . Kerchief and bobbysocks summer wear. It's a birdplane love bucket.
its a robin hooded cowling her lover furniture.