gazing past guest

jill holds a chair in brunch (not butch) studies. Shes' doctorate of Paris. At 21 a brilliant wave to her cuts her swath inthe anthorposposawsawsophilo department. she meets Franny  they cut an arse. A good strong one

Novenas and arenas and she's granted (bribery) at least five favours flavours of special graces.  Prayin to the virgin. lookin at the frescoes. Shes naked orgasm in the Forum its hang the flagons unleash dragons corral lions eat christians, draw and quarter marxists stalinist especially spermint of feat death breath clause.

We know no moan worketh alone. a humdrum killing's better than none at all. the pioneers versus the police cops of desire

bodies are free minds are manacled slave to the soul' disappearance  ~

O soul brother
you gotta have soul
not dirty ole' blankets
for bodies